Enjoy Family Time With Game Night #TurnOnGameNight

Enjoy Family Time With Game Night

Samples received for review. All opinions are my own.

Toys “R”Us, Hasbro and Duracell are all brands I shop, use and love. When I heard that they were teaming up to celebrate Family Game Night I knew I wanted to join them!

Whether it’s a rainy day, cool evening or a night that the whole family is together, pulling out a board game is a great way to enjoy some quality family time together.


In this world of video, computer and phone apps, summer is a great time to unplug, disconnect electronically and re-connect with your family. 

While Family Game night is all about having “fun,” it also promotes essential skills, helps kids build self-confidence and creates lasting memories.

When I opened my box and found Operation and Simon I knew it “was on”! These are both games I repeatedly played over and again as a child. I was a pro at Simon and Operation was a game I loved to hate.


I found it funny that both my littles went for separate games. Ethan was all about Operation and enjoyed several rounds with me. The edition we were sent featured larger opening and easy grab pieces making it more suitable for younger children. I remember the frustration at not being able to pick up the teeny tiny pieces without making the game buzz with the older edition.

Ethan enjoyed it so much that he continued to play alone while I played Simon with Emma.


Emma picked up the concept of Simon quickly and to date has a top score of 15! We played along with her for a while and I think that singing it while Simon did his repetition helped her remember the sequence.

Simon offers multi-player mode making it a great competition game as well.

I noticed with the new Simon that the colored sections were much more touch sensitive making playing the game much easier. I remember as a child getting the buzzer because Simon didn’t pick up that I tapped a color… you actually had to press rather hard. This one is a light tap and it registers.


Both of these games from my past were quite the hit with both my littles. They have pulled these out several times just to play by themselves during quiet time as well!

Toys “R” Us is the perfect one stop shop to pick up your favorite summer games. 

When you’re at Toys “R” Us, don’t forget the batteries though! They ‘re often required, but not included with the game, so you’ll want to have plenty of fresh batteries, like Duracell Quantum, on hand. Did you know that Duracell Quantum batteries:

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This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on July 18, 2014.

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  1. Cynthia R says

    We love to eat a good meal and start a card game called quiddler or apples to apples, while we chow down on dessert.

  2. soha molina says

    We play games and order in.

  3. Tabitha says

    we bust out the uno or skip bo cards.
    snacks are a must too!

  4. we get wine and snacks and get some couples together and usually play apples to apples 🙂

  5. Anne Perry says

    We play operation and go fish.

  6. Elena says

    we order pizza and play board games

  7. Kristen says

    We get cold drinks and snacks & invite our friends over to play team Pictionary.

  8. Thuy Vu says

    We love to play Scrabble on the weekends.

  9. erin dear (@mummadear) says

    We celebrate by making treats and inviting friends over for game night!

  10. Rebecca Parsons says

    We play monopoly a lot and have a ethnic dish theme for snacks.

  11. Cheryl Billings says

    We make homemade pizza and shut off all electronics and play for hours.

  12. jennifer wexler says

    we have pizza for dinner and have snacks and play games

  13. saminder gumer says

    we all get together and pick a game that we would all like to play. majority rules. then we make some snacks and play to our hearts content and order a pizza or something and eat as a family.

  14. shelly peterson says

    We some times order pizza but always have snacks. We like to play sorry and trouble and then for the older ones we like to play the game Pit.

  15. Seyma Shabbir says

    We turn off electronics and play games with our sons. Usually monopoly! and we have lots of popcorn.

  16. Janet W. says

    We celebrate game night by eating delicious snacks while playing fun games!

  17. Kelly D says

    We usually have snacks and play some of our favorite games, such as monopoly.

  18. Our favorite game to play is You’ve been Sentenced! (naturally!)

  19. Natalie says

    We love game night! We just had one last night,we have snacks and play our fav games! We do it a few times a week

  20. Candice says

    We play board and card games around the holidays.

