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This year our household is aiming for a family-friendly Valentine’s Day.

Instead of flowers and chocolates for us (me)… we decided to take the family out and enjoy each other’s company over good food.

Gift Cards Rock! has the same idea and has partnered with OurKidsMom to give one lucky reader a $50 Applebee’s gift card. 

Enjoy dinner courtesy of Gift Cards Rock! an online community (aka Facebook) for people who love to give and receive gift cards. You can also find them on Twitter.


One OurKidsMom reader is going to win a $50 Applebee’s Gift card!



Simply follow the directions in the widget below. It’s that simple.


but they are still very much appreciated and adored :O)


This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on February 24, 2012.

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    1. Irene says

      A Quiet Romantic diner and movie at home

    2. Jessica says

      The original Dinner and a movie.

    3. don’t have any Valentines Day plans, just be home like usual

    4. I think our plans at this point are to go out to supper as a family. Beyond that, it’ll probably just be a regular old evening at our house.

      mattschmunk at gmail dot com

    5. Michele Henneman says

      We’ll most likely be staying home.

    6. Ann Fudge Cluck says

      Not sure, but hope at least a nice dinner.

    7. My plans are to bake cookies and watcha movie with my son.

    8. Paula Lee says

      Going to a romantic cabin in the woods 🙂

    9. We plan to go out to dinner as a family.

    10. I am taking my fiance to Malone’s for a wonderful dinner night.

    11. mamabunny13 says

      No plans than I’m going to bake hubby’s favorite cake.

    12. christopher sorel says

      quiet dinner at home with the kids. Actually taking wife out this weekend before the day

    13. Cheryl Barnett Saves says

      My husband and I are going out to dinner either at Applebys or Olive garden. He gets tired quickly so it is home and watch a movie together after.

    14. tamra childers says

      it will likely be a family afair at home dinner and a movie

    15. Renee Bruno says

      A quiet evening home with my husband and daughter

    16. Jennifer Eull says

      Finishing unpacking.

    17. JD Blosser says

      Watching some tv and playing on the internet, lame I know but don’t have anyone to celebrate with.

    18. Lisa Brooks says

      We are planning dinner out & movies at home. =)

    19. Chrystal Maneval says

      Nothing special planned since it’s during the middle of the week, but I may whip up some sweet cupcakes for my family. And I’m pretty sure my husband will surprise me with flowers 🙂

    20. I honestly have no idea what we’re doing that day – maybe a special dinner for all of us?

    21. Peggy says

      I’m not too sure, but hoping for a nice dinner and flowers!!

    22. Leann Lindeman says

      My husband is fixing us a steak dinner! We will probably rent a movie as well.

    23. kat j says

      Dinner with my kids. thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    24. Jessica S. says

      My boyfriend made plans… I have no idea what but he told me to dress nice.

    25. Ashley Hatten says

      probably nothing since my husband has to work :/ thank you!

    26. We usually do things at home (four kids and a hard day to find a sitter). I always make heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and a nice supper with a decadent dessert. I spend time with the Dh when the kids are down for the count

    27. Amy Pullifrone says

      Just eating at home as a family!!

    28. Richard Morris says

      I have my kids that night anyways so i’m just going to spend the night w/them since i’m single

    29. Hollie A. says

      My son has a basketball game so we will be at the gym watching him play!

    30. Kim Henrichs says

      My friends and I are going to see This Means War. 🙂

    31. Suburban prep says

      At this time we really do not have anything special set up for Valentine’s Day.

    32. Kerry says

      My son’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so we’re taking him out to eat somewhere.

    33. Kim Ripley says

      My husband has to work so we are going to celebrate a little early with a sushi dinner.

    34. Melissa lowe says

      I really don’t have planz since my daughters birthday is on the next day

    35. Jeanna says

      We are having a family Valentine’s day! We are going to surprise the kids and take them to Build-A-Bear and have a simple dinner! I can’t wait to surprise them!

    36. Cheyianne Johnson says

      I plan to hopefully see the vow and be with my fiance

    37. Rachel Miller says

      Just going to have a quiet night in 🙂

    38. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

      I’m hoping for a quiet night at home, watching movies and ordering take out!

    39. Annetta S says

      My husband and I always celebrate it with our four children at home.

    40. Tanaya Syx says

      I get to take my daughter to the dentist. Not much for Valentine’s plans, huh?

    41. Marlena Curley says

      I’ll be staying home with the kids. Maybe I’ll make them something special for dinner

    42. Lee Black says

      We are going to have a nice home made dinner and movie at home with the family!

    43. Corinne Soto says

      Since Valentines day is so close to my bday, we were thinking about combining it into one date night the weekend before. Dinner and a movie probably.

    44. Nothing special since I am single. Just spending the night with my daughter

      kport207 at gmail dot com

    45. Rebecca says

      I’ll go out to dinner with my husband.

    46. Sara Logan says

      Going out to dinner with my fiance!

    47. i dont have any plans 🙁

    48. Tabitha Evans says

      No plans.. = (

    49. Jacqueline Diaz says

      I’m unsure of our plans for Valentines Day. Possibly go out for dinner or just get some us time for a little while.

    50. Sheryl says

      A quiet dinner at home.

    51. Rita M says

      A quiet (or not so quiet) evening at home with our granddaughter so that her parents can have a much needed night out!

    52. Lynda E says

      Hubby and I will share a bottle of wine and watch old movies.

    53. Renee Gauthier Angichiodo says

      It will be a quiet Vday for us. We will probably just have a nice dinner at home and watch a movie.

