Five Things Nobody Told You About Life After Motherhood

Five Things Nobody Told You About Life After Motherhood

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When I used to imagine life as a mother … images of angelic babies, tiny fingers, tiny toes, fuzzy baby heads and that freshly washed baby smell danced through my head.


Twenty-two years and five pregnancies later, I’ve learned that motherhood means more than bringing a beautiful baby into the world.

Five of the top facts that I never imagined would be part of motherhood include:

  1. Your body has a mind of it’s own. Although I weigh the same now as I did then, nothing fits the same. My body has shifted everything into new places.
  2. Tissues please? When sneezing you will need more than a tissue for your nose. A typical sneezing fit has you running for the bathroom.
  3. Your breasts are not your own. Your baby can and will reach for them at any given time… even during the middle of a conversation with your pastor (at least for the first year or two).
  4. You will need bigger shoes. Yes, my feet grew at least one size bigger with each pregnancy.
  5. When picking movies you will avoid comedies. Laughter can and will cause light bladder leakage.


Yes, LBL (light bladder leakage) is a fact that a majority of mother’s have and do experience… most of us have just lived with it in silence, until now.

Then I found Poise® Microliners.

Thankfully an evening of laughter doesn’t mean having to wear a feminine hygiene product or having to be tethered to the house anymore.


Every woman wants the best protection to fit all her needs – particularly if that includes light bladder leakage (LBL) protection.

Now we have an option.

Poise® Microliners are the thinnest liner available on the market for LBL with super absorbent materials in an incredibly thin pad.  Poise® Microliners lets you go about your day without feeling weighed down… I can’t even tell I’m wearing them.

Finally this part of the odd side of motherhood doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

Do you suffer from LBL? What are your triggers? Have you tried Poise?


  1. Robin Wilson says

    These are all sooooo true! LOL! Of course there’s nothing funny about the bladder leakage, but thank goodness there are now products to help. My poor mom went decades of some times that were very embarrassing for her. She would def leak if she laughed too hard.

  2. I love all of these small mentions! After three children I consider myself lucky that I rarely suffer from LBL. It is only a problem when I jump while exercising.

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