Games to master for better business 

The business world has been compared to games for generations. There can be high stakes, strategies to implement and tricks to learn that can allow you to beat your competition and win the game, whether that game is cards or running a business. To be successful in both gaming and business, you need to have a set goal in mind and the concentration to stick to a plan while remaining flexible enough to adapt to any new scenarios or challenges. That’s why spending some time playing actual games can be incredibly worthwhile when it comes to growing your business skills and your attitude to work as well. If you’re looking for that business edge, then here are some brilliant games to master that will have a knock-on effect on your business attitude. 


The parallels between business and chess have been long documented, and it’s easy to see why. From the setup itself to the rules of the board, playing a game of chess has a number of similarities to running a business. You need to learn the moves and implement a plan, and if you play right then you can destroy your competition. Playing chess against an opponent who is at the same level or even better than you are is a great way of giving your brain a mental workout, and may even provide insights into your own business strategy. Chess is a combination of planning and adapting, and the more that you practice these cognitive skills, the more likely that you will start using them more in everyday life as well. The golden rule for both chess and business is ‘don’t underestimate your opponent,’ and that’s always good advice.  

Escape rooms 

When it comes to team-building exercises, there are a number of traditional options to choose from. The team-building activity that you choose to implement for you and your employees will depend on your business culture, but one of the choices is becoming the go-to option, and that’s the Escape Room. These are rooms that you and a team are locked in, where you have to solve puzzles together in order to secure your release. Better than paint ball because a) no bruises, and b) it allows for closer levels of teamwork, escape rooms can give important motivational and transformational feedback, with people realizing that they have weak areas that need addressing if they want to get better at their job and progress in the corporate structure. Make sure that you teach the importance of preparation by getting good at escape room strategy, and your team (and your business) will learn all about the benefits of finding advantages. 

Video games  

You might think that computer games are simply another form of entertainment for the kids, but you couldn’t be more wrong. New research has shown that corporations who integrate computer games into their staff training sessions benefit from a number of surprising results. Not only do computer games as training tools result in workers who have a better understanding of their role and tasks, they can also act as a motivator as well. So if you want your staff to get better at their jobs and even retain information for longer, then it’s time to get the games out. Passive training sessions are outdated and ineffective, and when even organizations like the army and the emergency services have started to integrate gaming into their training methods, then you know it’s worth looking at for your business as well.  

Playing any kind of game involves rules and strategy, just like your business. If you want to get better at running your company, battling your competition, and inspiring your employees, then it may be time to start getting serious about playing games. 

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