Fluffanutter Cloth Diapers

I started cloth diapering when  my daughter (now 5) was born, I’m now cloth diapering my youngest son who is my second in cloth diapers. I have loved everything about cloth diapering, but the best part is finding fun diapers in a wide range of colors and patterns.
With my son I was introduced to Fluffanutter diapers, and it has been an addiction ever since. I love the rush of a stocking night as you sit there refreshing your page hoping and praying that your the one to click “add to cart” first and come out with the win. Even my husband who used to laugh at me for my obsession with Fluffanutter diapers is now sitting at his computer on a stocking night trying to win a new diaper, and he makes sure that he has his input when we are creating a new custom.

3D diaper
Working with Amy to create a awesome custom diaper is a fun experience. Fluffanutter diapers are not “just” a diaper, they are a work of art that has hours and hours of time put into each diaper. Each diaper is hand made by the hands of Amy Lanctot, from Hand cutting and applique work, to embroidery designs. Each diaper you will hold in your hands and admire all the work that goes into it.

Snap in insert

Fluffanutter offers a few different options for diaper styles. There are the every popular AI2/Pocket, a PUL cover, a swim diaper, and a AIO.

Over a couple years I have been collecting Fluffanutter diapers and letting them take over my cloth diaper stash. I personally like to go for her AI2/Pocket diaper as I find it is the most versatile diaper on the market. The AI2/Pocket diaper has a snap in insert (sold separately) to create your AI2, when it’s put through the wash and dryer very rarely does the insert ever come unsnapped.

You also have the option to create your diaper without snaps in the back of the diaper. I always get my diapers made with athletic wicking jersey inside (AWJ), but you also can have it made with a wipeable PUL so you can remove the insert wipe it down and use the cover again if not soiled.


If you prefer stuffing your diapers you can do that as well. Amy has created her Ai2 diaper to have a pocket as well, with a wide pul strip at the top of the pocket that holds your insert from coming out and also helps prevent any leaking out the front of the diaper.

Fluffanutter inserts are a bamboo fleece, zorb, and topped with either AWJ or velour. For as thin and non bulky these inserts are they are the most absorbent insert I have found. I have never been able to have my kids wear cloth diapers at night time, but with one of her boosters snapped into the insert he can wear them just fine through the whole night.

I do remove the insert from the diaper and use it as a swim diaper as well, like seriously talk about a diaper of many uses. There was a time of when I was trying different brands and I truly thought I had found the perfect diaper and  didn’t need to try any others brands. Well am I ever glad I still kept a open mind and tried just one more brand. I can honestly say I have found the perfect diaper, I do not need to try any other diapers.


The fit of the AI2 is perfect, it’s not bulky in any way, it’s nice and slim fitting between the legs. Not many cloth diapers can fit over the top of jeans however the Fluffanutter diapers allow you to put jeans on with a nice fit. The best fit weight size is about 12-35 lbs.

Snap Down Rise

With snap down rise and the offset waist snaps you can get a near perfect fit.

Fort Mac Diaper

I love supporting work at home moms. Amy is a WAHM who is dedicated to everything she creates. After the devastating Fort Mac fire, Amy created an epic Fort Mac charity diaper where all proceeds were sent to red cross to help fund those in need.

Potty Training Underware

Not only does she create the perfect diaper, she also helps us with the dreaded potty training phase by creating super cute training underwear.


Fluffanutter is soon to be launching custom towels at her shop, from creating your childs favorite character into a 3D towel, to adding a personalized name on it.

My Collection

Check out the Fluffanutter Facebook Page, Etsy Cart, Hyena Cart, or the Fluffanutter B/S/T page on facebook. Join today and let Fluffanutter become your newest love, if you can imagine it… Fluffanutter can help you design it! Be sure to join both Facebook pages as there is a lot of fun stuff going on at the Fluffanutter B/S/T page, including at times first chance at new stuff, so join today and keep an eye open!


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win choice of a printed or solid PUL diaper!




This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on July 20, 2016.


  1. Tiffany says

    Love FN. One of our favorite diaper fits!

  2. Devon Rose Atwood says

    I too, am a Fluffanutter addict and once had a husband giggle at me from the edges and now he’s in the thick of it with me! What a wonderful review of Amy’s craft, Lindsay, well done.

    I was introduced to Fluffanutter, offline. A dear friend, who happened to cloth diaper, invited me over in my second trimester for a cloth 101 at her home. She had several Green Bumkins (now Fluffanutter) and they were like gems to me. I was fascinated and excited at the prospect of customizing, it tickled my creativity bone! My biggest love for cloth diapering is customizing and Fluffanutter hits that point and all the others as well–trim, absorbent, the fit is like Brynn was born in one. I wrote the brand down at my cloth 101, and then I joined the B/S/T. Now I have 60 or more Ai2s, hybrid fitteds and AiOs! My stash shot is going to need to be a whole FB album–what’s one more? 😀

  3. Who said diapers can’t be stylish … amazing!

  4. Nicole says

    oCTOPUS cloth diaper

  5. The elephant walk print diaper is cute!

  6. Kim W. says

    There are so many cute fabric options! I really like the Woodland Gnomes One Size Cloth Diaper fabric and would love it as an AI2. I think it would be adorable on my daughter!

  7. Kobi Hensley says

    I absolutely love the ruffle snaps!! They are too adorable.

  8. Rebecca Wilson says

    I love how unique your diapers are.