    54. Elena says

      we will go out for dinner

    55. Christina says

      No plans really. I usually make the kids a fun heart/Valentines themed breakfast. That night we are having a family dinner with my sister & her family and my mom. Just going to enjoy our time together with family (my dad recently passed away so we are just trying to get through it all with my mom).

    56. christine jessamine says

      i am going out to dinner with my husband

    57. D Schmidt says

      We are staying home and watching a movie 🙂

    58. Renski says

      Candy and a Quiet Romantic diner and movie at home

    59. I am going to go to dinner with my husband, and go home and have a special rest of the night!

    60. Bethany says

      My fiance and i will be having dinner at home 🙂

    61. Kelley Johnsen says

      To snuggle up with my hubby and have chocolate covered strawberries. I like a non run around night!

    62. Bridgett zaidi says

      I’m 22 weeks preggo with 2 young boys and no sitter soooo, we are having a family steak dinner

    63. alyce poalillo says

      Since I do not currently have a Valentine I have no special plans for Valentine’s Day

    64. Sylvia White says

      Dinner out at a local steak house

    65. Michelle C says

      We will hang out at home to avoid the crowded restaurants and bake some yummy treats! Thanks for the chance to win!
      mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    66. Tina Bartunek says

      A movie and takeout at home.

    67. Brenda F says

      Quiet evening at home . . .

    68. Linda White says

      Dinner at home and maybe a movie and wine and chocolates!

    69. Amber says

      I’m actually not entirely sure about my plans because my sweetie is surprising me but I love surprises so I’m sure I’ll have fun!

    70. rob says

      not currently “involved”, hence no plans.

    71. Jennifer B says

      we don’t really have any plans. My husband is preforming a wedding ceremony for his niece. 🙂

    72. Shannon Baas says

      I don’t have any plans.

    73. Barbara T. says

      A quiet dinner at home for the 2 of us–candles, wine, and our favorite dishes. And chocolate for dessert!

    74. rachelle jones says

      We don’t have any valentines day plans, my husband works night 🙁 So he wont be home, we will probably try to do something that weekend 🙂

    75. kelly says

      our valentines plans are to stay at home and cook dinner

    76. Hiya! 🙂 Well, probably nothing… but will have a Valentine’s ice cream cake that day! 🙂 But hopefully chocolate too… 🙂


    77. Cheryl Abdelnour says

      a nice dinner and a movie

    78. Debra Hall says

      no plans really just a good dinner

    79. Marilyn Wons says

      My Valentine’s Day plans are to stay at home and watch a good DVD while enjoying chocolate!

    80. Bekah Kuczenski says

      I am hoping to be able to go out to dinner this weekend with my hubby as I have to work on Valentines night

    81. Laura C says

      I plan on staying home

    82. Shirley says

      Dinner and movie.

    83. Laura C says

      I plan on staying home.

    84. My single girl friends and I are doing a group event (dinner out and a movie) so we’re all each other’s valentine.
      Actually this card would help that a lot.

    85. Michelle Macaluso says

      My hubby and I are going out to dinner

    86. Cindy says

      Quiet dinner with my hubby.

    87. I’m not sure what we will be doing. We’re newlyweds and just moved so money is tight.

    88. Rex says

      I have made reservations at a romatic restraunt and then a romatic drive along the lake where we went when we were first dating 10 years ago.


    89. Claire says

      i plan to eat chocolate! 😉 lol

    90. jen says

      im going out to dinner and a movie

    91. I Plan to spend my Valentines Day with the one I love, My wonderful hard working Husband!

    92. We have no plans for Valentine’s Day this year other than making up cards and goodies for the kids to take to school.

    93. Elizabeth Braun says

      Probably just going to make a nice dinner for me and the kiddos since the hubby will be on the road for Valentines Day

    94. Carolina says

      Mmmm Applebee’s 🙂

    95. Joye Rast says

      It will probably be a quiet night at home.

    96. Jackie F says

      We are planning to dine in & watch a movie after our daughter goes to sleep!

    97. Brandy says

      Hah, no plans! We’re having dinner and maybe a fun dessert.

    98. Debbie R says

      No Plans I may share the evening with my grand kids.

    99. We will have a candlelit dinner at home with music and wine – just like we do every night. 🙂

    100. tess says

      we will probably order pizza for the kids and stay home
      tcogbill at live dot com

    101. Catie says

      We are probably just going to cook a nice dinner at home, to avoid the crowds!

    102. matthew b says

      hopefully just to make a nice dinner with the lady

    103. I’m having a pity party. Boo Hoo

    104. Amanda G. says

      We’re planning to go out for dinner.

    105. For our Valentine’s Day celebrations, my Husband and I are going on a dinner date. We will also be celebrating his birthday. 🙂 Thank you!

    106. courtney manders says

      This valentines day I am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend who is taking me out to dinner at a cuban restaurant near us!
      Sooo excited!!


    107. Adrienne gordon says

      I have to work.

    108. April Brenay says

      Staying home, my hubby’s bday is two days later so we’ll go out then 🙂

    109. Mary Beth Elderton says

      We plan to snuggle in with a couple of good movies.

    110. Jeffrey says

      Always love your giveaways

    111. Jeffrey says

      Dinner out with my wife

    112. Joni Lackey says

      Sadly, my husband will be traveling on Valentine’s Day. But we plan to celebrate when he gets home from traveling for work. We plan to make a romantic night at home with grilled shrimp, candles and a movie to watch together. I would love to surprise him with a night out to dinner if I win.

    113. Gary Kimbel says

      I don’t have any plans right now. I’m a single guy

    114. David says

      dinner and a movie at home

    115. Christine M says

      For Vday I plan on taking goodies to both my kids classes and trying to do a dual party day. My hubby is tdy this year so I may take my kids out to eat dinner =)

    116. Alicia says

      My husband and I will be spending the evening in with our 3 month old. : )

    117. Danielle Davis/Grady says

      Im probably gonna take my 3 little boys out to eat & then let them pick out a movie to watch at home 🙂
      Thank you!

