Do These 3 Things and Your Murphy Bed Will Be Safe and Sound 

Space is a significant constraint for many homeowners. This is evident in the way they are always decluttering or eying for bigger houses for sale in their region. However, some homeowners who do this are unfamiliar with Murphy beds and their ability to save space. Unlike the conventional beds that take up significant space, Murphy or pull-down beds are hinged off a wall surface on one end so they can be stored vertically within a room. They only get pulled down when they are in use. This bed option enables homeowners to turn sleeping quarters into multifunctional areas.

Despite the benefits of pull-down beds, homeowners are still skeptical about investing in this product. That’s because they are unsure about their safety. However, as long as the bed is carefully and correctly installed, there are no safety issues. For those still in doubt, the article will discuss three things they can use to keep their beds safe and sound. 

Buy Quality Beds 

Just like buying typical beds, it is prudent for homeowners to invest in quality Murphy beds. The seller they choose should be reliable and have a reputation for offering quality beds. Though quality beds are slightly costly, the investment is worth it since they are less likely to be defective or have mechanical issues. Therefore, it is less likely to cause an accident or mishap. Besides improving the home, quality space-saving murphy beds will also serve owners for a long time. That way, buyers can be sure they will get value for their money. 

Work With an Installer 

It does not take much time to fix the conventional beds. Many can do it in a few minutes and still get it right. But that is not usually the case when it comes to Murphy beds. Note that this bed will be mounted on the walls or cabinet. So, unless the homeowner has some training, they cannot fix it in a DIY project. Luckily, there are trained, experienced installers who will come equipped with the right tools for the project. Hiring this expert is essential since they know how to handle the project correctly and get the job done fast while considering safety. Homeowners can inquire from the company selling the bed if they have a licensed installer. 

Post Installation Check 

Even if a homeowner has hired a professional to install their Murphy bed, it is wise to do a post-installation examination. The best time to do this is when the professionals are still in the house. That way, they will take care of any complications that may arise. They should assess the bed’s sturdiness by giving it a moderate shake to determine its safety. If they notice that it is wobbly, then it means the bed is not stable. They should also use the folding mechanism by lifting and lowering the bed a few times to ensure a smooth transition. If they notice any strange noise or resistance, something is off and needs to be addressed. It is essential to have everything working smoothly to avoid accidents or injuries. 

A Murphy bed is a great solution for homeowners looking to create home space. It is also convenient and comfortable. However, if not correctly installed, it can cause safety issues. Homeowners can avoid such problems by following the three tips discussed above. 

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