Fun times with free online games for kids

Fun times with free online games for kids

Kids are absolutely obsessed with games, wouldn’t you agree? Remember the time when board games were a cherished family activity, reserved for special late night evenings everyone would look forward to? Nowadays, all it takes is an internet connection and the time to kill. It doesn’t really surprise me, since practically everyone owns a computer or smartphone and a lot of games are selling for cheap, if not for free across platforms. If you see a 4 year old messing around with an iPad of sorts, odds are that a game is involved. Granted, I still think that playing games online is more productive than rummaging around social media and there’a s lot to learn through play. My youngest boy recently came to discover thousands of free games on Poki, much to his delight.

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Some of Poki’s most popular games

I can’t say I was enthused this meant more computer time, possibly racing cars or shooting zombies, but was pleasantly surprised to discover how varied and non-violent most of the games on Poki are. You’d have to do a bit of looking around to get to those aggressive games, and will come across plenty more easy-going fashion dress-up games along the way instead- totally my little girl’s potential new groove now. Thanks, Brian.

I never knew dress-up games were even a thing, let alone that there are this many that fall under the same category! It got me thinking about how we’ve moved from playing with Barbie dolls and puppets, changing their outfits and braiding their hair, to clicking buttons on a screen that does it all for you instead.

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There’s an extensive list of dress-up games at Poki

What about ads?

Free sites are usually packed with annoying advertisements and banners, but that isn’t the case at Poki. Sure there are a few pop ups here and there and some 10 second advertisements you can click past at the start of each game but so far none have been invasive or inappropriate for children to encounter.

Can you find any adult games on Poki?

Not really. Poki games are primarily intended for children of all ages, but that doesn’t mean that an adult can’t enjoy a few games here and there. Speaking of dress-up games, expecting mothers will get a kick finding a few dress-up pregnant mom games here too. If you do decide to introduce your children to this site, stick about to play around with them to. There’s a lot to discover!


  1. Jennifer Nixon says

    Thanks for sharing this. I will have to look into the site

  2. B.W. says

    computer games can be extremely beneficial to a child’s development, depending on the games. my dad invested in a ton of learning (and purely fun) games for my sister and I growing up, and they definitely helped us hone skills in math, science, music etc.

  3. Sandy Cain says

    (shhh…don’t tell anyone). I am the one here who loves the “dress-up” games. I think it’s because I never had a Barbie as a child. Or maybe I’m just going into my second childhood now. I love POKI!

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