  21. Cheryl says

    With lots of laughter! We love games that help us laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

  22. Leigh Anne Borders says

    We spend time together laughing and playing our favorite games like Life, Sorry, etc. Good food also helps to make it more enjoyable;)

  23. Amy Orvin says

    We celebrate by eating and laughing while playing games on game night.

  24. Jackie says

    We like to start the night with a fun dinner…like pizza or taco night.
    Thank you!

  25. During our family game nights we like playing Life, Scrabble and Monopoly while enjoying some yummy finger foods and a lot of laughs!

  26. Amanda Sakovitz says

    We play monopoly and get take out

  27. Pam H. says

    We have game night at least once a week, usually on Friday night. We rotate whose turn it is to pick a game. Sometimes we play a board game and sometimes we play a video game.

  28. D Schmidt says

    We celebrate game night with snacks, a fun family game and lots of laughter!

  29. jennifer says

    we make a homemade pizza every Friday night and play tons of games!

  30. Brenda Fletcher says

    We love family game night! Popcorn and lots of laughs.

  31. Kim Henrichs says

    We do a lot of Yahtzee, Jenga and card games! Usually make a fun food to go with it.

  32. Marci Wright says

    We play board games like Monopoly, payday, Life, & battleship!

  33. Brittany C. says

    Homemade pizza, pillows on floor and games 🙂

  34. Barbara Montag says

    First of all we order in our favorite pizza.
    Then we get into interesting games of Scrabble & Yahtzee.
    thank you

  35. amy pugmire says

    we have a family night where we play games. always on holidays too!

  36. Brynn says

    We make it a tradition to order pizza and root beer and have a fun family dinner and game night

  37. Cryssie Cherry says

    We usually gather at my step dad’s house, order pizza and play cranium or cards against humanity when it’s just the adults. When the kids come along we usually play candyland or connect 4.

  38. Uno or perhaps Trouble… easy things. 🙂

  39. Kelly Amos says

    We celebrate game night by playing card games like Uno, Phase 10, and Skip-bo.

  40. Thomas Murphy says

    We play monopoly and order pizza.

  41. Colleen Maurina says

    We play preschool age appropriate games on game night and usually pop some popcorn to snack on!

  42. Play games and eat popcorn!

  43. Melissa Hartley says

    We usually have popcorn & play Monopoly, Sorry, or Yahtzee..my youngest son Travis who is 19 also loves playing Chess with his friend Kyle..thanks!

  44. Jessie C. says

    We play Monopoly and enjoy pizza.

  45. ronalee says

    We stack our games and pull from the top. When the game is over it goes to the bottom of the pile.

  46. Carolann Leibenguth says

    I usually fix nachos or some other kind of munchies and then it’s on to scattergories.

  47. janetfaye says

    We celebrate game night by playing board games like Monopoly and ordering Pizza or Chinese food.

  48. patricia says

    Our kids are still toddlers so we have not established game night as a family tradition yet. Before we had children. my husband and I enjoyed making dinner and then playing trivia games, and I am looking forward to the same with our children.

  49. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    We celebrate game night with different games, popcorn and smiles

  50. make some popcorn and get serious

  51. Birdiebee says

    All of our family members come to dinner then we choose 2-3 board games and/or card games we want to play for the night. All cell phones are banned from the table until game night is over.

  52. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    We usually have pop and other drinks with chips, nuts, and other snacks.

  53. Allison Downes says

    Pizza and play board games together.

    Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  54. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Family Celebrates Game Night With Monopoly Our Favorite Game And Popcorn!

  55. Sarah L says

    We like to play cribbage.
    Thanks for the contest.

  56. Megan Parsons says

    We like to play Uno, Scattergories, and Pictionary!

  57. June Lisle says

    I didn’t really grow up with game night. The closest thing my husband and I do is play video games. But once my son is old enough, we would like to play more board games.

  58. Julia says

    We like to play chutes & ladders and connect 4

  59. Allie says

    We just have a fun game night with great games

  60. Debra Hall says

    we have movie game night we play a few games then watch some movies and eat snacks

  61. Jammie says

    We celebrate with pizza and a table full of family wanting to win.

  62. Leela says

    A homemade meal, dessert and games.

