Gossip Girl Season Four Coming to DVD! Let’s Talk Fashion…

b4bd4932cd_GGS4When fans discuss Gossip Girl, they talk about the fashion almost as much as they dish on the scandal!  Whether Serena and Blair are dressed in designer ready-to-wear or couture off the runway, their ensembles are always high-end and on trend. Each girl’s style reflects her individual personality–Blair’s style is classic Upper East Side chic while Serena’s style is sexy and effortless.

I love the sexy and effortless look. I’m not sure that I could ever pull off an Upper East Side chic, but Blair doesn’t a smashing job doesn’t she?! As much as I adore style and fashion, I honestly don’t ever feel the need to purchase an outfit after seeing it on tv. Why? Because it will never look right on my body type! lol  It’s okay though… I’ve come to accept that.

With that said… let’s talk HANDBAGS! I have always adored them and although my tote has gone way of diaper bags, I am slowly making my way back to stylish and I can see a space in time that I might be able to carry a handbag again without a change of clothes or baby wipes in it! I would love to have a space in my closet just for handbags, totes and the like. It would be pure heaven to be able to choose a bag that went with my mood and personality for the day. So, Gossip Girl and handbags. I believe I lost track in season four at around 15 Ferragamo handbags!?

What fashion items have made you take notice while watching Gossip Girl?

Step on the runway of style with the fabulous 4th season of Gossip Girl on DVD http://bit.ly/r4GTe8!


I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season Four on DVD.

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