    118. melissa miller says

      dinner and movies

    119. Plans are: none.


    120. kia says

      Sitting at home because i don’t have a Valentine

    121. Jack Palmer says

      I plan to buy my lovely wife some chocolate covered strawberries and take them to her on Valentines day.

    122. Heidi Dean says

      Hanging out with my nephews so my sister and her husband can go to dinner and a movie.

    123. Lyn says

      Weather permitting, will be having dinner out.

    124. jessica edwards says

      cook dinner at home for my husband

    125. Ann F says

      We don’t have any special plans for Valentine’s day. I’m probably make a red themed dinner for my husband and daughter.

      abfantom at yahoo dot com

    126. Francine Anchondo says

      going out to dinner

    127. Cynthia DeLeon says

      I plan to go to the beach and have a romantic dinner there 🙂

    128. sarah carroll says

      Just a normal dinner date with my husband is what I want. Its been a long time. Its so difficult finding a babysitter for 5 children.

    129. Caroline B/Andrea maes says

      my hubby and I will watch a nice movie!

    130. Andrea D. says

      I am making a meal for my family that is themed and making my hubby a present.

    131. Kiara says

      Going out to dinner.

    132. Margaret Smith says

      No special plans. I’ll cook a nice dinner for my husband and kids and a special desert, like a heart shapped cake.
      Thanks so much.

    133. Donna B. says

      Ortho appt, then physical therapy *sigh* That’s my exciting Valentine’s Day. I may treat myself to a milkshake from Cookout on the way home 🙂

    134. Andrea Williams says

      Our plans are to have a nice meal with the family.

    135. annette campbell says

      I am going to have a nice dinner with my husband

    136. Penny Snyder says

      Just a quiet, romantic dinner with hubby!!

    137. crafty says

      We are celebrating this weekend with a nice dinner out. Two different work shifts makes it hard to celebrate on the 14th.

    138. Nakia King says

      I plan on celebrating my 30th birthday on Valentines day.

    139. stephanie miller says

      this is the first year i will be alone on valentines day, my husband walked out in oct for his 24yr old gf. so my daughter and i will be spending it having dinner at home and watch movies!

    140. Tamra says

      Hoping to go out to a nice dinner with my husband 🙂

    141. Kristin S says

      No plans yet, but dinner at Applebee’s would be wonderful! 😉

    142. Connie says

      Getting my hair cut

    143. Nicole S. says

      Business as usual at my house. We celebrate B-Days and Christmas…… that’s about it.

    144. Kristi P says

      Currently our plan is to have heart shaped ravioli’s for dinner at home.

    145. Julie Witt says

      I’m making Valentine’s cupcakes with my 5 year old son, who happens to be my Valentine this year, and watching Puss in Boots!!

    146. Debbie Betancourt says

      Will be home alone with my toddler–he is such a sweetheart! Maybe we’ll share some cookies!!

    147. Julie H says

      hanging at home with the hubby and daughter and having chocolate:) yeah

    148. Lauren Garrett says

      I think we will go out to dinner then home to snuggle and watch movies.

    149. sarah shult says

      Dinner at home with the hubby & kids

    150. sarah shult says

      dinner at home with hubby and kids

    151. jose benavdies says

      I plan on having a romantic meal with my wife at olive garden

    152. Vicky Carlson says

      Eat some chocolate and watch a romantic movie.

    153. corrie says

      we are planning on going out to eat and then maybe hit up a casino for a night out just us.. will be fun. we do it every year…

    154. SARAH OSWALD says

      my husband will be working overtime so i might bestaying home this year.

    155. Kristen says

      I plan to go out for a nice dinner.

    156. Theresa Jenkins says

      we’re ALL going ice skating…grandkids and all

    157. Julie Lundstrom says

      I will be staying home and making one of my favorite dishes and watching good romance movies on lifetime.

    158. Jennifer Hedden says

      A romantic dinner at home.

    159. Andrea Julian says

      I hope my husband has something good planned.

    160. Eileen says

      Since is not on a weekend night, we will probably just have dinner at home with the family and get the kids some treats. We might celebrate the following weekend with a movie out, I really want to see The Vow.

      And to Stephanie M…your ex is a schmuck. Have been there before. Please buy yourSELF some flowers if you can, get a nice movie rental and try to get through it. Some guys just never grow up and are always looking for better til the day they die. They are the ones who never GET what life and love is all about and they will die with regrets and shame. They have Zero integrity…


    161. Jennifer Haile says

      No plans as of yet.

    162. Jenny Lloyd says

      we will be staying home on valentine’s day (night) due to my husband’s crazy 3rd shift schedule.

    163. Hamida says

      The original Dinner and a movie.

    164. DeeAnn S says

      I’ll be staying at home watching a movie on TV. Thanks.

    165. I actually don’t have any vday plans other than giving my kids gifts that I bought for them

    166. Monica Tompkins says

      parent teacher conference, i dont know why they couldn’t pick a different day.

    167. Tari Lawson says

      I have no valentines day plans.

    168. EMMA L HORTON says


    169. crystle tellerday says

      im going to a doctors appointment

    170. Sandy Brown says

      because my anniversary is at the same time (35 years) we are going to dinner and a movie.