  63. margaret peg m says

    we actually have game night once a month at home w our kids and friends. usually play cards, ‘yahtzee’ and ‘apples to apples’. we’d love to be able to get a few more games to choose from

  64. Amanda Alvarado says

    We order out pizza (or some other yummy fast food) and have snacks. Then it’s time to play! We have TONS of games – a lot are from when I was a kid. We would play them all the time when I was at my dad’s house for the weekend!

  65. Iliana R says

    We buy items from the dollar store and give them out as prizes!

  66. Chaz May says

    With soda pop and pizza

  67. debbie says

    We make pizza and play a couple of games.

  68. Nicole-Lynn says

    My husband and I are new parents to a baby girl. After her bedtime, we take some time for ourselves and enjoy a date night together playing games and talking. We enjoy our date nights at home! Thanks for the opportunity.


  69. Janice Cooper says

    We have game night particularly on the weekends with fun food and a game of Uno or backgammon

  70. Laura J says

    Oh we love to make it a pizza and game night here! We make or order some pizza…and play games! Always make some popcorn too!

  71. Michelle says

    We have snacks and turn off all electronic devices!

  72. julie matek says

    we celebrate with family and friends with snacks:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  73. Angela W says

    We pick out the games that everyone wants to play, pop the popcorn and cut some healthy fruit up, then we play all the games. Lots of memories and laughter.

  74. dameon s says

    Since my son is 4 we play operation, memory, ants in the pants, and uno moo! We make sure to turn off the tv and play.

  75. kim burnett says

    We order Chinese and play Monopoly!

  76. Karen Glatt says

    We order Pizza and play Monopoly!

  77. Gina M says

    We love to order a pizza and play clue.
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  78. Tram Le says

    We celebrate game night by playing Settlers of Catan and having snacks like candies, chocolate, and appetizers.

  79. Paula Weintraut says

    my Grandkids are in need of these games

  80. april yedinak says

    Lately we have been playing card games like Uno for our family game night. We also have snacks like cookies or fruit.

  81. Amanda says

    My sons are still a little young for game night, but we do enjoy playing some Candyland with our 3.5 year old. For the adults though, we love to play table top games with some snacks and good conversation.

  82. Donna L says

    When my daughter was a child I would make pizza or order out food. We would play Monopoly, Rummicube, Boggles or Uno.

  83. BeckyM says

    We turn off the TV and play Trouble!

  84. Carol says

    We love to play Yahtzee on the weekends.

  85. Kathy Davis says

    Popcorn, soda and lots of Monopoly.

  86. kelley wood says

    popcorn uno monopoly and card games : )

  87. Sadie B. says

    We love to make popcorn and have everyone pick a game to play.

  88. Tara says

    We eat popcorn and play Yahtzee!

  89. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    We try to have game night once a month or so and have some fun snacks! Our favorite game is Yahtzee!

  90. Jennifer Tilson says

    We play games every few weeks as a family. Usually, we have some snacks and sit together and play a game.

  91. Heather B says

    A true game night for us is a pizza and chips kinda night with several board gamed, anything from Candy Land to Monopoly. My favorite has always been Scrabble.

  92. Carla S says

    We get pizza or pop popcorn and watch movies while we play.

  93. Laura says

    We make our favorite dip with chips and pull out the board games. We’ll always have fresh baked cookies to snack on during the games, too!

  94. heather eg kaufman says

    My kids like uno, go fish, & chutes & ladders.

  95. Jessamine D. says

    We like to play board games or watch a Disney movie. 🙂

  96. Les Johnson says

    We usually play a trivia game or Uno. We have some snacks and a lot of laughs.

  97. Rosanne says

    We break out the Dictionary and play Scrabble my favorite game

  98. Jessica Williams says

    We celebrate game night with yummy snacks and whatever games the kids want to play 🙂

  99. Claudia says

    We like to play monopoly and other board games and order pizza, Thank you!

  100. Carrie says

    Pizza, a sweet treat, and lots of family fun

  101. We have lots of food and drinks. We have monopoly usually and card games to play. It is fun!

  102. Betty B. says

    Pizza, games, and then a movie!

