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I am posting as part of the Netflix Stream Team Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

Back-to-school means back-to-routine, and for many families that routine used to include pizza and a movie on Friday night. But with busy days and busier nights on the horizon, chock-full of homework, sports practice, PTA meetings and play dates, why limit family time to just Fridays? Create a new family tradition this school year, using our list of family-friendly titles as a starting point. Whether you stick to Friday night pizza and a movie or bring everyone together for Tuesday Night TV Time, it’s easy to create family memories with Netflix.

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1. Clueless
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Friday Night Lights
4. The Vampire Diaries
5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
6. 13 Going on 30

Make movie night a little extra special by making a living room fort! Check out this fun activity on Pinterest:

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  1. Sarah L says

    The Breakfast Club is old, but still so much fun.

  2. We still haven’t seen Frozen yet. With the kids so much older now, its hard to justify. But, I still want to see it, I confess…

  3. James Robert says

    We all love Netflix, it id the best and I know my kids really enjoy it.

  4. Nicole says

    The Avengers was awesome! Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire movie. And i love the vampire diaries.

  5. Anne says

    Fun suggestions. In particular, Free Birds is on my watch-soon list. Thanks for the other suggestions, too!

  6. Jennifer Speed says

    I love Netflix especially since I can watch the shows I used to watch as a child like Dinosaurs.

  7. Karen Glatt says

    There are a lot of really good movies to stream on Netflix. I like the Avengers movie and the Smurfs and Free Birds!

  8. shelly peterson says

    We love movie night , we don’t have Netflix right now but have lots of movies and are always renting them. The room fort looks super cool and fun!

  9. MonaG says

    My daughter and I LOVED Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2! It was so fun and creative. We also enjoyed Free Birds. Hoodwinked is on our TBW list.

    About others you mentioned in your post :
    Clueless — loved it. Some of the Clueless-isms are memorable.
    The Breakfast Club — a classic I’ve watched numerous times
    13 going on 30 — watched it in the theater with my family years ago and loved it. We don’t go to the theater anymore. We much prefer watching in the comfort of home where we can watch when and how we want.

  10. These are some great suggestions! I just watched Clueless with my daughters on Sunday. It’s always fun seeing old favorites with my own children.

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