Goliath Games Toys | Phlat Ball, Phlat Ball Football and Zoingo Boingo Pogo

Goliath Games Toys | Phlat Ball, Phlat Ball Football and Zoingo Boingo Pogo

Sample received. All opinions are my own.

Goliath Toys
Goliath Games has loads of fun family entertainment. From sitting down with the family with some fun board games for all ages, to getting your kids up and moving to with some outdoor activities.

I was sent the Phlat Ball Football, Phlat Ball V3 and the Zoingo Boingo Pogo. Due to our winter weather setting in, we weren’t able to use these outdoors.

Phlat Ball
Compressed and Ball Form
My son has seen the Phlat Ball on a TV add and ever since that first time he has been asking for it. The Phlat ball, when compressed, starts out as a 9″ disc. When in the air it pops open to a 6″ ball.

Phlat Ball Football

In the middle of the ball is a suction cup that sticks when compressed and at random times will pop open into a ball (however ours does not fully turn into a ball). It’s all a surprise to when it will open which adds to the excitement of your game.

Turning into a disc
The Phlat Ball Football is along the same idea as the Phlat Ball except it is shaped like a football. When you press the ends together the suction cup in the middle sticks and causes the football to compact into a disc.

It’s suggested that you stand at least 25 feet apart when tossing it back and forth to allow time for the disc to pop open to create the Phlat Ball Football. The Phlat Ball Football adds a fun twist to the traditional game of backyard football.

Pogo out of the bax
Inflating the Pogo
The Zoingo Boingo Pogo has been a hit with my kids. It has an age suggestion of 8+ but my 6 year old was having fun on it. When my 4 year old tried it she got frustrated that she couldn’t get her balance on it.

My son took a bit to figure out the balance part of it and then he had a blast as he jumped around our living room on the pogo.

Figureing out his balance


The Pogo comes with a cardboard cut out to measure how big to pump up the ball and also the pump pin to inflate the ball.

However to make it easier for my kids I didn’t inflate the ball as much and kept it on the softer side to make getting their balance easier.

Blasting off on the Pogo
It’s so nice now a days to have fun fresh toys that get my kids away from all the screens and off the couch. Seeing them bouncing around, even if it is inside the house, makes me smile.

I urge you to head over to www.goliathgames.us and get your family back into having family fun nights with some great board games, or outside with some fun outdoor activities.


  1. Jordan says

    Sounds like a fun selection of toys! Great company!

  2. shelly peterson says

    These all look like fun toys that my son would for sure enjoy.

  3. Robin Wilson says

    Your son is a real cutie! And though I would most surely break my neck on that thing, he looks like he is having a blast! All of them look like a lot of fun for kids.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These toys sound like the kids would really have fun using them.

  5. These toys look like a ton of fun! I am looking forward to the weather warming up and being able to play outside with the kids again soon.

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