Guest Post | A Guide to Spring Skincare

A Guide to Spring Skincare

It’s March, which means spring is right around the corner. Chances are, especially if you live in a colder climate, your skin isn’t at its best right now. Cold winds, harsh weather, and drying indoor heat can leave us chapped, flaky, and in desperate need of a healing skincare routine. So it’s important to get ready for the warmer months and get glowing in time for sunny weather and lighter clothes!

First, are you moisturizing every day? No matter what your age, it’s important to pick a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher to protect against current and future sun damage. Not only will your thirsty skin thank you, but you will help to decrease fine lines, sun spots, and more. Moisturizing is also crucial to curing winter dryness – pick a mild, unscented one if you have sensitive skin, or go for a lush crème if your skin is especially dry.

DermaWand Microderm KitNext, you should be exfoliating regularly.  There are plenty of exfoliating scrubs on the market, but if you want to do a really thorough job, you may want to consider microdermabrasion. Once reserved for the spa or salon, you can now use microdermabrasion at home products for a fraction of the cost. These kits often come with an exfoliating wand, creams and cleansers, and an instructional DVD. If you are bothered by fine lines, acne scars, or enlarged pores, microdermabrasion at home may be the answer – it can temporarily get rid of these skin annoyances and reveal new, younger-looking skin.  You can purchase these kits at online retailers like ShopNBC.

Finally, try to stress less! Stress takes a toll on our bodies and minds, as we all know. Whip up a cooling, de-stressing masque with some mint and cucumber and take a break from your busy day. With spring and summer quickly approaching, it’s time to relax and rejuvenate! So get ready for warm, sunny days and protect your skin all at once.

Written by M. Malone


  1. Although a SAHM now, I am still a licensed Cosmetologist and am also certified to perform microderm. I would love an actual machine at home, but that’s way far fetched so an at home kit sounds great!

  2. Tian H. says

    I always use moisturizer with SPF 15 or more, and it helps me a lot to avoid sunburn. And it also helps me to keep my skin hidrate during this winter season.

  3. Marlena Curley says

    Thanks for the tips. My skin is definately in need of some TLC

  4. Donna B. says

    Thanks for the spring skincare tips!

  5. Nancy's Couture says

    I’ve thought about trying microdermabrasion, but it sounds kinda painful. I’m not sure about it.

  6. Crystal Epperson says

    Awesome thanks for the info..

  7. Shirley says

    Good tips. Thanks.

  8. Minta says

    Great tips, thanks

  9. Kathy Smith says

    This sounds great!

  10. Ms.Amber says

    It is very important to take care of our skin.. Thanks for sharing this skin care products.. We should be really aware of right to take care of our skin..

  11. Tammy S says

    Thanks for the tips. I think most people forget to moisturize during the winter.

  12. Kecia says

    These are great tips! My skin is a little dried out from winter still, and I need to get a moisturizer with SPF to protect it.

  13. Erin R. says

    ok i definately need microdermabrasion LOL 🙂

  14. Tiffiny Palm says

    Thank you for sharing! I am always looking for good skin care products that don’t cost a fortune and do what the product says it does!

  15. Your article was excellent and informative. I got to know about the spring skincare.

  16. Jennifer Hedden says

    I live in Denver and the winters are harsh on my skin. Thank you for the great advice. I especially like the de-stressing masque.

  17. Whoah great! I should try these products this season. Thanks for sharing this informative article! 😉

  18. There are very useful tips, Thanks

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