    171. carol says

      dinner out with my husband

    172. amy miller says

      Im hoping a romantic nite with my fiance ….dinner etc

    173. Linda G. says

      We plan to go out for lunch

    174. gala says

      so far non, hope my DH would surprize me

    175. Sarah Hirsch says

      we plan to go out to a nice dinner together

    176. stacy h says

      i plan on a nice meal with the hubs, hopefully sans kids!

    177. Kathy Rambousek says

      planning on Chinese take-out and a movie after the boys are in bed

    178. Tracy P says

      We’re going out to dinner then a movie at home.

    179. randall robison says

      i plan a nice dinner out with my wife of 8yrs.depending on how diner was maybe a movie,or maybe home for a hot bubble bath followed by a full body massage.

    180. Tawnya S says

      Movie and popcorn at home for the family on valentines day. We are getting grandma to babysit and going out to dinner and a movie the weekend before valenitnes. Thanks!

    181. Ashley C says

      My parents will be in town so we’ll actually have a sitter! If my husband doesn’t have to work, we’ll probably go out to dinner and maybe catch a movie


    182. amy v says

      we’ll make it a movie night!

      annae07 at aol dot com

    183. Kyl Neusch says

      no plans for that day

    184. We don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    185. Susan Ladd says

      My plans for Valentine’s Day is maybe dinner out and that is about all. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂

    186. ELIZABETH says


    187. RussR says

      I’m having lunch with the one I love at the place where we had our first date 19 years ago

    188. Megan says

      Going out to dinner (but at Mad Mex, not Applebee’s) 🙂

    189. edq143 says

      Dinner at Applebees

    190. Robyn Galloway says

      Valentine’s day is my little one’s birthday, so hubby and I will celebrate on the 13th with dinner and a movie! first time we’ve had a babysitter in almost 3 months!

    191. Fawn H says

      Just a nice dinner with the family.

    192. Suzanne K says

      no plans here, no special guy in my life

    193. John Stetson says

      Thanks for a great contest. Applebees is a family favorite for dinner.

    194. Kerri says

      I don’t have any big plans.

    195. Ariel Henry says

      I’m going to a pre-screening of the Titanic in 3D.

    196. Eating lunch with my kids and treating my husband to dinner!

    197. Lim says

      Cheese, crackers, and Netflix.

    198. Lynette C. says

      Out to dinner, time with family, it will be great! I have some fun surprises planned for my familiy!

    199. mickeyfan says

      We’re going to see our new grandchild.

    200. Hannah says

      We don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day

    201. Hubby will make us dinner and we’ll watch a movie

    202. Jimmy says

      I have no Valentines plans

    203. Teresa Moore says

      I am going to take my daughter to a valentine party and then to dance classes. Then we will go out for dinner together.

    204. Jennifer McKay says

      For Valentine’sDay, I will be watching tv alone because my husband is working. Boo.

    205. Debbie Painter says

      No plans, just another day, here~

    206. Joy F says

      Don’t have any this year.

    207. Leslie G. says

      whew… we didn’t really make plans because we just got back from a week-long vacation. I guess that was valentine’s. No money left for going out!!

    208. Sarah L says

      Going to see cirque du soleil
      Thanks for the contest.

    209. Charisse S. says

      no plans, just another day

    210. Karen says

      Takeout (So I don’t have to cook) and a Netflix movie!

    211. Meaghan F. says

      My boyfriend has school and work, so I won’t see him till really late. I think we’ll just celebrate by having pizza on the weekend instead.

    212. Rebecca Graham says

      We are going out for dinner.

    213. Michelle Fosnaugh says

      Dinner and a movie!

    214. kim c says

      So far, no plans. I think I may get my husband some crab and make him a great dinner. Its his favorite so the stinky smell in the house is worth it…

    215. Kristi C says

      I will be ordering pizza for me and the kids since my husband has to work.

    216. My husband has to work so I’ll be spending the evening at home with the kids

    217. Thanks ! for the piece. I have just started up my own wordpress blog. There’s definitely a lot of work in maintaining one!

    218. Cynthia C says

      I don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day.

    219. Kristie says

      I am getting married on the 18th. So my Valentines plans includes finishing getting ready for the weekend.

    220. TEH DOLL says

      getting sushi and hanging out with the family =)


    221. My boyfriend and I are going to make our own chocolate covered strawberries!

    222. Terri says

      No specific plans yet. Not sure if we’ll eat out or perhaps I’ll make hubby’s favorite meal.

    223. Carolyn g says

      We are going out to dinner

    224. Jennifer Marie says

      spend time with my family and have dinner at home

    225. Serge B says

      Going to go out for Dinner!

    226. Denise B. says

      We don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day.

    227. Susan Smith says

      We are going out to dinner

    228. susan says

      Probably just a nice quiet evening at home with the little one. Maybe a special dinner.

    229. Hollie Jahnke says

      Don’t have any plans yet.

    230. Dani says

      My husband has to work so I plan on getting love and kisses from the dogs.

    231. Jason Crooks says

      Taking the girlfriend to dinner and then heading down to the winter carnival.

    232. Dana says

      We plan on having a calm Valentin’es day with the family. I did get the hubby and the kids so surprise treats!

    233. Dina says

      Don’t have anything planned. My husband and i get eachother small gifts throughout the year, every day is valentines day 🙂

    234. Since it’s a weekday, we’ll probably fix dinner at home, but take the time to watch a movie together after getting the 4 kids to bed early.

    235. Christy says

      Probably just a quiet dinner at home.

    236. Christine burd says

      I’m spending a quiet evening with my husband watching a movie.

