Duracell GoPower Day Trip and Long Haul Battery Backup

Are you always on the go?

We rely on our smart phones a lot whether it’s for business, personal, or keeping track of our schedules. When on the go I often find myself on the hunt to find somewhere to plug in so the worst doesn’t happen… a dead battery!

In the package
I was sent the GoPower Day Trip and the GoPower Long Haul to try for myself. Both of these portable batteries are so compact and light that you can take them literally anywhere with you.

GoPower Day Trip
The GoPower Day Trip is so compact it can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or car glove box. The GoPower Day Trip includes 2 different connectors… an Apple Lightning and a micro USB. The Day Trip will give your smartphone up to 1 extra full charge to get you through your whole day with power. When you need a charge simply select your connector and just plug it in, then press the power button. It’s that simple.

The Micro-USB will charge Micro USB based smartphones including Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and more. It will also charge many other USB based devices such as Bluetooth headsets and MiFi cards. The Apple Lightning connector is good for iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPodtouch Gen 5, and iPod nano Gen 7 devices.

To recharge up your GoPower Day Trip you can select to charge it through USB or you can recharge it wirelessly on a PowerMat (or any PMA charging spot). There are LED lights on the end that indicate your battery level on the Day Trip so you can gauge your power options.

GoPower Long Haul
The GoPower Long Haul is a little bit bigger then the Day Trip, but is still sleek and compact to be portable. The Long Haul allows you to get up to 4 extra charges for your smartphone and has enough power to charge a tablet. There are 2 USB (out) ports allowing you to charge 2 devices at the same time, and 1 micro USB (in) port.

The Long Haul works with any USB device. It is compatible with smartphones (iPhone 5/5S/5C/4S/4, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and others). It’s as simple as plugging in your device and pressing the power button, your device is now being charged.

There are 2 ways to recharge your GoPower Long Haul… either by USB input (cable included) or you can recharge wirelessly on any PowerMat. There are LED lights on the top to indicate your battery level so you know when you need a recharge.

Long Haul Charging
The GoPower Day Trip and Long Hual have come to my rescue many many times. My kids are always playing on my phone or iPad and therefore draining the battery. Now I keep the Daytrip or the Long Haul in my purse and just plug it in whenever my device needs that extra charge.

My husband is always on his cell phone for work and typically his cell battery is almost dead by noon. In his line of work he can’t be with a dead cell battery… he has to be able to answer his phone. Both of these GoPower’s are compact enough he can keep them in his truck and not have to worry about his battery dying when on the road or out in the middle of nowhere.

These are so convenient and handy that I would recommend picking one up so you aren’t without your lifeline (what I would call my cell phone).

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You can purchase the GoPower at Sams Club!


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  1. Paula V says

    The Powermat not only doubles your iPhone 5’s battery power but also allows you to recharge wirelessly.

  2. erin dear ( says

    I learned about the Duracell Power Forward program and how it brings reliable power to communities affected by disasters.

  3. tina m says

    I learned that they are guaranteed to last up to 5 years!

  4. Candie L says

    I like the rechargeable batteries. Thank you

  5. Shemp DeYoung ( says

    Duracell makes some very impressive power backup devices. I was not aware of that.

  6. Maralea says

    The power set kit

  7. love the rechargeable batteries. thankyou, ken

  8. Danielle says

    I learned that Duralock technology keeps the batteries charged for 10 years! That’s amazing!

  9. Julie says

    I like the powerpack 600 this would be great to have

  10. Linda Szymoniak says

    I was surprised to find out that their rechargeable batteries are guaranteed for five years.

  11. D Schmidt says

    Visited the site and I really like Universal AC power for laptop PCs plus powerful 2.4 Amp USB charging for tablets, e-readers & smartphones.

  12. Tammy S says

    I learned they also have a PowerSet II Kit, Which is a wireless charging stand for the iPhone 5. Super cool!

  13. nicole dz says

    I want the powerpack 600! I could really use one of these when the power goes out, would help me for when I want to use my laptop or charge our phones.

  14. Colleen Maurina says

    I would also like to have their Duracell microSDHC Mobile Kit.

  15. I love that it has a 5 yr guarantee!

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    I would love to have the mobile inverter 100.

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    I learned that Duracell’s new Long Life Ion Core battery is guaranteed to last 5 years. What else can you get with a 5 year guarantee? I’m impressed!

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    The new Quantum batteries are now available in popular AA and AAA sizes.

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    I love the power mat and how it will charge another device.

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    What a great product! I hate that my phone and everything else dies fast. Good to know that this is a versatile item and works with various forms of technology.

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    You can charge wireless

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    I would love to have one of the Duracell Ion Speed Battery Charges.

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    i like the Powerpack 300 for when the power goes out

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    Duracell Ion Speed 8000 Battery Charger looks fab

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    I learned that Duracell batteries with Duralock Power Preserve™ Technology are guaranteed to stay powered for 10 years in storage. I like that!

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    Duracell Duralock guaranteed to last 5 years!

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    I learned that Day Trip Charger is their most compact portable battery for smartphones. It can provide up to a full extra phone charge to power you through the day.

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    I learned that Alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of with normal household waste. Never dispose of batteries in fire because they could explode.

    And i learned due to the chemicals in them, you should recycle rechargeable, lithium, lithium ion, and zinc air batteries.

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    I love the rechargeable battery. I learned about the Duracell Power Forward program and how it brings reliable power to communities affected by disasters.

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    I learned that… how come I don’t have one!?! I always worry and things dying on me and its happened with phones and cameras while on trips. This looks amazing!

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  82. Lisa Neutel says

    I love that they last up to 5 years

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