Guacamole Pita Christmas Tree Appetizer

Guacamole Pita Christmas Tree Appetizer

Pita Guacamole Christmas Tree Appetize 1

With holiday parties right around the corner, the hunt is on for healthier party foods that are still festive and fun.

This snack uses pita, which you can purchase in whole grains. Guacamole is fabulous for fiber, potassium, vitamin E, niacin and good fats.Cherry tomatoes are great for vitamin B-6 and A.
These are super easy to whip up and oh! so cute!

1 6 Pack of Pita Bread
1 8oz Container Guacamole
1 16oz Container Cherry Tomatoes
24 Pretzel Sticks

Pita Guacamole Christmas Tree Appetize 2

Spread a thin layer of guacamole across each of the pita breads.

Pita Guacamole Christmas Tree Appetize 3

With a knife or pizza cutter, cut each pita bread into 4 equal triangles.

Pita Guacamole Christmas Tree Appetize 4

Slice cherry tomatoes in half and then arrange on pita triangles.

With a small knife, cut a small slit on the bottom of each triangle.

Pita Guacamole Christmas Tree Appetize Final 4

Insert a pretzel stick into each triangle bottom.


Serve and enjoy!!!


  1. Jen F says

    What a great idea for a holiday party! I will have to do this for snacks!

  2. Robin Wilson says

    You’re a genius! Could these be any easier without looking like they took a lot of time…not to mention being delicious? I don’t think so and you can bet these will be had during our holiday festivities!

  3. Richard Hicks says

    I love these. They look great and who doesn’t like guacamole!

  4. Sarah L says

    So easy and so festive. I’ll make some for a party I’m going to. Thanks.

  5. These are wonderful and a welcomed break from the traditional sweets that surround the season.

  6. Elena says

    Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing

  7. Tamra Phelps says

    These are pretty cute. I never would have thought of this idea, but they do look like Christmas trees!

  8. Alona Y says

    These are so cute! I love pita and guac, looks tasty and nutritious.

  9. Dandi D says

    These are really cute, and I bet they’re tasty too.

  10. Allison Swain says

    Wow these are so cute! I bet they are delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  11. This not only looks delicious, it looks beautiful. I am making this as a holiday treat.

  12. David Fultner says

    These are very cute. I think the kids might try this this way.

  13. G K says

    We’re trying to eat healthier right now, and these would be the perfect snacks.

  14. Amy Orvin says

    These little trees are definitely healthier than the typical holiday treats. They are so cute , festive and look very easy to make.

  15. ellen beck says

    I absolutely love these. I love all the ingredients in them . I think besides easy they aare cute and good for little hands or larger ones!

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