DIY Flower Baskets

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When it comes to gift giving, a personal, and home-grown flower basket is perfect for almost any occasion. People love to grow plants and flowers, and they love to share them. Giving a DIY flower basket is actually giving someone a gift of life.

Choice flowers for baskets

When it comes to a beautiful flower that will bloom all summer, and comes in a variety of vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes, few flowers can stand against the petunia. Petunias are best grown in baskets because the tender flowers can be damaged in a heavy rain. But in a hanging basket that can be shielded from the rain, it is a perfect choice.

Where to begin

You can pick up hanging baskets, potting soil, and small gardening tools at any garden center. However, we encourage you to purchase your petunia seeds online, from an industry leader. For a good flower yield, you need fresh, high-quality seeds. Seeds you buy in your typical garden center could be old or poorly packaged. 

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Variety – the spice of life

One reason why the petunia is one of the countries most popular bedding plant is because of the color choices. The flowers are trumpet-shaped and the thick greenery is sticky. You can get petunias in every color with the exception of “true-blue’”  Within the family, you will find large flowers, smaller flowers, smooth edges, and ruffled edges.

The petunia is originally from Argentina, and it blooms annually. Since the blooms return year-after-year, people tend to use them for gifts. The petunias that most people grow today are hybrids, and they grow well in most places. They require a few hours of direct sunlight each day, but if the sun to too harsh it can damage the blooms.

Pro tips for beautiful baskets

Make your statement with color

If your home is off from the street, you should go with larger and bolder flowers. Hot pink, gold, red, and yellow are good choices. Use white to break up the colors if you have larger baskets.

Combine classics with vines

Speak to your seed provider about different plants that will grow well together. Some hanging vines look great under a classic bloom like petunias.

All leaves are not green

Sometimes a foliage choice will make all the difference in the presentation of your gift basket. Choose some foliage that has purple or very dark green leaves. Do not get stuck in traditional arrangements.

Boldness in simplicity

There is boldness in simplicity. Red, white, and blue for a patriotic look is a perfect example. Simple flowers arranged with a theme makes the statement you are looking for.

Combine two classics

Instead of going with petunias or geraniums for the simple traditional basket, combine the two classics to make one super gift basket.


The best part about making a gift basket is making it personal. Your local craft store is the perfect place for decorations for your plant, and pot. Use your hot glue gun to bedazzle the pot. Use craft supplies to add the family name, or accent the reason for the basket.  If you are looking for the perfect woven baskets for your flowers, visit Amish Baskets online.

It is very easy to make great hanging baskets, and everyone loves to get them. Now is the perfect time to get your seeds in your organic soil.

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