Disney Cruise Line | Wonder Inside Stateroom Review

Disney Cruise Line | Wonder Inside Stateroom Review

I was not compensated nor was I given a free trip. I am sharing with hopes to help future travelers.


My family and I took a Holiday Cruise on the Disney Wonder less than a week ago. I am a huge planner, so before our cruise I spent many hours surfing the net on what to expect… from food and entertainment to accommodations.

I thought I would share our experience with room 7125 which is an inside stateroom in category 11B. This room has about 184 square feet of room and sleeps 3 (site says 3-4… it would be a tight 4).

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 10.27.50 PM

The floor plan above is the reverse of our room, but you can get a good idea of where things are.

Disney Cruise Line Inside Stateroom Review

Walking into the room you immediately see the couch to the left and the bed centered on the back wall of the room. Our bed was two twins pushed together. Our older children were next door in 7127 (layed out like the floor plan above) and they asked our stateroom host to separate the beds into two twins. This pushed the beds against the walls and the two bedside tables were in the middle. I felt like it created a lot more usable space for them.


The couch is a sleeper that converts by pulling the back of the couch down (see photo of Ethan sleeping below). This sleeps a child perfectly but would be a tight fit for an adult. The coffee table has an adjustable height making it perfect for a table to eat your evening snack/room service at.


Directly across the room from the couch is the dresser/mirror/tv area. There are two sets of drawers to store your clothing as well as a “tummy drawer” to store your smaller odds and ends. The stool provides a nice place to write a quick post card or to do your hair/makeup while the bathroom is being used by others.

The fridge is actually a drink “cooler”… it will help keep a cold item cold for a day or so, but it won’t chill a warm item quickly. The lights around the mirrors are controlled separate from the room light and the television swings out so that everyone in the room can watch if wanted.

Included in the room is a set of “wave phones”. These function like a basic cell phone but work while out at sea (you will want to turn your cell off and put it in the safe so as to not accidentally accumulate roaming fees) so you can keep in contact with your family by voice or text.


The closet includes a programmable safe, a few cubbies we used for shoes and a small amount of hanging room.


The top shelf is half full with life vests but has enough room for a backpack or two. We put the rest of our luggage nested together in the floor section of the hanging area. To be honest, with two adults we were limited but between the closet and drawers we were able to put away everything in ours and Ethan’s luggage.

I neglected to take still photos of the bathroom, but if you’re interested check out the video below. I was pleasantly surprised at how functional such a small bathroom could be. The bathroom has a built in hair dryer, one electrical outlet and a clothes line in the shower. Counter room is limited but there is a small shelf over the sink that held everything we needed at hand.


Overall, the room was comfortable for our use… to sleep. We were out of the room by 7:30 or 8:00 each morning only to return to drop things off or change clothes. Most nights (we were there for 6 nights) we were back in and ready to settle down by 11:00 pm.

Ethan (he is 5) slept like a log on the couch and my husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the comfort level of our bed. I am a bed snob (we have a Sleep Number at home) and I woke up at most once a night … I was either that comfortable … or that exhausted. One tip I highly suggest if traveling with littles … download a sound machine app on your smart phone. I removed my SIM card so as to not accidentally “connect” and used my phone as a sound machine every night.


Also, don’t forget the door is magnetic! We created some fun decorations with our Cricut and Silhouette, but there are also some free print-outs (like the Santa hat with Mickey ears over the porthole) on the DISboards. Add small magnets to the back or cut out adhesive sheet magnets to stick to your item so your decorations will stay in place. Remember that adhesives are not allowed but magnets are more than ok!

Below is a video I took of our room when we first walked in. I tried to walk through slowly so that you can get a good idea of how much space you really have. It’s small, but comfortable and very functional!

Feel free to ask questions below and …

Enjoy your cruise!


  1. Cher says

    Awesome post, makes me want to go!

  2. Sarah L says

    I’d love to go on a Disney Cruise. It would be so much fun.

    • Oh Sarah, it is! We were on a six night and there was so much to do that it wasn’t until the last day that I was ready to relax on deck and do nothing. Of course we were getting too close to Texas and it was cold by then, so I just found something else to do! lol

  3. ellen beck says

    I have never been on a cruise but it is on my bucket list. I am hoping to one day see thee ocean from the deck of a ship.

    • It’s a must do, Ellen. I sat in a lounge chair on deck 4 for an hour listening and watching the water go by. If I could, I’d live on a cruise ship just for that!

  4. Sandra VanHoey says

    Oh you are so lucky to have done this. We had talked about it so many times and always wanted to do something like this, just can’t afford to. It really looks awesome, even the bathroom on your video. Maybe one day I’ll make it there

    • Sandra, We planned this a year in advance and paid on it with every single spare penny. You could book a cruise further out, or book one for next year and move it if you can’t finish the payments. It’s 100% refundable up to a point (like 45 days, but don’t quote me). When we were paying on it that was our decision point… to take the rest from savings or move the date. SO totally worth it!

