Easy Ways to Improve Your Morning

Easy Ways to Improve Your Morning

Whether you wake up early for work or to make sure your kids get to school on time, mornings can be a drag. Even if you got enough sleep the night before, you still might resent the feeling of waking up to the screeching of an alarm clock. You might even consider yourself a morning person but still struggle with bad mornings every once in a while. Here are some easy ways to improve your morning so your day gets off to the right start!

Skip the snooze button.

I know the only thing you want to do when you hear the blaring of your alarm is hit the snooze button! It might feel amazing at the time, but remember you aren’t going to benefit in any way from those extra five, ten, or fifteen minutes. Actually, it might even make you feel more tired by tricking your body into confusing sleep cycles.

The best thing you can do is force yourself to actually wake up and get out of bed. If you struggle with hitting the snooze, download an alarm app that makes waking up easier like Wake N Shake which forces you to rigorously shake your phone to turn off the alarm or Sleep Cycle which keeps track of your sleep schedule.

Get dressed for the day (even if you’re not going anywhere!).

If you aren’t going anywhere particularly important that day, you might just think wearing sweats and no makeup is the best option. While this is definitely okay sometimes, putting an effort into your wardrobe goes a long way towards brightening your day. The sooner you get dressed after waking up, the better you’ll feel and the more likely you’ll feel motivated to start your day strong! Yes, the means avoiding the urge to sit on your couch and lounge around for an hour or two.

Make a great cup of coffee for yourself.

Rather than stopping at your favorite coffee shop nearby, you should make your own cup of coffee. The repetitive habit of making coffee yourself can work to wake up your brain in the morning, not to mention the extra boost of caffeine you’ll get from your tasty beverage! Take your time to choose the best coffee, and challenge yourself to rival your local baristas with coffee brewing skills. If you like your coffee smooth, try Blue Mountain Coffee beans which are especially flavorful! Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Write your tasks down before you start your day.

A good way to stay on top of everything you need to do for the day is to write down all the important tasks. Write at least three things you want to accomplish that day. They don’t have to be complex, it could be as simple as walking your dog a mile or going to the grocery store. Once you’ve written down your tasks, do the hardest one first. There’s a science behind doing the hardest thing first, but it’s pretty simple. You’ll feel motivated by this accomplishment, and you’ll look forward to your less challenging tasks for the rest of the day!

Add one chore to your morning routine.

It’s easy to get behind on chores. Adding a single chore to your morning routine is a good way to form a new positive habit! If you hate doing laundry, for instance, try to include it in your morning routine. Before you leave for work or errands, start a load of laundry in the washing machine. When you get home, move it to the drier. It’s that simple. This could work well with other tasks too like sweeping the floor, wiping the counter, and doing the dishes. When you do these chores every day, the workload will become much smaller!

Improving your morning will improve your day!

It’s no surprise that improving your morning will also improve your entire day! The more difficult things you accomplish by noon, the more time you’ll have to be stress free. It takes time to learn new habits, so don’t feel disappointed if it takes a while to make these daily improvements a new reality. Just do your best each day and you’ll be on your way to a better morning!


  1. Cynthia R says

    Mornings are a challenge for me, I am not a morning person. I have been a little better though. Just that extra 10 minutes early means I’m not groggy or grouchy from rushing around and forgetting something.

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