    237. Hendy M says

      Work and then curling up on my couch with a movie and some ice cream
      hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

    238. No special plans for me this year. Just staying home and snuggling. 🙂
      Angela Michels
      lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

    239. Wanda McHenry says

      A nice King Crab dinner and that’s it

    240. michelle draveski says

      I am boring and have sworn off dating those dang men. All I have is a date with my son and daughter for a nice dinner

    241. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

      dinner and a movie at home with the hubs
      Thank you for hosting this giveaway

      pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

    242. no plans 🙁 just a regular day for us

    243. Gricelda Castro says

      Dinner & a Movie with my Husband

    244. Ruth Madewell says

      My husband and I are going out to dinner

    245. Amber Jenkins says

      Dinner and a movie at home!

    246. Im spending the day with the kids, then me and hubby are going out to dinner

    247. Ellen C. says

      We are going to order out dinner and rent a movie from redbox and spend the night in. Thanks for the chance.

    248. Kristin M. says

      Dinner at home with my husband and 8 month old son 🙂

    249. Amanda Alvarado says

      We don’t have any! It will be a regular night at home! I’m thinking of ordering pizza though so I don’t have to cook! LOL

    250. Denise S says

      Making pink cupcakes and going out to dinner.

    251. Donna George says

      I have no plans. Hubby and I are arguing. 🙂

    252. Tracy Juliano says

      I will be enjoying a quiet evening at home with my hubby.

    253. June L says

      Dinner and some video game with my awesome husband.

    254. We’re just going to have dinner and a movie at home

    255. Janna Johnson says

      working :9
      Fab giveaway! thanks again! Janna Johnson
      janna @ feedyourpig on gfc

    256. Go to a movie and dinner date w/ my husband

    257. Lauren Peterson says

      No big plans…I won advance screening tix to Titanic 3D, so hopefully we can do that. If not, we’ll just order a pizza and watch a movie together at home. We don’t want to fight the crowds at the restaurants.

    258. Julie Harris says

      Having dinner with the boyfriend!

    259. kayla hyde says

      This year we are just going to spend time at home as we are tight on money.

    260. Monique Rizzo says

      Just doing dinner and a movie.
      Thanks for the chance.

    261. jr911 says

      No plans other than it being a normal work day

    262. Evelyn Goettner says

      Me and my husband are going out to a romantic dinner and movie. His mom is watching the kids.

    263. Kristy Thiel says

      we don’t have many plans other than staying in as a family!

    264. We are planning on spending the night in with our girls. We do a “formal” dinner each and every year, playing up with candles, sparkling grape juice and a special dessert. My toddler loves it, I hope my youngest loves it when she’s old enough to be more involved!

    265. joni says

      Probably just stay home and have a nice family dinner.
      dolniaks at consolidated dot net

    266. We’re going to go to the Y for some family exercise time.

    267. Russell Jolly says

      Awesome deal for a dinner and a movie

    268. Quiet eve at home!

    269. Our plan was the same as every year, go out for Dinner then a comedy club (it’s what we did on our first V-day together, we do it every year) but with hubby’s surgery and being out of work we most likely aren’t doing anything this year

    270. Jacob LaFountaine says

      Run to walmart to pick up some rolls

    271. Renee Grandinetti says

      My husband has tomorrow off – so he has offered to fix dinner for Valentine’s day.

    272. Kimberly M. says

      Spending time with my special men–my grandsons.

    273. LAMusing says

      No sweetie so no special plans

    274. Kathy says

      To make a nice dinner for my family.

    275. Maija M says

      Cooking a new recipe with my husband at home!

    276. Jennifer Speed says

      the only thing I have planned is going to class but if I wasn’t at school I would be spending it with my parents

    277. clynsg says

      Don’t have any special plans for Valentine’s

    278. sandra says

      nothing tonight. we went to a nice dinner on saturday

    279. Dinner with family to celebrate my sister’s birthday (she is a valentine’s day baby). This weekend the boy and I will do a movie/dinner.

    280. Carolyn K says

      My husband is going to cook us a fancy dinner 😉

    281. My entire family is going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day!

    282. Angie M says

      Valentines plans…….nothing on the acutal day (which is today) I did get a nice card from my husband. But we are planning on going to see “the Vow” next weekend.

    283. Trasina McGahey says

      I have no plans other than eating junk!

    284. Jessica Carnaggio says

      Dinner and a movie.

    285. Valentine’s Plans? Well I have no S/O–it’s just me & my youngest son Travis (17) & my mom who just had 7 teeth pulled! : O So I’m going to be taking care of her the rest of the evening. I’ll be making fried Tilapia filets later–along with fried potatoes & cornbread 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

    286. Dianna Thomas says

      We have a dinner and a movie to see tonight– yahoooooooooo!!! I love date nights

    287. katie t says

      We had plans to go to dinner but now he’s stuck at work late…..

    288. blue racer says

      working until late as usual. Then get kids from sitters, go home, dinner, and bed. Nothing special.

    289. Just hanging out with the kids for the evening, the hubby has to work 🙁

    290. Claire McKeon says

      Hubby cooked a wonderful surf and turf dinner! Ym!

    291. spirit_kim says

      No plans here except for a quiet evening at home.

    292. Solducky says

      We had a nice family steak dinner at home – my 3 year old made a card and brownies for her Dad too. He brought home dessert and a balloon and card.
      soluckyducky atgmail dot com

    293. Gina H. says

      Had a nice dinner at home.

    294. Cathy Studer says

      Had a quiet dinner at home

    295. Heidi Daily says

      My husband was working but he was able to make it to our prenatal appointment in the afternoon then our daughter and I went to my parents’ house for dinner

    296. ange says

      cooking dinner with hubby

    297. Pam says

      No plans. Hubby had to work.

    298. Cindy says

      We take little girl out to eat and to the store-so thankful for the nice weather for one day 🙂

    299. Nicole Carter says

      Valentine’s day is over LOL but I had a great day! Had to work but overall it was good!

