Dove Men+Care and Operation Homefront are Bringing Families Together

Operation Homefront is Bringing Families Together

I’ve seen many military family reunions (surprise and planned) on the news, Youtube , Facebook and even talk shows like Ellen. Every single time my eyes flood with tears and I sob with joy for them. I could never imagine having to spend weeks, months or even years away from my family.

These men and women do this for us selflessly. They do it for us. They do it for our country. That’s why when I was asked to help promote the partnership between Dove Men+Care and Operation Homefront I couldn’t say no.


The photo above is of John. John has been away from his family for seven months. He missed the birth of his son as well as the first two months of his life. Little did he know that during his interview he would be surprised by the appearance of his wife, daughter and newborn son.

Dove Men+Care and Operation Homefront have a lofty goal. They are aiming to bring 300 military service families back together.

Imagine this scene above 299 more times.

Makes you smile, right?

Here is how WE can help! Dove is giving a portion of each Dove Men+Care purchase to help care for our troops… proving they are truly a company with heart.




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  1. pinky sade says

    what a touching video! i could never been far from my family. it’s hard and i’m sure they have it harder. so glad you could reunite families!

  2. Cynthia R says

    this resonates a lot with me, we were a military family and know exactly what it feels like to be separated for so long and have to miss important events.

  3. Sandy VanHoey says

    My son was serving in Iraq when his first babies were born( twin girls) They were very small and needed monitoring 24/7. It was so difficult not having him here and I know he was heartbroken having his first children and not being able to be there for it. The families as well as the men and women who serve sacrifice so much.

  4. Angela Kinder says

    It definitely brought tears to my eyes. My cousin’s husband went overseas for a year and it was hard on her and their son. But also for him since he couldn’t be there.

  5. Margaret Smith says

    This is a very emotional video. Military families give up so much and I sincerely thank them. My nephew is in the Navy and just returned home for a visit, the first in three years. We all missed him so much, but to have a husband or Dad in the military is even a greater sacrifice.

  6. Jean says

    Well the whole thing gets you, but I just love the moment when the father kisses his newborn son. I think he felt like that baby’s dad immediately!

  7. Julie Wood says

    I feel so much compassion for John and his family! This family loves each other very much and it is so hard to see that they have to be away from one another for so long. John and his wife finds ways to stay in touch and remain close to each other. I thank all the brave men and women in the military for their service!

  8. D Schmidt says

    My Husband was military when our oldest son was born so this brings back a lot of emotions for me.

  9. Jammie says

    it resonates me because I to have a hard time being away from my husband, and my husban would do what it takes to support his family.

  10. Nicole L. says

    The homecomings/military family stories always touch me.

  11. Michelle Weaver says

    Very touching, yay for dove! We need more companies to do this.

  12. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I’ve had family members serving so I know what its like for them to be so far away

  13. Katie K says

    it’s very moving – i don’t really know anyone close to me that is in te military so sometimes it’s easier to forget the sacrifices they make for everyone

  14. Thomas Murphy says

    It made me think about all the sacrifices people in the military go thru.

  15. Lisa says

    I feel so guilty being away from my kids when i go to work so to be away for so long has to be horrible

  16. Amanda Alvarado says

    It brought tears to my eyes when he finally got to meet his son for the first time!

  17. rich morris says

    I missed most of my oldest kids first 18 months b/c of a “mandatory vacation” to Iraq so the looks on his face when they walked in and he mouthed “what” was priceless. You never forget those moments.

  18. john hutchens says

    Reminds me of when I was younger and my dad would be gone for extended periods of time for his military service. We kids had it hard but mom would cry herself to sleep while being strong for us kids

  19. Wanda McHenry says

    Realizing how many sacrifices the members of the armed forces and their families make is what resonated with me.

  20. sheri blessing says

    We have family memebers that serve. I completely get what it’s like to have a spouse away for periods of time…it is quite difficult.

  21. courtney b says

    made me smile, especially since we have ppl in our family in the military so it hit close to home….

  22. Jessie C. says

    For all men and women who serve the country. I can’t thank them and their family enough for their sacrifice.

  23. Mary Happymommy says

    My brother served in the Navy so the emotions of being reunited resonate with me.

  24. Elena says

    I have a few friends in the military and I know how hard it is for them to be away from their loved ones

  25. Cynthia C says

    The father meeting his new baby reminded me of the first time I saw my children. It’s an amazing experience.

