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I participated in a Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for First Response. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

TTC came bring on a whole slew of new emotions. From the entire guessing game of when to catch to egg clear down to “is there a line or is this an evap?”.

Believe me, I know all about it. I am a “ex” self proclaimed POASoholic (pee on a stick oholic). I have used just about every brand of pregnancy test under the sun as early at 7-9 days post ovulation. Yep, I couldn’t even wait 14.5 days to be officially late. I had to know now. 


During my peeing on a stick addiction I came to realize that First Response pregnancy tests were some of the most sensitive and accurate tests on the market. Designed to detect all relevant forms of urinary hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) it can detect a pregnancy as early as 6 (six) days before the day of your missed period (or approximately 8 days past ovulation).

First Response tests can be used at anytime of the day (but I found my best results with first morning urine when testing super early) with easy-to-read results in 3 minutes with 99% accuracy from the day of the expected period. If you see two pink lines, you have a pregnant result!


If you’ve used First Response in the past, it has a few new features to make it even easier to use. Now with a 50% wider tip taking aim is easier! There’s nothing worse then totally missing the stick and having to wait until you need to “go” again. Even worse… missing the stick and getting it all over your hand instead (been there done that). That’s why First Response has a new longer handle as well!


First Response is available at all major drugstores, mass and grocery stores with a suggested retail price of $8.99 – $15.99.

If you have the option of buying a double pack, do it. It will eventually end up saving you money because if you test and get a negative, you’ll want to re-test in a few days. If you test and get a positive, you will want to test again in a few days (at least “I” did… I liked seeing the pink line get darker and thicker).


  1. This was the most exciting time. Having a company whose results you know you can trust is essential!

  2. Karen Glatt says

    What a great product to help new expectant moms find out if they are pregnant fast. I think that this is such a good idea to fins out as early as possible!

  3. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I love the new curved design on the first response product and the wider tip is so much better. Love when brands revamp there products to make them better then they are.

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    These do seem to be the best pregnancy test available and I like,the new design

  5. Stephanie says

    didnt even know there was a product like this out there

  6. First Response was the brand I used with all three of my children and was especially comforting after a few negative results with cheap generic tests. Nice to see them continuing to thrive and improve their designs.

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