Fun Ways to Decorate Your Child’s Nursery

Fun Ways to Decorate your Child’s Nursery

Diving into the world of interior design can be an exciting and scary experience if you have zero or little experience. You don’t want your children or your new baby to be living in a disaster zone. Your overall aim should be to create a warm, friendly and open space where you child can play safely in a catastrophe free and clutter free zone. Fortunately, decorating a nursery is not as hard as it might seem. Follow these few tips and you should avoid any major disasters:

Childrens NuseryWhat’s you flavor?

Before you start running down to your local store it’s important to first select the themes and color scheme of your child’s room. It’s often best to select a theme that best represents your child’s personality. Some great ideas for themes can come from your child’s favorite heroes, toys, dolls, sports, movies, tales, books or even people.

For those not brave enough to tackle a theme it’s often best to stick to a one or two based color scheme. Light colors are often best, however shift in traditional colors are moving towards more exciting colors such as orange, greens and reds rather than the old cliques of blue for boys and pink for girls. Once you;ve decided upon a theme or color scheme it’s time to move onto the next step, purchasing paint, furniture and the consideration of storage or space.

Coating the walls:

Parents often make the mistake of not painting or wallpapering a room first, the first port of call should always be to paint any walls with murals or images before you start packing the room full of furniture.  Painting a layer in a base color like white, cream or a light version of the selected color scheme is a good place to start. By adding pictures around your child’s room you can create a warm, pleasant and friendly atmosphere by adding striking colors into your rooms theme. Painting a room is never easy, take your time and ensure you do a good job. You may find it takes more than one coat to get the desired color and effect.


The windows in your child’s nursery are just as important as important as the rest of the rooms décor. Adding color into the room can be easy as you will usually find that a good set of cheap roman blinds can be bought in many different colors, themes and patterns, providing you with a potentially great vocal piece for the nursery.  Curtains and blinds both bring texture to the room, particularly for plain painted walls. Its best to avoid colors that clash and stick to themes that reflect the personality of the room and furniture.


The simplistic look can be stylish and modern, but it can sometimes take away that much needed space for your child’s clothes, toys and diapers. It’s advisable to have at least a crib and set of draws in a nursery. When looking to purchase furniture you will often find cribs and other furniture comes in sets. This can help the selecting process greatly and make it easier to theme your rooms with a wide range of goods. Parents can often forget that a nursery needs to be practical whilst remaining stylish, safe and modern.   The inclusion of a chair or a sofa can make the world of difference when your baby wakes in the middle of the night. If your baby is restless its vital to have a place to sit whilst you rock or sing your child back to sleep. You can decorate a nursery on a tight budget but remember the crib should be the most important piece in your nursery. This is going to be the one thing that keeps your baby safe at night. If you are buying an old crib ensure it both clean and safe before use.

In the end it all comes down to planning, if you throw things together in haste 99.9% of the time will look rubbish and effortless.  Ideally, the room should feel comfortable to the parents because a room that feels uncomfortable will lead to discomfort on the child’s part as well.


  1. Great post! Love the ideas and pointers. Thanks for sharing.

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    Creating a nursery is so special for mommas<3

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