FurReal Friends – Trixie the Skateboarding Pup

FurReal Friends – Trixie the Skateboarding Pup

We love Fur Real Friends in our house! Our youngest, Mikenah, is especially in love with them. We were given Trixie the Skateboarding Pup to review and she is a perfect addition to our growing collection.

Trixie is a pose-able pup that rides a remote control skateboard. Her ears and legs pose in countless positions and she has removable sunglasses and bandanna. The remote control makes music and puppy sounds for added fun!

Trixie’s paws Velcro to the skateboard so that she can ride securely and won’t fall off while spinning around town.

Trixie the Skateboarding Pup would make a fantastic gift for the dog lover or Fur Real Friend fan in your house. Check out Fur Real Friend here: www.hasbro.com/furreal/en_us Requires 2 AAA and 3 AA batteries.



  1. Sandra VanHoey says

    These FurReal animals are just the cutest. Every time I go in the store I see the kitty one and have to stop to check it out. I know my niece has fallen in love with them and she would love this one too. We’ll have to look for it

  2. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    this is an adorable little puppy!

  3. Michelle F. says

    Would love that for my daughter.

  4. ellen beck says

    While I do think these are incredibly cute I dont care for ‘furreal’ animals. Basically it says it is rabbit fur but no one knows what it is considering the country it is made in. Nice review just wish it was made of different materials.

  5. Rosie says

    I’m getting a real kick out o this – how cute! I could see it being fun for so many ages, boys and girls, and even mom and pop trying it out. We have so many skateboarders around here, that it makes me think some of the pre-teens would like it!!!

  6. Jessica says

    This is super cute and I could totally see my daughter trying to put those glasses on our cat. I love that it has Velcro so puppy is secure for the ride.

  7. Tanya Holland says

    This has to be one of the cutest toys. My girls would love this.

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