Give Your Teens a Gift That Keeps on Giving | SparkGift

Give Your Teens a Gift That Keeps on Giving | SparkGift
Thank you to SparkGift for sponsoring today’s conversation. All opinions are my own.

It’s graduation season and you know several teens or young adults graduation high school / college. I’m in the same boat and I always have the worst time trying to find a gift. Generally I end up giving them money.

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Then I heard about SparkGift. SparkGift makes it easy for you to give the gift of stocks. You can pick from stocks like Apple, Disney and Tesla and start with just $20.

When you give a gift of stock, you’re giving a meaningful gift that grows over time. Every price bump, every dividend payment, and every time they save more on their own behalf, your recipient will be reminded of who got them started on the road toward financial prosperity.

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How it works

  • Choose a stock (popular choices are Google, Disney, Apple, Vanguard index funds). You can give any dollar amount above $20.
  • Your receiver gets your gift via email. SparkGift guides them to create an account and take ownership of the stock
  • Going forward, they log into SparkGift and watch their investment grow over time. It’s easy for friends and family to contribute to their account.

Why give a gift of stock?

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  • Your gift grows rather than depreciates, and will inspire further contributions and more growth.
  • You’re giving a young graduate a real stake in the world and a real stake in their own future.
  • A gift of stock teaches compound interest and a practical financial lesson. And that’s sure to be remembered.
  • You’re giving for the long-term. They’ll always be reminded of what—and who—got them started on the road toward financial independence and prosperity.

Don’t have a graduate?

You don’t have to wait for your kids to be in high school or college, either. Though they might not fully appreciate it at the time, an early start is a great way for even a kindergartener to start saving for their future.

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