Great American Road Trip? Make Sure Michigan Is On The Destination List

The American road trip is a bucket list entry for many, and it’s very easy to see why! You can spend a good few weeks making your way across the North American continent, stopping in iconic cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC. 

You can also take a peek at amazing landmarks like Niagara Falls, the Statue of Liberty, and Mount Rushmore. It’s a good way for families to travel, as it’s far easier to keep kids comfortable in a car or RV, and it can be a great bonding experience for couples who need an escape. 

But we want to make a case for adding another stop off point on your route: Michigan! And here are three reasons why. 

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A Breathtaking Natural Landscape

There’s a lot of natural wonders in Michigan; if you’re a fan of hiking, camping, or spending time at a lakeside, Michigan is definitely the state for you! The Great Lakes are one of the state’s biggest pulls all year round, but there are mountains, waterfalls, gardens, and harbors to check out as well. 

Make sure you’ve packed your hiking boots and you’ve got plenty of snacks in your backpack – the Michigan landscape can zap the energy out of even the most experienced adventurers. Take your time heading round, snap plenty of photos, and don’t leave anything out for the wildlife! 

Detroit is an Amazing City 

Although not the capital of Michigan (although Lansing is a great city to explore as well), Detroit is one of the most famous cities in Michigan. Visiting Detroit opens up a huge city full of culture, amusements, and history – if you travel to discover what made a destination the way it is, Detroit won’t hide a thing from you! 

Then, when you’ve been around all the museums and galleries you can get a ticket to, make sure you stop off somewhere like the garden bowl detroit. This is one of the oldest bowling alleys in all of America, and it’s been entertaining the locals for the past century – pick a lane, throw a ball, and join in. 

There are Some Great Eats

Michigan cuisine is pretty unique in the way it packs in flavor in the most inventive of ways. From cherry pies to hot dogs to international exports like the Cornish Pasty, Michigan has quite a few dishes for you to eat your way through.

Both savory lovers and those with a sweet tooth are going to discover their new favorite restaurant while within state lines. And did you know Michigan is also the ‘cereal capital of the world’? Head down to Battle Creek if you love a bowl of sugary fibrous goodness in the morning! 

If you’re planning a road trip across the USA, make sure Michigan is one of the route markers you’re willing to stop at. It’s a state that has a little something for everyone and could be the best discovery you’ve made in quite a while!

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