Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Vacuum
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Cleaning my house can often be a source of stress for me. With little ones running around it’s hard to get things straightened and keep them that way. From clothes to toys to the odds and ends that are scattered to and fro on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that getting myself motivated to start my household chores can be tough. The dishes, bathroom, and those types of places within the home are the easiest places to clean so I usually start on them first but I dread the kids’ room and the living room since they usually get hit the hardest by the storm that are my little ones.

Of course, whenever I get my hands on a new gadget it makes it a little easier to get started on the more problematic areas; this was especially the case when I was sent one of Dyson’s innovative Vacuum Cleaners. The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum has made cleaning up everyday messes easier than ever. Specifically designed to work on any floor type, from carpets to wooden and linoleum, this Dyson model has the strongest suction of any vacuum available on the market. It boasts Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone technology that helps capture more dirt and microscopic dust so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best cleaning power possible.


Due to it’s self-adjusting cleaner head, the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum can automatically adjust to seal in suction across both carpets and hard floor, so you never have to worry about losing suction mid-clean. I don’t know about my readers but to me that’s an awesome perk of this particular model. Having hardwood floors and multiple rugs I got from rug/carpet to wood often. I can’t even begin to count how often I’d lose suction with my previous vacuum.


Other benefits of the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum include:

  • HEPA Filtration
  • Compatible with every floor type
  • Light weight so you can carry it around the house with ease
  • Rides on a ball for easy steering and maneuverability
  • Comes backed by a 2 year warranty
It’s the perfect size for my 7 year old to push around and he loves to vacuum the rugs for me! The suction is very strong on it and will occasionally “stick” to the rug, but he’s figured out how to get it moving again and our rugs/floors have never been cleaner.
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  1. Karen Glatt says

    I want one of these amazing vacuums. I see that it is well made and can really such up all the dirt and dust. Maybe someday, I will be getting one!

  2. I could not live without my Dyson. It is by FAR the best vacuum I have ever owned.

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