Fresh from the garden… and some questions!

Jason and I decided to plant a garden this year. We have developed a great appreciation for vegetables and we were hoping for a bountiful harvest! We wanted to start small though, so we planted cucumbers (my absolute favorite!), tomatoes, green peppers and pumpkins (mainly for fun, but hopefully for Halloween!). 
Our tomatoes have grown nice big green tomatoes, but they just weren’t ripening. Not a single red tomato to date (well, maybe 2-3 that were bug ridden and had to be tossed into the compost bin). The cucumbers have a mind of their own and are growing rapidly! Our pumpkins… let’s just say they are almost an infestation (lol) and the green peppers still have yet to show any signs of producing.
Today I brought in this
My cucumbers are doing FABULOUSLY!!! Oh so yummy!!!! We have only had 2 bitter guys (thank heavens!). We are having a problem with our tomatoes though. At first, they were all developing a flat black bottom. That has passed, but as you can see they are CRACKING! We started bringing in ones that are finally starting to ripen, because we were losing them to bugs and that “black stuff”… so we are trying to ripen on the window ledge. 
Anyone know what is going on with the tomatoes? Is it any easy fix? I’m guessing maybe a bug problem, huh?? 
Here’s a question about pumpkins. Our plants have been growing like CRAZY with HUGE elephant ear like leaves and tons of flowers. Jason actually had to cut it back a little because it was starting to spread way over into the green peppers and we feared the pumpkin plant choking out the peppers. How long until the flowers turn to pumpkins? It’s been flowering for a month or so now I’d guess.
Green peppers… we bought these guys from the farmers market on the local square… ready to plant. They are probably a good 14-16 inches tall now. How big will they get and when will they start producing?
Oh, and here’s a latecomer to the group. Jason went to mow the grass and found this guy hiding under some leaves he was getting ready to cut back because the plant left the garden spot and was high tailing it to the swing set!
Hello Mr. Cucumber! Welcome to my salad! :O) 


  1. Thomas Murphy says

    having garden is the best, much better than going to the store.

  2. Michelle Feliciano says

    love cucumbers. I wish I could have a garden

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