Dyson Heater Hot + Cool Fan

Dyson Heater Hot + Cool Fan
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Buying a home with an open floor plan was a priority for us. We love the open spaces, how even if you’re in the next room you don’t feel shut out, and how roomy the rooms feel with high ceilings.

What we didn’t consider at the time was one huge detail… heat rises.

Yep. All of the heat from the bottom floor quickly drifts UP to the top floor leaving everyone on the bottom floors a bit on the chilly side.

In the summer we have the opposite problem. Yes, the heat still rises… but now everyone on the bottom floors is nice and cool and the person in the uppermost bedroom is hot.

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In years past we resorted to kerosene heaters for backup heat. Although they functioned well, we would often have fuel smell and always worried about it tipping over or the kids or pets touching the front.

The dyson AM 05 hot + cool fan is a two in one solution to all of our problems:


There aren’t any fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements. And it automatically cuts out if it’s tipped over.

No burning smell

The heating elements never exceed 392 °F, which is below the burning point of dust. Dust doesn’t burn, so there’s no worrying smell.

Easy to clean

With no blades and no grille, AM05 is quick and easy to clean.


You can set your target temperature to the degree in heat mode – and an intelligent thermostat will keep it there. No guessing, no having to adjust and readjust… set it at 70 and it’s putting out 70 degree air.

Airflow, oscillation and temperature can all be adjusted using the remote control, which stores magnetically on top of the machine.

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One objection I’ve gotten in the past from my husband when talking about heater fans is the cost of use.

With the dyson you are using 30% less energy to heat the whole room compared to other fan heaters.

In the summer when I bring it up to my office upstairs I will be cooling at about 20% less cost than bumping the air conditioning down to cool the upper room.

All of this combined into a compact, aesthetically pleasing and quiet unit.

Thank you, dyson.


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  1. shelly peterson says

    Oh I would love to have one of these. I love how safe this is to use and that you can use it for heating and cooling. I have one back room for some reason is always cold no matter what in winter and the hottest room come summer time.

  2. This is SO cool! I’ve never seen one that does hot and cold air. Great for the vacation home or our finished basement!

  3. Lindsay Sorensen says

    This is what we need!

  4. Karen Glatt says

    I tell you that I would love one of these fans and heater combos for my house. I know what it is like having cold air on the floors. I would just love to have Dyson in my home. They make terrific products!

  5. Robin Wilson says

    I am soooo jealous!!! I have wanted one of those or just the bladeless fan forever. I have a Dyson vac that has worked great for about 10 years so I trust the brand. But the cost is prohibitive for me.

  6. Sarah L says

    I’ve heard of people blowing hot and cold, but didn’t know a heater like this could do it too. Looks great.

  7. Anne says

    Dyson’s designs are great. I have a Dyson vacuum and love it (which is saying a lot about a vacuum cleaner!). I’ve been wanting one of these fans since they first came out, but when they added the heating feature, I *really* wanted one. Someday, maybe. Thanks for the review. It’s good to know that it really works well in a real house with a real family.

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