      • Sandra VanHoey says

        I am so glad you said this because I am going to share this with my daughter. We have talked about it forever. Thank You!

        • It’s really SO worth it and I have talked to a few people who pay on it like this… one said she moved the date twice before they had it paid off. Be sure to use a travel agent (I used Dreams Unlimited online) … they were able to give me a stateroom credit that nearly paid for all of our tips.

          • Sandra VanHoey says

            My daughter was so excited hearing this that they are going to do it. I told them not to forget me…lol. She said she may never make it there otherwise and didn’t know they had anything like this. So thanks again Heather, this was some great news

  5. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    the disney cruise line is on my bucket list!!!

    • You will LOVE it! We can’t afford next years holiday cruise (for some reason it is double what we paid this year) and I’ve been checking out other cruise lines. I’m just worried they won’t live up to the Disney quality that we just spoiled ourselves with LOL.

  6. Michelle F. says

    Wow. What an awesome looking room.

    • It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! It is a standard inside stateroom… no ocean view, balcony or “extras”… but it was comfortable! 🙂

  7. Julie Wood says

    I think that your room was amazing on a Disney Cruise line and think that I would love to go on a Disney Cruise. I bet you had a blast. What an experience! I want to do this someday!

    • Julie,
      It’s a definite “must do”! We DID have a blast and I plan to share a little more from the trip soon 🙂

  8. Rosie says

    That looks so cozy and fun! You all must have had a great time, not getting back in at night until 11, wow! I’m laughing at being a “bed snob” that is the first time I’ve heard that. I’ve never been on a cruise, and wouldn’t have thought an inside room would look so good, so now I’m thinking…..

    • Rosie,
      Yes… I hate sleeping away from home. The hotel we stayed at the night before and night after the cruise had horribly HARD beds and I didn’t sleep well AT ALL! I was also surprised by the inside stateroom and had initially thought not having a window (ocean view) would be an issue for me. It actually helped us all sleep, though!

  9. md Kennedy says

    Wow! I always wondered what an inside cabin was like, and I am surprised at the quality of the finishes – and that you get a little tub in the bathroom.

    • I was, in a way, surprised also. But again, this is Disney and they have a “quality standard”. I’d love to see inside staterooms on other liners to compare!

  10. jennifer speed says

    I’ve always wanted to go on a Disney cruise but I don’t have kids so I think it would be really awkward.

    • Jennifer,
      I wouldn’t give it a second thought! There are so many “adult” things to do on the ship … and many “adult” cruisers without kids! There is a “grown ups” only pool area if the family pool is getting crazy, the shows are over the top, etc. My husband and I are considering an Alaskan cruise for just the two of us on Disney! 🙂

  11. courtney b says

    this is gorgeous! you must have had so much fun! i wish i didnt have sea sickness or i would totally go on a cruise!

    • Oh MAN!! Huge bummer about sea sickness. I saw many (MANY) people buying Sea Bands and Dramamine. I was so thankful none of my kids got sick.

  12. Carole ingram says

    I would LOVE to do a disney cruise, however I get nauseous extremely easy….did you have trouble with nausea at all ? with the cost of a cruise, I would hate to be miserable…but it looks like so much fun!!!!!

    • None of us normally have issues with nausea and nobody felt ill. I did feel a little dizzy while watching the landscape while the boat was rocking during rough weather, but other than that nothing. Sorry you have that issue… that stinks.

  13. Tiffany Schmidt says

    Thank you for showing your room and giving a “real” review on it. It would be hubby and I and two little ones. I think this may be too tight, we’d need to upgrade to a bit more space. More savings for us!!

    • Depending on the age of your little ones, there are inside staterooms with a “bunk” style bed that pulls down from the wall. I think those are around the same price. That would give enough sleeping room for your family. Just a thought!

  14. Keara B. says

    We’ve been on several cruises, but only once with a child and never on the Disney cruise line. I’ve always wondered if they really do cater to families compared to other cruise lines, and it certainly sounds like they do! Thanks for this review- I’ll put this on my bucket list for when our kids are a bit older. 🙂

  15. Hi Julie,

    Nope, no cards to keep the lights on. Just the old fashioned light switches… at least until dry dock (which is happening soon). Maybe with the upgrades?

  16. I want to take a Disney Cruise so badly! Great post!

  17. Quana G says

    I’m so glad I found this! I’m going on a Disney Cruise next month and I had no idea what to expect. Any other tips or pieces of advice you can give? I would greatly appreciate it.

  18. stevie says

    Thanks for the great review 🙂

  19. Angela says

    This was awesome, very informative. We are taking our first Disney cruise this coming Sept 2015 on the Wonder and also have an inside stateroom (deck 6 I believe).

  20. Erica says

    Hello, and great article! We loved our Disney Cruise too! As a fellow cruiser, I wanted to explain how your state room can “sleep 3-4”.

    Above the couch, there is a pull down bed concealed in the ceiling. I can just make out the corner in the video you posted, so I’m sure your room had one. This bed is where my son slept on our cruise last year.


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