    300. Barbara Montag says

      Valentines Day is now passed.
      I didn’t have any plans this year.
      Thank you.

    301. Meg Loop says

      For Valentine’s day I had a ton of homework, but my hubby and I went to Qdoba and got the bogo burritos for a kiss!

    302. Heather S says

      dinner and a movie

    303. tami husak says

      i stayed home and played on the computer all day

    304. jessica vaughan gengler says

      on v day — spent time with my 3 boys and husband.

    305. shawna durk says

      my hubby and i went out to brunch then had a couples massage then picked up dinner on our way home that evening

    306. Jodi B says

      my husband is doing something for me all week because my birthday is a week after v-day. he is sending me something along with a puzzle piece. at the end of the week, the puzzle spells something out!!

    307. kelly says

      entered $100 old navy

    308. Debra G says

      Had a nice dinner and a relaxing night

    309. Elizabeth Trobaugh says

      be great to have a night out with the husband and it not cost us but the tip 😉

    310. anna pry says

      i spent valentines day at the dentist

    311. Cari Schroeder says

      Hubby and I went to a Greek restaurant, walked around our neighborhood and then played Bananagrams! It was a fun evening!

    312. Mari says

      We went out to dinner.

    313. Jennifer Sykes says

      My husband and I are going to celebrate Vday in March. We are going to treat our selves to a day at the spa, and were very excited

    314. Kate O'Brien says

      We had a quiet dinner at home.

    315. Mimi says

      Sigh, just hanging out with my boys, doing nothing. Fun, eh?

    316. Erin Collins says

      We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then got cheesecake to go from the Cheesecake Factory, which we ate while watching a movie at home. It was very nice.

    317. amy warren says

      dinner and a movie at home with the 4 kids, since my husband has to work.

    318. Alicia says

      Am I supposed to have plans? Whoops.

    319. Brittany Gerber says

      Entered after V-day, but we stayed at home and my fiance made dinner. We got each other simple gifts, but we believe that we should treat each other special everyday and not just once a year on a very commercialized holiday 😀

    320. Tara says

      Have a nice quiet dinner at home.

    321. TRISH ROSE says

      I nice peaceful dinner with the kids.

    322. Kathryn Costa says

      We had no Valentine’s Day plans, just stayed in and had a nice dinner.

      katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

    323. Arlene Whitfield says

      My hubby and I just hung out together and had a great dinner. The rest is …well…….:D

    324. Debbie Hogue says

      My Valentines Day plans were to Celebrate my husband’s birthday.

    325. amberlyn Johnson says

      Nice dinner with movies

    326. we stayed home since our sitter cancelled on us

    327. Carol Bryant says

      Quiet evening at home, dinner and a movie.

    328. s riches says

      We went out to dinner.

    329. Debra Fraley says

      My husband and I went out to eat.

    330. Jenny says

      Quiet evening at home with husband and kids

    331. Deanna Barnett says

      We simply sent a quiet night in as a family watching The Biggest Loser.

    332. Mary Calabrese says

      I was recovering from a 26 hour drive from Florida to MN, so it was a very quiet night which was just fine.

    333. Tim says

      We went to the zoo.

    334. Christina says

      Dinner out followed by seeing a play (which I so seldom get to do!).

    335. my husband and I went out to dinner and the for a romanic walk by the river

    336. mindy says

      a quiet night in

    337. Christina Skinner says

      We went stroller shopping!!! And I made cupcakes and had a quiet dinner at home as a family. 🙂

    338. Karen M says

      My husband and I went out the Friday after Valentine’s Day for lunch. We didn’t have to fight the holiday crowds and it was our payday so that helped.

    339. Debra F says

      I made a nice dinner in (it was a school night) and the boys helped me make a heart shape cake for their dad.

    340. Breanne says

      I didn’t do anything.

    341. Ashley Morrissey says

      I ended up getting sick that day, unfortunately, and we had to cancel our plans and stay in! But, my fiance took care of me and brought me Starbucks, chocolate covered strawberries, and made me a nice dinner in bed. 🙂

      -Ashley Marie Morrissey

    342. Ashley Tucker says

      I worked on Valentines Day

    343. Elizabeth Owens says

      We ended up not doing anything :/ I had to work until 6 and then I had a night class, so I got home too late. Oh well!

    344. Laura Jacobson says

      I babysat my grandson so the kids could go out and eat and have a special night. 🙂

    345. Cassie says

      we adopted a dog from the humane society for vday!

    346. Holly Hennessy Swint says

      We did not do anything for Valentine’s Day 🙁 It sucked! LOL

    347. We actually watched a scary movie lol

    348. I entered the Applebee’s gift card giveaway!!! All the Weight Watcher’s friendly food looks delicious!

    349. Serena Powell says

      I sadly did not have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with

    350. We didn’t do anything special this year, hubby had to work! 🙁 We’re gonna go out to dinner soon, but our schedules have been nuts! This would be so nice to win!

    351. Valentine’s Day has already passed, my fiance and I had a romantic dinner and watched a movie together at home. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    352. dinner and a movie.bdavisnc at gmail dot com

    353. Erin Lawrence says

      We ended up staying home with our daughter for the evening but we had a great time together. 🙂

    354. Courtney Desormeaux says

      For Valentine’s Day I mad my husband a nice homemade dinner and we had some wine.

    355. Erik Liptak says

      My plans were to go to a concert

    356. Holly Hook says

      I ended up spending my valentine’s day home alone, but I treated myself. I made vegetarian lasagna and ate chocolates while I watched the new Twilight movie.

