Eyes Open and Ears Up! The 4 Big Considerations When Bringing a Pet Into the Family

A pet can do so much for every member of the family, and if you are planning on bringing a pet like a dog into your life, there are a number of things that you need to consider. Ultimately, you need to find a dog that suits your lifestyle and your family situation.

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Here are a few things to consider so you can make the best choice for you, your family, and your furry friends.

Your Budget

One of the most common things people tend to underestimate when buying a pet is the cost of getting food. Dogs need high-quality foods much like we do, without filler ingredients. There are brands like Freshpet that can help here. You can look at the Freshpet reviews to see the best types of food for your dog’s needs, but you’ve also got to think about their medical care. Dogs like bulldogs or pugs may be cute, but you have to remember that breeds like these can have difficulty breathing and other health issues throughout their lives. When you are choosing the right breed, you’ve got to be aware of the potential health problems that come along with them and, of course, the costs.

Their Personality

Dogs have numerous types of personalities based on their breeds. The key influences on their outlook will be their genetics and early life experiences. Therefore, you need to think about the things that are important to you. Do you want a dog that’s obedient or brave, affectionate, playful, gentle, or good with others? There is a lot you need to consider, and the best approach is to think about your personalities in the household, and if a certain type of dog would clash with them. For example, if you opted for a herding dog they are great companions but they will require a lot of stimulation. Do you have the patience, but also the time to give them what they need? Whatever type of dog your choose, they are all individuals.

The Size

The size you choose is vital for a number of reasons. Because if you go for a larger dog, they will need more space inside and outside of your property. Larger dogs are also better for younger children. However, smaller dogs will be ideal for seniors but they could be more nervous around children, which could result in the potential for injury. When you’re choosing a dog for a child, you have to see if they are comfortable around each other and you always need to supervise dogs around your children.

The Living Arrangements 

Dogs need to be secure within their home and therefore you need to address how you can meet their needs, not just for the space, but for their simulation within a home environment. This also means factoring in your lifestyle choices because having a dog around means that you will spend more time trying to keep the house clean.

Bringing a pet into the family can do a lot for everyone but you’ve got to ensure that you are going into it with your eyes open and your ears up!


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