Effortless Meals for Your Busy Back to School Schedule #sp

Thanks to The Coca-Cola Company for sponsoring today’s conversation. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe back to school season is right around the corner (for some of us already here)?

I decided to make the best of what was left of our summer and the kids and I went to spend some quality time together with the animals a nearby zoo.

Although we had a blast checking out all the animals, riding the train and the merry go round and even riding a camel we were exhausted by the end of the day. Between the heat and all the walking we did the last thing I wanted to do was hang in the kitchen and cook dinner.

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Fortunately Walmart and Coca-Cola are making family dinners a little more convenient and special even when we are super busy (and dog tired) during the school months.

Coca-Cola and Walmart have come together to create “Effortless Meals” for families through a variety of meal options – take ‘n bake pizza, flavorful sandwiches, and ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken. By picking up Walmart and Coca-Cola effortless meal bundles, moms are able to quickly and conveniently enjoy tasty family dinners with their kids without the hassle of cooking.


Effortless Meals lets parents spend less time working in the kitchen and more time connecting with their kids, while still providing a delicious meal that the whole family will love.

My family can and will eat pizza any time of day. With both vegetarians and meat eaters in our midst, it can be a challenge to find something everyone will eat.


With just a few extra toppings from home that I usually already have cut up and ready, I’ve got a meal that everyone will eat (and enjoy).

If you are a My Coke Rewards user, now you unlock bonus points when purchasing Effortless Meals at your local Walmart.

Good food, little effort and bonus points! How cool is that? 



  1. rotisseri chicken is one of my go-to meals when we are super busy!

  2. shelly peterson says

    These meals look and sound good to me. Yummy food that you don’t have to prepare yourself. I have not purchased any of these yet but will have to. The rotisserie chicken meal sounds good.

  3. Those pizzas look really good. This is such a great idea for dinner after a fun day out with the family.

  4. Debbie Welchert says

    We love pizza here too. We also will have a premade chicken from the store with sides like mash potatoes or deli salads from the deli for a quick to fix meal.

  5. anna pry says

    they do have good pizzas, i like that you added your own veggies to it also

  6. James Robert says

    I have bought these pizza’s here many times and they are great, kids love them and effortless is good with me

  7. Katy says

    This is a great on-the-go tip! It’s so hard to prepare something to eat when I’m running out the door!

  8. Kamla L. says

    I love the take n bake pizzas at WalMart. We also add our own extra toppings but they’re great even just as is. We sometimes serve it with a side salad or cup of soup to make a more substantial meal.

  9. Sarah L says

    I get the roast chicken at Costco. $4.99 for a big chicken that lasts for a bunch of meals.

  10. Nicole Dz says

    We love pizza! We also go to subs for easy meals that everyone can agree on. Two great choices that always taste great!

  11. Karen Glatt says

    I have a busy day today. And when it is too busy, I do not want to cook! I am going to Walmart today, and I am picking up some of the Effortless meals. They are so good!

  12. It is great to know that when dinner is a hassle, I don’t have to automatically turn to fast food to feed my family. Walmart has some great options to make meal time easy and effortless.

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