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I am an electronics girl.

I have a couple phones, several types of tablets, and a nice DSLR camera.

While planning out what to bring to capture memories on my recent cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, I had to take into account how much space I had and what item could handle what job. As I was traveling alone, I couldn’t rely on my companion to help carry big items so I knew I couldn’t bring many.

I easily chose the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Knowing that I wanted to snap fabulous photos while staying connected to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook the choice was a no brainer.

Here are a few of my favorite scenery and panoramic photos I captured during our trip.

To show you the true power of the Note 3 none have been edited and no filter has been used.


This is a shot of the Florida coastline as the cruise ship was leaving port.

(click to view larger) This is a panoramic view of the Florida coastline as we left for Mexico.

(click to view larger) This is a panoramic view of the pool area from Olive or Twist on Deck 14.

(click to view larger) I loved watching the sunset from our balcony room. Above is a panoramic view of the ocean while the sun is setting.

(click to view larger) Mexico was much more awe inspiring than I expected. Above is a panoramic view of Chankanaab Park in Cozumel.

As you can see, I love taking photos in panoramic mode. You capture so much more of the moment and get a better feel of the space. I can sit and gaze at these scenery photos for ages.

The Note 3 is simple enough to use that I could easily hand it to a friend and ask them to snap a photo of me.

Here are a few photos of me during our cruise.


You can see the Florida shore behind me.


Here is a photo of me on formal night. The lighting was a bit off, but with photo editing apps it’s a simple correction.


Above is a photo of me in front of our ship (the Liberty of the Seas is the 3rd largest on the waters today… see her in the back?), another Royal Caribbean ship and see the tiny one to the left? That’s another liner.


Although I am not very coordinated with it, I also used the Note 3 to take selfies with a few of my old and new friends.

Another thing I don’t do often enough is take videos. The Note 3 takes fabulous video and I’m so glad I took these of the amazing view from my balcony and of Mexico. Because of time restraints I only uploaded in 720p, but the view is still breathtaking.

If you want to see how well the Note 3 does on indoor un-staged food photography, check out my Food Options post. All of the food photos were taken at the dinner table during our cruise.

How many devices do you haul around while on vacation? 


  1. Lindsay Sorensen says

    What fun to have all these photos and videos of your trip! All I could think while you videoed ocean over the edge of the ship was “Don’t drop the phone, Don’t drop the phone, Don’t drop the phone!”

  2. Lisa says

    You got so many amazing pictures!

  3. Love it. I can’t believe how big the ship is. Love the pictures and I didn’t know it took such great panoramic pictures either. Want one of those.

  4. Lara says

    GREAT pics! I am an electronics girl too! Hubbie knows, if it’s a choice between jewelry and tech… TECH wins! 🙂

  5. The panoramic shots turns out great! Especially the ones of the horizon. I’m super impressed by the quality.

  6. Jenn says

    Oh I love the panoramas! So very pretty.

  7. Wow! I am really impressed with the quality of pictures from this phone.

  8. Oh that looks like so much fun! I love my Note it helps me get everything accomplished!

  9. Mel says

    Wow, sure takes great photos! I love your cruise pics, bet that was a blast!

  10. robyn says

    Wow, the Note 3 takes really great photos! It is on my wish list!

  11. Love the panoramic views. This takes pretty nice shots for a tablet. I don’t think I will ever leave home without my DSLR, but it would be great for being able to instantly post to social media with good shots.

  12. On a non-working vacation, just my phone and my camera. On a working vacation, I usually have a laptop and tablet too. The Note took gorgeous shots!

  13. Wow, absolutely gorgeous shots!

  14. I definitely haul around a few. This looks like it takes quality photos.

  15. Wendy says

    WOW! That’s a great camera – I hate dragging my big dslr everywhere its so heavy!

  16. Sarah says

    My husband has the gallery note 3. I’m so jealous of all the awesome pictures it takes.

  17. Wow those are some of the best photos I’ve ever seen from a phone! I’m impressed for sure.

  18. Tiff says

    Wow, it takes really pretty pictures. I love the panoramic ones.

  19. Such beautiful pictures! I love how it looks like you could reach right out and touch a cloud.

  20. shelly peterson says

    Wow you sure to took some beautiful scenic photos! You’re looking good to Mama!

  21. Sarah L says

    Those are great pictures. Like the panorama mode.

  22. Deidre Adams says

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! LUCKY! That’s all I got to say! 😉

  23. Oh my gosh those pics are really good and so is the video! And I thought my smart phone took great pictures. Guess I was wrong. I’m going to have to check out this phone.

  24. Melissa H says

    I personally like the iPhone. But the camera quality for that looks great!

  25. Maria Iemma says

    My husband and I love to travel and I enjoy watching our videos and looking at our photos, they bring me back to those beautiful moments.

  26. Ruth Griffeth says

    I love the fact it takes indoor and outdoor pictures as well as the panoramic ones! Now all it needs to do is print them out too and you have a full service lol!

  27. Dawn Monzu says

    WOW! I love those pics! You look like you had a blast. I love the panoramic, I wish my phone could do that. This is why I am trying to win a tablet! haha Thank you for the information though, I appreciate all of the hard work you do to bring us great info. God bless and thank you!

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