  9. Austin Baroudi says

    I like the Mermaid Tail Cloth Diaper!

  10. sherry blamer says

    i love the fox forest diaper.

  11. Rachel says

    I love the whale maxaloones!

  12. Laura Bernard says

    I love the ruffle snaps! How neat.

  13. Carrie says

    I love the Fox Forest One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps

  14. Alena says

    Oh my goodness! So many cute things! That mermaid tail is amazing!

  15. Caroline B says

    I really like the Space One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps!

  16. April h says

    I love her idea of tab extenders! My little one is petite but if she ever plumps up I could see us using them!

  17. Amy Hall says

    I like the whale maxaloons

  18. Katrina Brockavich says

    These are such fun diapers! I really want the Rainbow Stars One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps

  19. katie says

    The seahorse leggins are cute I like them.

  20. Kelsey Johnston says

    I’ve never heard of fluffernutter diapers until now, but they sound amazing!

  21. Alley Marie Harding says

    I absolutely love all the prints! It would be so hard to choose..

  22. Sara P says

    I like the Maxaloones and Leggings, as well as all the cute diapers!

  23. Nicole Himelright says

    Love the Whale Maxaloones!!! and the tab extenders!!

  24. Erin B. says

    I love the mermaid tail diaper!

  25. Brittany Lindsay says

    That sea turtle diaper is adorable!!!!

  26. Amandar says


  27. Brandy Courtade says

    So many cute prints! I love the mermaid tail, elephants, and foxes!

  28. Kara S says

    I want the Harry Potter mischief managed diaper.

  29. Katherine Riley says

    I love the Mouse Pants Trainers/Underwear.

  30. Amanda says

    Oh no… I think I’m in trouble. I see about five designs I have to have and I haven’t even clicked the link yet.

  31. Erin W says

    I had not heard of these before. They are so cute! My SIL is expecting a little boy and I love the monkey print for her.

  32. Bernadette says

    I totally want the Riddler diaper!

  33. Stacy F. says

    Oh man it’s like your hooded towel designs streamlined into my daughter’s current loves! The Dino / Littlefoot one is so cute.

  34. Kaitlin says

    I like the Fox Forest One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps

  35. Nancy says

    I like this product of theirs: Size 3/4 Peacock Feathers Cloth Trainer.

  36. Crystal A says

    That fox print is adorable for a diaper! I really like it.

  37. vera says

    I love the Jack & Sally diaper.

  38. Amber says

    I love your diapers, they seem so fun!

  39. Shelley P says

    I’d like the Monkeys One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps.

  40. Meaghan says

    I don’t know how I could possibly choose just one! I do really like Paris Love

  41. Danielle D says

    I really like that they have options for AIO, AI2 and covers. I really like the Robin Hood print as well.

  42. Eboni Bright says

    These are some of the cuties bum huggers I have ever seen. Looking forward to adding a couple to my stash.

  43. Sarah L says

    I like the Icy Queen Hooded Towel.
    Thanks for the contest.

  44. Laura Royal says

    I really want the Fox Forest One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps!

  45. Laura says

    I really like the Elephant Splash One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps!

  46. aimee place says

    I like the fox forrest diaper. and the training undies are cute too

  47. Jenn H says

    I really like the woodland gnomes print!

  48. Emily M. says

    Omg, WANT! How do you choose just one (budgets, people!). Serious nerd alert stash!

  49. Sarah Hayes says

    I love the hooded unicorn towel. so cute

  50. Donna Mayes says

    I love the ruffle snaps option!

  51. Beth Fuechsl says

    These diapers are so cute! I love the Ninja Turtle one and the Fireman one.

  52. Paloma Hernandez says

    Omg it makes me so excited reading a review about diapers ive never heard of. This review made me want to try this diaper asap especially how it seems so multi functional. Picking cloth diapers can be so confusing so i love to read reviewd on all of them. Thanks

  53. Danielle says

    I love the Dark One hooded towel

  54. Shannon says

    I love the Custom Ruffles! So cute.

  55. Katherine Dixon says

    I really like the charmander tail diaper and the embroidered hooded towels.

  56. amelia w says

    I like all the adorable designs!

  57. AARON RECK says

    The fox print diaper is great. Thanks so much.

  58. stephanie o'day says

    Oh my goodness! I love all of the prints, and espeically the RUFFLES! I really love the Elephant Splash One Size Cloth Diaper with Snaps though!

  59. hannah says

    I love the custom ruffles you have available! I’d love to design a custom diaper with adorable fluffy pale blue ruffles on it!

  60. Ariel Petri says

    The elephant diaper is cute!

  61. susan smoaks says

    i love all the awesome designs. they have thought about everything.

  62. Chelsea Chamberlain says

    I want to try the towels on my son they look so soft

  63. Kristin Bunnel says

    Anything rocket/space related is always wanted here… and those Ninja turtle ones!?! Love love love!

  64. Aubrey says

    I like the pika hooded towel.

  65. Cheryl Layshock says

    I’d love to try a fluffanutter diaper! I’m new to cloth diapers and these are so cute!!

  66. Samantha says

    I am so impressed with the detail of these diapers!! Truly one of a kind, and unique, I want them allll!!

  67. Hannelore says

    I’ve been using cloth for about 3 months now. And we LOVE it! These diapers are gorgeous!

  68. Janice Pope says

    I love the mouse training pants for my 2 year old! The Pika hooded towel is cute also.

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