  103. tess says

    we order pizza, then ice cream, play cards and stay up late
    tcogbill at live dot com

  104. Kirsten says

    We play Acquire of SkipBo.

  105. Lisa E says

    Pizza, a short game because he’s 5 and has a short attention span, then a movie.

  106. Anne says

    Game night here pretty much involves pulling out the Scrabble board and settling in for a head-to-head battle!

  107. Courtnie says

    We have pizza and snacks!

  108. brittany says

    We usually play all kinds of games with family and have snacks and drinks while we play.

  109. Ellie W says

    We play fun family games and have lots of good snacks.

  110. Stephanie Hirsch says

    We love to play monopoly or life for game night, complete with popcorn, and pizza!!

  111. Sarah says

    A bunch of appetizers as dinner and sit around the coffee table on pillows!

  112. Crystyn Haun says

    We love monopoly

  113. katherine says

    We love to play uno!

  114. Jesse S says

    All about pizza and monopoly!

  115. Kristi C says

    We have pizza, games, and then a movie.

  116. Melissa S says

    We play a lot of card games and make homemade pizza on family game nights.

  117. Natalie U says

    We love dominoes and it becomes highly competitive ,
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  118. lana says

    eat pizza and play a game

  119. Randi Paige Boyd says

    We will pop popcorn and then let the games begin!

  120. Tara Liebing says

    We usually order pizza, put in a movie that we can watch while playing games. We usually play Monopoly, The Game of Life or scrabble.

  121. kelly says

    We haven’t had game night yet, my daughter is not yet 1, but I did pick up Candyland at a garage sale and look forward to playing it with her.

  122. dawn keenan says

    We gather the family, including grandmom, pop some pop corn, get the dining table cleared, and get going. We love clue and card games.

  123. Desiree Dunbar says

    We love to play board games and make homemade pizza.

  124. Kerry G. says

    We order in pizza and play dominoes

  125. Sue E says

    We make either tacos or pizza or snacks and then whose turn it is picks a game & then the FUN begins!

  126. We get ready for bed and in our pajamas, then start playing!

  127. Tee Mcc says

    Game night we take once a month and go to the store with $15 and pick a new game. Then go home and play it!

  128. tina m says

    Game nite consists of 3 games and some snacks!

  129. Alona Y says

    We order or pick up easy, convenient food and everyone gets in their jammies! It’s kind of a living room campout/game night thing.

  130. Jessica H. says

    We just started family game nights this year with my girls and have had a great time! We usually keep it low key with just some snacks and a game all of us can play together. We have had a lot of fun and I hope to continue it! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  131. Game night at our house is pizza night, a couple games, and maybe a movie!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  132. Jennifer Hiles says

    My kids favorite is UNO and some popcorn with parmesan cheese on it!

  133. Jillian T says

    Everyone gets to pick a favorite snack to celebrate.

  134. We like to play scene it on game night

  135. Elle says

    We don’t really have a set family game night but we play games all the time and love to play while eating popcorn and pretzels.

  136. christine jessamine says

    we celebrate by having lots of snacks and we try to do this once a week. we love board games

  137. laura ari says

    We gather the whole family, pull out some twizzlers and turn off the tv!

  138. Betty says

    We started playing traditional games as the kids grew older. Dominos, and cards like Crazy 8’s, even Gin Rummy. Our kids learned that family and friends often know how to play many games using the basic deck of cards.

  139. Jill Myrick says

    Our game night is on Fridays. We usually have pizza or tacos for dinner which are favorites here, make milk shakes for dessert, play games for a few hours and end the night late with popcorn and a movie.


  140. Audra O'Hara says

    We like to order pizza, turn on something on TV and gather around the couch and play.

  141. Jennifer H says

    We have pizza and games

  142. trixx says

    We celebrate game nite, by having everyone take turns picking out the dinner, snacks and of course games!

  143. Kenny F says

    We love to eat a good meal

  144. Kenny F says

    We love to eat a good meal

  145. Lisa L says

    We order pizza before busting out the games!

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