Great Personalized Gifts for Baby Showers

Great Personalized Gifts for Baby Showers

When shopping for a baby shower gift, it’s hard to come up with a unique idea. Even if the parents have a registry, it typically includes items that they need – like sleepers, strollers, baby baths, and bottles – not the fun, memorable items that will be held onto for years. When you are shopping for a baby that plays a significant role of your life, getting a personalized gift that shows how much you care for years to come, can be special. But coming up with ideas of what to get is the biggest challenge. Of course, if you’re looking at buying a personalized item, you will have to wait until after the baby is born!

Here are some suggestions that may help you with your baby shower shopping adventure:

  • blanketsPersonalize a baby blanket or rattle – baby blankets and rattles are both classic baby gift items, but to ensure that it is a gift that is held onto, and even passed onto future generations, consider having one of these items personalized. A baby blanket can be embroidered with the baby’s name and birth date. Or, any image of the family can be printed on the blanket as a reminder of the baby’s early days. Pick up a nice silver rattle, and have it engraved with a special quote, or the name/birth date of the baby. Either of these items will become cherished keepsakes that the family holds onto.
  • Get a personalized puzzle – find a puzzle with the baby’s first name on it. While he/she may not be able to play with it right from birth, it is a special gift that the parents (in particular) will appreciate. Not only does it show that you have put effort into finding something personal, you are contributing to the child’s future education. A puzzle with his/her name will help the child begin to recognize the letters in their name, and help them progress in their spelling and writing. Plus, a puzzle is a fun and stimulating toy!
  • Have a custom baby sling made – if you are not personally crafty enough to sew a custom baby sling, have one custom-made. There are so many mass market baby slings available to purchase, that having one that is unique and special will be appreciated by the parents. Pick a fabric that you know mom or dad would love. A baby sling is a gift for the parents, but the baby benefits by all the time spent held close.
  • Have a customized song created – there are companies that specialize in the production of customized music for your child. Often, popular songs are used, and the child’s name and/or lyrics about their favorite things are inserted. This makes the musical experience extra special, and babies can benefit from musical exposure right from birth.



This is a guest post by R. Wilcox


  1. What great ideas! I have several baby showers coming up and one with twin baby girls. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. jamie braun says

    think im gonna steal the personalized puzzle idea for the next shower i go to. so unique & cute

  3. Sonya Morris says

    I love the personalized blankets!

  4. Belinda says

    LOVE personalized gifts! A friend gave me a cd of lullabies with my 4th son’s name in them and I cried when I listened to it. So sweet! With my daughter I got a baby blanket with her name and a Bible verse and onesies that a friend had embroidered with her name. So thoughtful! They are definite keepsakes 🙂

  5. Christine Mayfield says

    Those are great ideas! I have 6 friends right now that are expecting these would be perfect gifts!

    • Oh my heavens, SIX? I wish I had ONE friend expecting right now. Occasional baby snuggles help calm baby fever 🙂

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