Flutterbye Fairy

 Flutterbye Fairy

Sample received for review. All opinions are my own.


I first heard about Flutterbye Fairy by Spin Master from my daughter who had seen the advertisement on TV and was so excited about it.  She kept telling me it was magic.  So when Spin Master offered to send us a fairy to review I had to say yes. We received the Purple Stardust fairy.  When our fairy arrived I was immediately impressed by its looks.  She is beautiful and even has glitter in her wings.  Perhaps some fairy dust…


 The charging base for Flutterbye Fairy requires 6 AA batteries which are not included.  After inserting the batteries we set her on the base and plugged the charging cord into her skirt.  The power switch on the fairy is turned off at this point and the base it turned on.


 There is a light on the base that changes throughout the charging time and will let you know when it is fully charged.  The instructions also indicate that it takes 30 minutes for a full charge.


We then unplugged the fairy and turned her power on as well.  You press the button on the base and she magically does take flight. I found it hard to control her at first.  There is a definite learning curve, and we found a couple tricks to make it easier for us.  We found it easier to set the base on a table, bed or other elevated surface instead of the floor and start her from there.  We then discovered the easiest way for my daughter to start it was to hold onto the fairy’s feet and then press the button on the base.  Once the fairy’s skirt is spinning she releases her.


Once she is flying you can put your hand out under her and she floats above it.  Raise or lower your hand and she flies up or down as well.  The fairy crashed many times.  She has hit the walls, floors, and many nearby objects and still looks great.  I was very impressed with how durable she is.  The instructions include what to do if a wing falls off and I thought we would be having to put her back together often.  We have not had to once.


I had concerns at first that my daughter, who will be five in January, is too young for this toy.  It really did not take her long to figure out what works for her, and she absolutely loves her fairy.  One thing I did find disappointing is the length of playtime before needing to charge her again.  She gets approximately five minutes of play before needing another charge.


I love the idea of the flying fairies.  My daughter already had fairy stickers and quotes on her walls.  What little girl would not love to have her own fairy that can magically fly?  I can see why she is on many of the top toy lists for this Christmas.  

Flutterbye Fairies are a Wal-Mart Top 20 – Chosen by Kids toy!

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There are several different color options of fairies available from amazon.com.


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win a Flutterbye Fairy (fairy sent based on availability)!


This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on December 26, 2013.

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  1. A says

    I like all the colors that it is available in. They’re pretty cute!

  2. Synthia Hernandez says

    I liked that they have a fairy there to fly ourself if you click on it and they also have activities like coloring pages Im sure my daughter will love. I learned everything I needed to know in your Review. Thank you!!

  3. Sandra VanHoey says

    I like the coloring activities but right now, cannot get it to work for me. I have a 3 year old niece who loves coloring and would have fun doing this.

  4. Tosha Marcy says

    I love the fact that these fairy’s really do fly…they are too cute and I know my daughter would love them!

  5. Sacha Schroeder says

    I love the coloring activities and these dolls! They are amazing!

  6. Amy Pullifrone says

    I actually thought it was just the one color but there are a few colors to choose from. My daughter wants this and scream at the TV every time she sees the commercial.

  7. Claire Rheinheimer says

    She flies for 5 minutes on a 25 minute charge, that’s a pretty long flight time!

  8. amy pugmire says

    I like the fun activities you can do on their website

  9. Sherry S says

    I just love the design- they are so cute!

  10. Lynn says

    Love these fairies! My daughter wants one for Christmas!

  11. Rae Ramos says

    i like the activities

  12. Sylvia White says

    I love all the different fairies but especially the Sunbeam Fairy

  13. Adrienne Gordon says

    the activities are fun

  14. Luda says

    This is what my daughter wants for her 6th Birthday in January, i hope it fly’s just like it shows on the video. Would be awesome to win this!

  15. LisaN says

    The fairy can fly for several minutes, my daughter would love that!

  16. joanne major says

    My granddaughter wants one of these. I love these fly

  17. Jenny says

    I like the coloring pages they have on their website

  18. Jeanna says

    I like the coloring pages that they have!

