Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD! Pre-Order it Now!


Any Gossip Girl fans out there? You are in luck! Season Four is coming to DVD!

For the next few weeks I will be posting a question… please feel free to jump in and give me an ear full of what you think!

This week we’re talking about Blair’s relationship drama and more specifically who we think Blair should be with:  Chuck or Dan.

What’s not to love about Leighton Meester’s character Blair?  Penn Badgley’s character Dan is easy to love, too. Together? Eh, not so much. Why? Well, I live by the code of conduct that you just do not date your best friends ex-boyfriends. I think seeing them together would just frustrate me… as cute as they’d be together, it’s just not right. Am I right?!

I am a “Chair” fan all the way. The magnetism is there, even through their ups and downs, and their on again off again relationship, they find their way back to each other. With the right timing they may just go the distance.

So who would you like to see together? “Dair”?  Or “Chair” ?

No matter which side you’re on so much relationship drama unfolds in the fourth season, available for pre-order here:http://bit.ly/r4GTe8 so you won’t miss a second of the action!

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD."

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