  26. Crystal F says

    I think it’s hard to watch. It’s very heart warming but it’s so sad that they have to be away from the family like that. I couldn’t imagine not having my hubby home for the birth of one of our girls. The little girl really got to me when she seen her daddy and ran to him. We could never show these guys enough appreciation for all that they have sacrificed fighting for us.

  27. Amanda Hoffman says

    it made me realize i take stuff for granted when i shouldnt

  28. Sarah L says

    It reminded me of when I was stationed in Germany and how much I missed my family.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. chadro says

    It was hard to hear how John was away from his family and saying you dont get those moments back and when his wife almost started to cry I felt for her being a mom and knowing how she feels.

  30. Melissa M says

    It brought tears to my eyes. I have many friends who have had to go through this.

  31. Suzanne K says

    I love the tender way that he cuddles and kisses his son

  32. Cindy B says

    My own father was a military man and spent many days/weeks/months away from our family serving. So I’d say it resonates with me deeply.

  33. Amelia Perkins says

    I have friends and family in the military and this always hits a cord with me!

  34. Geoff K says

    The part that resonated with me was John’s concern about needing time to connect with his newborn baby as a dad given the separation — my dad was forced to travel a lot for work when I was a kid, so I understand how difficult that feeling can be!

  35. Carolyn G says

    I can’t imagine being away from my family.

  36. janna johnson says

    makes me sad and proud of military families.

  37. Katherine says

    I am so appreciative of the sacrifices our military and their families make for our freedom

  38. Sacha Schroeder says

    It made me tear up! I work at a federal government base… lots of folks come and go and it speaks to me.

  39. Sherry Compton says

    I can’t imagine being away for the birth or early memories. My grandkids live far away and I only see the a few times a year, but we talk often. I know where they are though…how hard to be in this situation. I pray for the military and their families daily.

  40. Fawn H says

    It was so touching watching him hold his child for the first time. I think we sometimes forget the things these military families go through.

  41. judy gardner says

    i have the utmost respect for the military and their families! its wonderful to see them reunited!!

  42. cassie says

    makes you realize how difficult some other people have it. you dont see it unless it’s firsthand usually

  43. Courtnie says

    I know that distance is hard, so the video was touching to me.

  44. Jennie Sanderson ( says

    This video made me cry :((( It’s so touching, I couldn’t imagine being in that situation

  45. Jenna D says

    the video mad me sad, I’m sorry that these soldiers have to be away from their families

  46. Kim Reid says

    Several members of my family have served and I know it is very difficult to be away from your family in the difficult situations!

  47. Barbara Montag says

    This video is so sad and heartwarming at the same time – Sad John couldn’t be at home for the birth of their 2nd baby. Heartwarming because of their love and strength.
    Thank you.

  48. christine jessamine says

    I think this is an incredible way to show support. I come from a military family and know how difficult it is to be away from your loved one for a long period of time

  49. JoBeth says

    I get so sad for the military families what a sacrifice thank u

  50. kathy dalton says


  51. kolpin says

    it resonated with me because it reminded me that it’s not just the soldier that is sacrificing for me and other american citizens, but his family is sacrificing too.

    rafflecopter: daniel

  52. It truly touched my heart. How could anyone not be affected by it?

  53. steph says

    eep that makes me tear up!! it makes me more thoughtful of military moms and families.

  54. Teri P. says

    It reminds me of all of my family members who have served. Especially my cousin and his wife who are expecting and he is currently serving.

  55. Dawn Monroe says

    I like seeing the family reunited but I always cry like a baby at these army reunions.

  56. Carol says

    It made me think about all the sacrifices people in the military go thru.

  57. Debbie Ellis says

    The video was great to watch, he is giving a lot to our country. So glad he finally got to see his baby and child and become a Daddy

  58. Lisa Brown says

    It resonates sympathy with me. Military life is hard on our troops and their families.

  59. Katie says

    I can’t watch a video like that without tearing up. I couldn’t imagine being away from my family for such a long period of time.

  60. kelley wood says

    I appreciate the military! I cannot imagine not having hubby around while i was in labor and/or all those other special events.

  61. Kelly D says

    The video makes me realize even more the sacrifice people in the military make to serve our country.

  62. Lisa L says

    What a sweet video! Love that John was able to be reunited with his family & meet his son. Makes me appreciate those who served and are currently serving more

  63. trixx says

    What a touching video, I can only imagine how hard it must be for familes to be separated for so long!

  64. Lily Kwan says

    I was touched by the sacrifices these families had to make.

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