  19. Amy S says

    OH MY!! What an amazing and magical gift for the Christmas season!!! LOVE IT!!

  20. Vivanna Wright says

    So cool-

  21. Ashley Hancock says

    I like the color varieties, and how they fly! So cute!!

  22. courtney b says

    i like the stardust fairy 🙂

  23. Fawn H says

    I love that they fly for 5 minutes with a 25 minute charge.

  24. Rebecca Orr says

    I like the coloring pages! My cousin would love this! Thanks!

  25. jamie Martin says

    i would like the sunbeam fairy!

  26. Miranda Welle says

    I learned that there are three styles to choose from.

  27. Tara Liebing says

    I want the Star Dust Fairy for my niece

  28. Terri Egelund says

    I love that the Flutterbye Fairy is interactive.

  29. Carrie Phelps says

    I learned that you get 5 minutes of flight for a 25 minute of charge.

  30. The fairy flys with hand movement. Won’t some lil’ girl love this one? lol Cool. Merry Christmas

  31. Jennifer T. says

    I learned that the fairies charge fully in 30 minutes.

  32. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love that they can stay in flight for 5 minutes!

  33. Tanya Holland says

    My daughter wants the pink flower fairy.

  34. Cassandra Eastman says

    I learned you get 5 minutes of flight for 25 minutes of charging!

  35. Audra O'Hara says

    I learned the fairy launches easily from her charging base and has 5 minutes of flighted for a 25 minute charge.

  36. Stephen says

    I like that she flies for around 5 minutes!

  37. heather eg kaufman says

    I love that they can fly around for 5 min.

  38. melissaandkeith miller says

    •6 AA batteries required

  39. nannypanpan says

    I learned I can buy them at walmart

  40. Kelly D says

    I like the coloring pages on their site.

  41. Debra Hall says

    5 minutes of flight for a 25 minute charge which is not to bad

  42. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love that these can just float by their hand motions. So cute.

  43. Lisa K says

    The Fairy is controlled by movement of your hand. How magical for a child!

  44. Kristen says

    I found out these are available at Target, Toys R Us, KMart and Amazon.

  45. Jessica Cox says

    I like that she can hover above your hand

  46. barbara n says

    I am always looking for fun and unique toys for my grandchildren and I am impressed that they are able to guide the fairy with just the movement of their hand!

  47. Sara Wagner says

    I love how the fairy can fly several minutes and it’s great that it can be charged.

  48. nickie says

    I love that they can fly around for 5 min.

  49. Denise B. says

    They have coloring pages available for printing up.

  50. Linda G. says

    The kids like the coloring pages on their site

  51. Anastasia says

    I love that they have a video to show you how she flies 🙂 And that icon that follows your mouse is super cute too 🙂

  52. Carol says

    I like the fun activities you can do on their website.

  53. Susan Ladd says

    I like the way she fly and all the colors she comes. She is so cute also. Thanks for this awesome sweep 🙂

  54. If you visit their website that have coloring pages to print

  55. xty cruz says

    I really like the coloring activities

  56. lissa crane says

    I learned that they can fly around for up to 5 minutes! That’s a lot longer ten I expected!

  57. Sarah Davis says

    These are really cool. They really fly and are so pretty. My girls would love these.

  58. Lauren O. says

    I like that you can charge the fairies and that they come in a variety of colors.

  59. Karen O says

    If the fairy flies too high you can try resetting the fairy by turning both the fairy and the base On and Off again.

  60. wendy rozema says

    My favorite is the Sun Beam Fairy!

  61. terry maigi says

    So neat that the fairies really fly! My daughter would flip!!

  62. Kathy Davis says

    I learned that you get 5 minutes of flight for a 25 minute charge. Cool!

  63. Daniel M says

    they have some fun activities there

  64. Mandala says

    I like the Flower Fairy – cool feature: Launches easily from her charging base

  65. Kathleen says

    I really like the coloring activities they have available.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  66. Tanya Holland says

    I like that you can search for music with just one click .

