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The premiere of Game Time: Tackling the Past is on Saturday, September 3 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT

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Pro football star Jake Walker is living the dream… or so he thinks. The veteran tight end is a fan favorite and on pace to set the all-time receiving yards record that will guarantee him a spot in the Hall of Fame. While working out at training camp, Jake receives an unexpected call from his brother Dean – their father Frank has suffered a major heart attack. Jake immediately leaves practice and returns to Riverton, North Carolina, the small hometown he’s avoided for nearly 15 years. Memories of glory and regret flood his mind as he returns to the family and friends he abandoned in pursuit of his career. Jake dutifully visits with Frank and Dean, but hurt and misunderstanding from the past begins to resurface, leaving him counting the days until he can return to his team.

A second unexpected call, this time from his agent, delivers Jake another crushing blow. His contract is not being renewed amid concerns about his surgically repaired knee. Suddenly, the life Jake knows is over. To avoid the media circus around this news, Jake reluctantly decides to extend his stay in Riverton. Attempting to make the best of the situation, he begins reconnecting with the community that once revered him.    Jake is reintroduced to Sarah, his high school sweetheart, and helps Dean take over their father’s high school coaching job.

Surprisingly impacted by the people around him, the real Jake begins to emerge from behind his armor to see that life is much more than the accumulation of personal stats. But when Jake’s offered a lucrative new contract to play for another team, he is forced to decide whether to go back to the career he thought he loved, or stay in Riverton and embrace the people who always believed in him.

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Sometimes the life we have envisioned for ourselves, what we want, is not what gets dealt to us. Plans can and often change midstream. Watching Jake have his dreams pulled from under him and finding his new path in life is encouraging and uplifting. Just like the song… “You don’t always get what you want…”, Jake starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel and is enjoying the new path given to him. Jake makes peace with his past, but when a surprise call offers him his old dream he has to decide between “old” and “new”. I enjoyed the movie immensely. The actors are top notch and  the storyline very relevant as a “family” topic.

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  1. Jennifer Anderson says

    OH NO! I can’t believe I missed the Premiere! I really wanted to check it out as it looks like a good show. Especially now that my Friday Night Lights went off the air! 🙁

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