Five tips to keep your car in good shape

Five tips to keep your car in good shape
Whether you see it as a glittering extension of yourself or simply as a means of getting from A to B, the car you drive plays an important role in your life.  So it’s only natural that you would want to look after it.  One of the most crucial parts of this is getting the right car insurance.
Allianz Your Cover LogoBut how do you know which one is right for you? The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, as some companies try their hardest not to pay out for a claim.  Customer satisfaction says a lot about a company so surveys comparing insurers can be helpful in seeing how they fare when it comes to making a claim.  In a recent survey by Auto Express, Allianz Your Cover customers rated their customer service very highly and commended them on their swiftness in settling claims.  A whopping 92.1% said they would renew their current policy. 
Once you’ve decided which policy is for you, the rest is just maintenance. 

Here are the top five tips to keep your car in tip top condition:
1. Check the levels – It’s amazing how many motorists forget to check their motor oil and fluid levels.  Check your oil once every two weeks and make sure your coolant is topped up with 50% coolant-antifreeze and 50% water, failure to do so could cause your engine to overheat.   
2. Drive carefully – keeping speeds to around 50mph will not only maximize the life of your engine, but it will save you money on fuel.  Anything over 70mph will increase your fuel usage dramatically.  Plus hard acceleration and sudden braking can wear out your tires, brake pads and engine. 
3. Clean regularly – a regular spruce up inside and out not only keeps the car looking good, but also it can preserve its life.   A wash and wax will protect the paintwork from rust.  If you have a leather interior, be sure to clean and polish the leather regularly to keep it from cracking
4. Repair minor damage early – a chip in the windscreen can become a much bigger problem later down the road so fix it early to avoid more costly repairs down the road.
5. Pump it up – tires should be checked regularly for air pressure.  Underinflated tires make your car work harder to stay on the road, which uses up more fuel and puts unnecessary strain on your engine.  Check the tread for any tears or bald patches, as these can reduce grip, which can lead to accidents.
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