  67. Jen says

    I learned they reviewed it on Ellen!

  68. Jan Lee says

    I learned that there is 5 minutes of flight for a 25 minute charge and there are 3 styles to choose from 🙂

  69. Julie says

    I love how they can actually get up there and fly my daughter wants one so bad I guess I will have to get her one soon..

  70. Tanya Holland says

    You can search charms once and get results from everywhere.

  71. Lisa V. says

    I learned that 25 minutes of charge = 5 minutes of flight.

  72. Tram Le says

    I like that it has 5 minutes of flight for a 25 minute charge.

  73. Tanya Holland says

    The share charm lets you share files, photos and info with people you know or save things without leaving the app you’re in.

  74. Mary Dailey says

    Finally, an action toy for girls. Hard to believe she can fly!

  75. md Kennedy says

    I love the Sunbeam Fairy as I am sure my nieces would!

  76. denise says

    I learned they are available at a variety of stores including Walmart.

  77. Tanya Holland says

    I learned that the device charm is a quick way to send files to other devices that are connected to your pc.

  78. Crystal F says

    I like the Sunbeam Fairy. Thank you!!

  79. Saver Sara says

    I love you get a 5 minute flight!

  80. Christina Y. says

    I remember owning something similar to this when I was younger. My doll flew but only stayed in the air for a bit, but this one seems a lot cooler because she can stay in the air longer. So I’m sure my niece would definitely love this! 😀

  81. Tanya Holland says

    I learned that there are five charms you can use to get to the things you use most often.

  82. K.Pugh says

    I like the Stardust Fairy
    Thanks for the chance

  83. Carole ingram says

    For each charge of 25 min, it will fly 5 minutes, that’s a lot of fun for a little girl! Very nice! 🙂

  84. Gianna says

    You can magically guide her through the air with the movement of your hand.

  85. Amy Tolley says

    i learned that you control your fairy thsnks

  86. Tamar says

    You can buy it in US and Canada.

  87. Tanya Holland says

    I learned that you can use the start charm to get to the start screen no matter where you are in Windows.

  88. Heather Swarthout says

    I love that there’s an instructional video on how to use it and activities like coloring pages!

  89. Lean S says

    I love the sunbeam fairy. Such a pretty color

  90. Tara Woods says

    I like the downloadable coloring pages.

  91. Andrina G says

    I like that it gets 5 minutes of flight

  92. The five minute flight time is nice

  93. Teresa Thompson says

    Flower Fairy

  94. Heather B says

    I think my daughter would really like sunbeam fairy! I like the 5 minutes on flight time

  95. Nicole Newby says

    I love that I had one of these as a kid (definitely not as cool as this one, though!) I would love to win one for my little sister. When my son is old enough I would love to get him one too!

  96. Shanna says

    I like the variety of colors to choose from! These are adorable!

  97. Paula Tavernie says

    I liked the Activities they have!!

  98. Rebecca Peters says

    I love they fly in your palm

  99. Tanya Holland says

    I would love to have the new windows 8, I think it looks great.

  100. amy deeter says

    love the coloring activities

  101. Toni Marie Caravello Feimer says

    My daughter would love the Flower Fairy and I learned that you get 5 minutes of flight for a 25 min charge. Awesome. And that it takes 5aa batteries which are not included.

  102. Gina Ferrell says

    I want the Flutterbye Blue Flying Stardust Fairy Doll.

  103. tina reynolds says

    so cute my daughter would love this and they have coloring pages!

  104. susan smoaks says

    these are so cool. i love how pretty and neat they are!

  105. Beverly Metcalf says

    Beautiful fairy! I like how you can guide her through the air with the movement of your hand. Thanks for having this contest.

  106. Kelly Britton says

    I love this! The Sunbeam Fairy is my fave!

  107. Erica C. says

    I like that there are different fairies…you aren’t stuck with one.

  108. Vikki Billings says

    They are available at Kmart, and I love that she flies. My granddaughter would love her.

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