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Have you seen Disney’s BRAVE in theaters yet?? If so, you might have some unanswered questions about the “Wisps” that are featured. Here is a little bit about the “Lore of the Wisps”.

Travelers—particularly those who venture out after sunset on unfamiliar pathways—beware of the will o’ the wisps.
It is said—though by whom is a bit of a mystery—that on certain days for certain travelers in certain parts of the world, little lights dance on the horizon, whispering tempting invitations… pledging the answers to lifelong questions, the realization of dreams, a key to secret treasures—a change of fate.
Charmed and curious, unsuspecting travelers follow the floating lights, mesmerized by their whispers, their promises. Yet no matter how long or how fervently they follow, they never quite touch the beautiful beacons whose flickering lights eventually fade and disappear… leaving the inquisitors, the dreamers and the treasure seekers lost… and alone.

* * *
In “Brave,” Merida spies tiny blue lights after escaping into the forest in search of a change of fate. Forming a path that dares her to follow, the lights lead Merida to a mysterious location that holds the power to change her destiny—just not in the way she imagines.
“The will o’ the wisps are in a lot of Scottish folktales,” says “Brave” director Mark Andrews. “They were said to lead you to treasure or doom—to change your fate—but they’re an actual phenomenon of swamp and bog gas seeping up through the earth and interacting with the natural resources to create the blue flames. People would follow these lights thinking they were little fairies, and basically drown or get sucked down into the bogs.
“We made the wisps like actual little spirits,” Andrews continues. “They’re almost like Marley’s ghost in a way, because Marley’s ghost isn’t an evil spirit—even though he’s frightening, he’s trying to warn Ebenezer to change his ways. That’s what the wisps are doing. There’s a duality to them, because they’re either good or evil—they lead Merida into more and more trouble, but in the end, they’ve led her exactly where she needs to go.”

Here is a clip of Merdida running into the Wisps:



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  1. Pamela Halligan says

    How interesting. I haven’t seen Brave yet, but I want to see it with my niece. Thanks for explaining the Lore of the Wisp.

  2. Sabrina Radke says

    I think it is cool that they included a bit of Scottish folktale in the movie! I wish my youngest was old enough to get into movies and could go see this with me, the oldest is past wanting to hang out with mom so much anymore lol

  3. Colleen Fuller says

    The picture caught my eye and I had to read about this movie! How magical! I will have to take my step daughter to this if she has not seen it already and maybe drag my husband! Thank you!

  4. Lisa Davis says

    Interesting about the actual phenomenon of the will o the wisps! Looking forward to seeing this movie with my girls.

  5. Lynnette Watkins says

    The kids want to see this one. By the end of summer I will be broke…..

  6. Grace says

    I want to see this movie so bad, but my boys refuse….guess I’ll have to kidnap one of my friends daughters 🙂

  7. Danielle says

    I loved the representation of the wisps in the movie, other than the fact that the noise they made when they *poofed* kind of made it sound like they were dying.

    I did crack my friend up with that comment though!

  8. Sherry Compton says

    Wow! Thanks for the information. I like how they used the culture to add to the depth of the movie. I enjoy Folklore but didn’t know much about this one.

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