Goodbye to the Binky

binkyfairy Ethan has always been a binky baby.

We have slowly weaned him to nighttime only use, but up until lately he has not been open to the idea of giving up his binky.

A little piece of me has not been ready to give it up either. This is the last little bit of babyhood that Ethan has been holding on to.

He has grown up so much already! He has potty trained (this was his idea), is talking up a storm and plays independently in his room with Emma now.

Last night Ethan and I had a little talk, again.

I told him about the babies that needed binkies and that the binky fairy would come and take them away if he would give them to her.

We have had this talk before with the same outcome… a stern look and a big “NO!”.

Last night was different. Ethan looked at me and you could just see the wheels turning in his head.

He was deep in thought, and then handed his last two binkies to me.

I was a bit surprised and asked him what he wanted me to do with them.

He looked at me with a very serious look on his face and said “Give babies the binkies.”.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. *sniff sniff*



  1. Bella says

    Thankfully, The Gremlin was never a binky kid and lived without it from birth. The Professor was however. We told him that Santa needed binkies for all the baby reindeer. And the binkies were replaced by a special toy given as a thankyou by Rudolph. Hey…laugh if you want….it worked LOL.

  2. How cute! I never had a problem with my kid’s giving up the binki. I took them away when they were throwing their binki’s out of their cribs. I took it as a sign that they didn’t need them anymore.

    I did however have problems with them giving up breastfeeding. I don’t think there is a breastfeeding fairy. LOL That would have made it a lot easier to give up.

    Your kid’s are really cute! Ethan is potty trained already! He is such a big boy! My 2 1/2 year old is now day trained. We’re still working on the night time thing.

  3. Rosie R says

    This was the sweetest thing ever!!! Ethan is so cute, and that is adorable how Emma helps comfort him with the pillow!

  4. Aw, that makes me want to cry! What a big boy!

  5. brett says

    Thanks for joining Mailbox Monday- I’m a confirmed email subscriber and GFC follower!


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