Going on a Genealogical-Inspired Trip Overseas

One of the hottest topics of conversation these days centers on one, very interesting question; “Where do you come from?”. More people than ever are digging into their ancestry to discover where their roots really lie. There are several websites and even a few companies that can help track lineage based on a simple DNA test. The ultimate tour of discovery would be to act on the information gathered digitally and embark on an amazing adventure to rediscover your homeland and reconnect with your family’s roots.

There are many different ways you can discover where your ancestors came from. One of the most logical places to start uncovering family history is by discovering your surname meaning and its origin. All surnames have roots in a specific culture. Some underwent spelling changes as a new life was begun. Others were changed completely upon arrival in a new country. Many can be traced back to one’s homeland or region by using some very simple linguistic tools or online search engines. However, for many interested in ancestry, this information is only enough to whet the appetite for more.

Once a surname meaning has been discovered, the real fun can begin. Using online tools, libraries, and even government offices, you can trace how your family came from their country of origin. Birth and death certificates, legal proceedings, and even travel records can weave an incredible tale of your family’s lineage. Newspaper articles that have been preserved throughout the years can also be helpful in telling your family’s history. You may even discover wedding announcements and even possibly marriages that no one in the family ever knew existed. All of this information helps draw a line from the present to the distant past.

After you have recreated the path from yourself to your ancestors from long ago, the real fun can begin. Knowing your family’s country of origin, family name, and even details like the family crest can help you as you reach back into time and reconnect with your history. Newspaper articles and other preserved media can only take you so far. Stories in diaries and other family keepsakes can only tell part of the story. The best way to discover your past is by traveling to your ancestral homeland and actually engaging with the culture.

Many individuals who embark on this type of journey prefer to work close to the culture. One of the most cost-effective ways to embark on this type of discovery is to pack light and utilize the local hostels, bed and breakfasts, or other, family-run establishments. By doing this, you will have direct access to individuals whose families stretch back for generations in the area and who can help point you in the right direction on your quest. Another way to make the best use of your time in your new “home away from home” is to connect with a personal guide. There are many companies in countries all around the world that specialize in helping individuals reconnect with their history and many of the locals will help you find your way. These tour guides can provide invaluable information as you seek to discover your history and possibly even meet distant relatives.

One of the greatest discoveries and most fulfilling trips you can take is to travel back in time and rediscover how you came to be where you are. Using many tools now available to the general public, and having the courage to engage the culture of your past, it is a guarantee that going on a genealogical-inspired trip overseas will be a rewarding, life-changing experience.

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