    357. Virginia Rowell says

      I went to a softball game of my daughters.

    358. John Joseph says

      we went away to orlando universal studios for valentines

    359. mframe says

      My husband was out of town so I made heart shaped pizza for the kids.

    360. ANGEL JACKLYN says


    361. Patricia C. says

      Ate a sinful dessert and watched one of the worst movies ever on Netflix. Pretty much perfect!

    362. Amy Orvin says

      I didn’t have any:(

    363. Kimberly says

      We went out to eat and opened a bottle of 2005 OWW Zinfandel. 🙂

    364. Tamara says

      For Valentine’s Day, we had a nice comfortable day, and visited my parents at their house. We had made an angel food cake to eat with strawberries for a lovely dessert!

    365. ferriz says

      my plans were to study. my plan wasnt to be sick the entire week. 🙁


    366. Sarah B says

      I spent Valentine’s Day at Disney with my family 🙂

    367. We just stayed home and watched movies, ate pizza.

    368. We had Dinner and a Movie at home snuggling on the couch.
      Thanks for sharing~!

    369. Wendy R says

      dinner & a movie!

    370. Belinda Shaw says

      Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, I’ll probably enjoy a box of candy and a nice dinner.

    371. christina moore says

      A quite dinner at home in front of the fireplace

    372. Penny Kathleen says

      Unfortunately hubby had to work, so we didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. 🙁

    373. Diane W says

      Our Valentines day was pretty budget friendly. We had a nice dinner at home and watched a movie on TV.

    374. Robin Quick says

      A night out with my hubby eating dinner & seeing a movie. With a special gift from him.

    375. Debbie C says

      I had planned a nice dinner at home to avoid the restaurant crowds and that’s what we did.


    376. Jeff Legg says

      On Valentines day we just had a quite day at home preparing for a trip down to Florida to see our new grandson. He’s our gift this year!

    377. melissa Resnick says

      dinner at home with my husband

    378. My husband I went to dinner and then a movie. It was a great night!

    379. Jennifer says

      I spent valentines with my kids! We made frilly valentines, baked goodies and took full advantage of the lovey dovey holiday!

    380. Diane says

      We couldn’t affford to do anything. We just stayed home and had a usual dinner

    381. Leona P says

      we didnt do anything

    382. Eileen says

      We just snuggled on the couch 🙂

    383. Stayed at home…

    384. Theresa D says

      We stayed in and had a nice family dinner on Valentine’s Day.

    385. McKim says

      We spent a quiet evening at home and watched tv.

    386. Daniel M says

      not much, just the usual flowers & chocolates

    387. Jennifer H. says

      Spent the day with my children
      jenhedger at hotmail dot com

    388. Brittany W says

      Valentine’s Day has passed. No plans for next year.

    389. Becky says

      No v-day plans this year.

    390. Paula Tavernie says

      I enjoyed dinner and a movie!! And beleive it or not we went to Apple Bees!!

    391. Erica C. says

      On Valentine’s Day, we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner.

    392. Angela says

      We went out for a romantic dinner and a movie

    393. lucas nelson says

      we both worked, so watched a movie late and just relaxed

    394. Lucy Schwartz says

      I planned to bake a batch of his favorite cookies.

    395. Kelly Britton says

      No plans this year. 🙁

    396. Sherry S. says

      Since Valentines is over I’ll tell you that I didn’t do anything special just stayed at home.

    397. loni says

      We spent Valentine’s day at home this year and will pick another day to celebrate!

      trippyjanet at gmail dot com

    398. Aubrey says

      my husband and i went on a date to dinner

    399. Jacqui Odell says

      stayed home-no babysitter

    400. Rebecca Peters says

      Didnt really have any plans.. made my kids each a really cute cupcake..

    401. Hubby had to work, and we’re too poor to go out to dinner or anything. I cleaned the kitchen for him and cooked him a great dinner. That was about it. 🙂

    402. Huston Smith says

      We had a lovely dinner exchange gifts then spent some mommy daddy time

    403. Dara Nix says

      Unfortunately, my Valentine’s plans did not go exactly according to plans because my S.O. had a work issue – but he has promised to make it up to me soon!

    404. Jen Harriman says

      I spent the day with my kids, we had french toast & bacon for dinner& I made a bunch of tiny cupcakes for their classes! 🙂

    405. Brittney House says

      We went out to dinner for valetines day.

    406. Amber Carter says

      I just stayed in with my husband and son

    407. Valeen N says

      We spent the evening as a family and saw “My Fair Lady”!

    408. Barbara says

      This year I spent Valentine’s Day driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas on our way back to Utah & Wyoming, Then in Vegas, I had dinner at Sams Town with my parents

    409. Jaque R. says

      I had a nice meal and watched a movie with my children on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Thank you.

    410. well- it’s past-but we just stayed home :-p

      • Selene M. says

        No plans. We avoid restaurants on V-day – too crowded. We’ll do a dinner another day.

    411. Tina says

      We stayed in and we got some take out and I made a cake for dessert. Nice and quiet.

    412. julie hawkins says

      We planned to go to dinner and a movie

    413. Tabathia B says

      I chilled at home with my kids and rented a movie and gave them some chocolates

    414. Dawn Valentine says

      I went out to dinner with my family

    415. April V. says

      Well, Valentine’s Day is way behind us now. We didn’t do anything special for the day – as usual. Neither of us are very interested in the holiday. We’d much rather surprise each other on random days with Valentine’s like things.

