Fitness Can Be Fun: Tips and Tricks for Working Out That Won’t Feel Like Work

Fitness Can Be Fun: Tips and Tricks for Working Out That Won’t Feel Like Work

If you find the idea of spending an hour at the gym, huffing and puffing and sweating up a storm more than a bit off-putting, you’re not alone. Many people dread workouts because some workouts are actually rather dreadful. Working out doesn’t have to be a drag, however. Follow these few simple tips and tricks to enjoy a workout and get into shape while having a whole lot of fun.


Why everyone should exercise

The human body is designed to move. According to the National Institutes of Health, humans do best when they get at least 30 minutes of moderately intensive exercise every day. People who cannot work out daily should aim for exercising at least every other day, performing exercises that use major muscle groups to build endurance, flexibility, strength and balance.

Experts at Mayo Clinic say that regular physical activity improves muscle strength and boosts endurance by delivering all-important oxygen to muscle tissue such as your heart and lungs. When these vital organs work efficiently, every other aspect of physical health is improved. Regular workouts ensure that you have plenty of energy to deal with day to day activities.

A brisk after dinner stroll can improve your mood by causing the brain to release serotonin and other natural happiness inducing chemicals. Regular workouts may boost your self esteem, as well, and that can only be a good thing.

What if you don’t want to exercise?

Too bad. If you want to be healthy and live a long fruitful life, exercise is not an option– it’s an imperative. If the notion of working out at your local gym does not appeal to you, go ahead and find other ways to get at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily. You certainly do not have to work out with expensive gym equipment. In fact, many people stay very healthy by doing workouts that are totally free.

Each person has different workout requirements, so it’s impossible to say how much exercise you need. As a general rule of thumb, you should match your physical activity with your own individual ability. Start easy and gradually work up to a vigorous level of exercise. Listen to your body and pay attention to what it’s telling you. Push yourself, but don’t overdo it. As your fitness level improves, you can add weight to your workout or miles to your run.

Fun workouts that don’t feel like work

Charles Swencionis, PhD is the co-author of The Lazy Person’s Guide to Fitness: I Get All the Exercise I Need Walking Around the Office. Swencionis explains that you might as well forget that one type of exercise is “better” than another when it comes to helping you get in shape and stay that way. If a workout is enjoyable, and you do it with regularity, it’s bound to improve your fitness.

Kids tend to get plenty of exercise, because things like skating, body surfing, tossing a frisbee and running with a kite are fun to them. Find an activity that delights, and chances are good that you’ll do it long enough to achieve a fabulous, health-boosting workout.

If chasing a dog or waxing a surfboard are not your kind of fun, consider dancing. It doesn’t even matter what dance form you prefer. Everything from hip-hop to hula moves your body, exercises your major muscle groups, and gets your heart pumping. And, in case you’re wondering, dancing alone provides all the health benefits you want even without a dance partner.

If you do visit a gym, add interest to your elliptical ride when you listen to a book on tape. When you stroll the neighborhood, clip an iPod to your workout outfit and listen to lively music that will make quick work of a long walk. At home, install a DVD player in your workout area and enjoy a comedy movie. By distracting yourself from the toil of exercise, you can accomplish your workout while having so much fun you hardly notice how hard or how long you’ve been at it.

How to fit a fitness routine into your day

It’s easy to add exercise to your day to day routine. Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther from the store door than you usually do, and you’ll get more exercise. Power into house cleaning chores such as vacuuming and washing windows for additional health benefits you can count on.

When it comes to exercise, any amount is far better than none at all. Start slow and work up to at least half an hour each day for optimum health benefits.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I walk 5 days a week and I really like it because it helps me sleep, makes me feel better and helps me with my weight. Right now it is not to hot outside to walk which is great!

  2. Tamra Phelps says

    Arthritis (knees, back) mean I don’t find walking or biking so easy, but if I could pick any exercise to do every day, it would be swimming. I love the water & it’s no stress on the joints.

  3. G K says

    An exercise bike in front of the TV works for me.

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