    416. Take-out and an in-home movie 🙂

    417. Yvonne Woodstock says

      We lost our job and our home recently so have no money but thats ok bc we still had a lovely valentines. Being with my soulmate/bff husband Todd is like valentines day everyday! We are always happy and having fun if we are together even if we are doing nothing extraordinary at all. For THIS valentines day we had low carb sugar free icecream and we found a free romantic comedy on to watch on our tv we also sent extra lovies to our 5 young adult kids across the miles.

    418. Terry Cross says

      We didn’t have any special plans. Just a nice dinner at home

    419. Calli says

      We went to the park and had a picnic.

    420. Molly K says

      We stayed home and hubby grilled steaks. The weekend before we had a sitter and went out for dinner and drinks with friends-this has been a tradition for the last 3 years for all of us.

    421. Christina Brundick says

      I bought the kids gifts and my fiance and I exchanged cards

    422. Carrie Baird says

      Valentine’s plans were going out to dinner with my honey. wgbc1446[at]yahoo[dot]com

    423. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

      It is also my birthday so we have dinner with the family
      vmkids3 at msn dot com

    424. Emily says

      My husband made me dinner!

    425. R HICKS says

      I took my wife out for a nice dinner

      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    426. Desiree Dunbar says

      For Valentines Day we went out for a nice dinner…alone!

    427. Ross Hassel says

      I had kidney stone surgery. My wife took care of me.

    428. Tim Moss says

      Dinner & a movie but Valentine’s Day is already over with.

    429. monica says

      we made a pasta dinner as a family!

    430. Crystal F says

      We didn’t do anything. I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled. Dh took the girls to get a gift the day after since that’s when we get paid. Thank y ou!

    431. Liz Neal says

      Well I am away out of state babysitting for my grandchildren. But I did send my sweetheart some goodies.

    432. Tarah says

      We just spent the evening together as a family – our son brought home a Valentine he made for us – which was the best gift!

    433. Rosey says

      Hubby and I exchanged gifts, I gave the kids candy hearts, and we all went out to dinner.

    434. Holly Chernoff says

      we went out for a nice supper

    435. amy deeter says

      we went out to eat for wings

    436. BreeAnna McManus says

      our plans were to do nothing. we both do really buy into the valentines day ideas so we pass

    437. Rick M. says

      Well, being that this is the last day for this giveaway and it is way past Valentine’s day, I will tell you what I did for that special day…well not much as my wife was sick that day. So we stayed at home and I made her some chicken noodle soup.

    438. Jennifer J says

      WE ordered Pizza and watched tv. Thanks!!

    439. Shelley Mitchell says

      We went to the gym together. LOL!

      msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

    440. mary gardner says

      we had dinner and a movie at home

      marygardner49 at aol dot com

    441. KDailey says

      I made a nice “to go” meal for my daughter and her great grandma and cooked a nice “eat in” meal for my husband and myself

    442. kathy pease says

      we rented movies and ordered a large pizza

    443. Sarah says

      Didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day except eat a few chocolates

    444. nanjhall says

      Valentines Day has come and gone:) We picked up dinner, brought it home and watched a movie.

    445. Coriander Warren says

      My anniversary is on the 15th so we never do anything for valentine’s day….however for our anniversary we went out to dinner as a couple then out to a movie with our kids

    446. I had Valentines plans but they were ruined by a rude husband. lol I ended up staying home.

    447. Lisa L says

      We had a nice family dinner at our fave Tex-Mex restaurant

    448. laurie says

      we planed to go out and eat i usually buy my kids a card and some candy

    449. Nice dinner @ home.

    450. Scott D says

      I didn’t have plans with a “special someone” I did have special friends I spent time with!

    451. shirley pebbles says

      We went out and had dinner, rented movies and had a fire. Nothing major.

      fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski
      twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
      google +/ shirley pebbles

    452. Christy Weller says

      For Valentines day we had a nice dinner, made strawberry cupcakes, and watched movies together.

    453. betty says

      We always have a wonderful dinner and a movie.

    454. Melanie Johnson says

      We just stayed home. 🙁

    455. Michele says

      My husband and I spent a lovely Valentine’s Day visiting my mother in New Jersey

    456. Vicki D. says

      We will just spend a quiet day at home with our family. We’ll have a nice dinner, and probably watch a movie or play a game.

    457. Donna L says

      We both had a cold so we stayed home a watched a movie.

    458. We had a quiet Valentine’s day, my husband made me dinner and we watched a movie with our daughter.

    459. carol lewis says

      We had planned to eat out together but it was not a good day and very disappointing. It was our first date anniversary also, but things with our business have been rough so I couldn’t even enjoy it.

    460. Denise M says

      we went to dinner and walked around talking about books

    461. dawn says

      We just had dinner at home

    462. Dede says

      My husband was out of town for work on Valentine’s Day, so I enjoyed my evening with the kids. We had a nice time together!

    463. Dee W says

      We had dinner at home with the kids. We had a ball too.

    464. Sand says

      We had pizza and cupcakes and stayed home.

    465. Lisa says

      We got Chinese and sat home and had a movie marathon

    466. We actually had plans for a nice dinner for vday, but instead my hubby caught pneumonia, and he spend his bday, vday and our anniversary asleep lol.

    467. Becca says

      I did a big fat nothing, but at least I was with my mom 🙂

    468. Yona says

      We got away…to one of our favorite hotels.

    469. H. says

      Ooh, I’ve always loved Applebees.

    470. Russell Moore says

      Just a quiet evening with my wife. Dinner and a DVD.

    471. Tara Liebing says

      Since my fiance is away right now me and my son went out for dinnerat my fav mexican restaurant

    472. trixx says

      We made red velvet cupcakes and then went to the movies

    473. Thomas Gibson says

      I spent Valentines day tending to my grandmother.

    474. DanV says

      My Valentines Day plans are for a nice dinner