Discover this New Way to spend a Luxurious Day in Miami

Technology never stops improving our lives, in so many ways. A new service that has already taken international proportion is doing just that, when it comes to enjoying a little bit of luxury in our time off. Since Miami is an extension of the Caribbean Islands in so many ways, we all pass by the city every once in a while. Next time that you do, you may want to look at the Dayuse app before deciding what to do with your day.

Downtown Miami skyline at dusk, Florida, US

Here is why. 

What is Dayuse? 

Hotels are thought of as a night time place; a location where you can sleep when you are not at home. Dayuse is enlarging the scope of possibilities for people who would like to enjoy luxury hotels, but don’t necessarily want to pay the cost of a full night. The establishments found on Dayuse open their door and their amenities to clients that wish to enjoy their facilities, for shorter periods of time during the day. If you fly in for a few hours, or you have a stopover in the city, you can look up the hotels near the Miami Airport which are part of the program, to see what they have to offer. 

What can you do in a Luxury Hotel during the Day? 

It is surprising that the idea of Dayuse was never developed to this extent, before now. That is because there is so much you can do in these establishments, other than to sleep comfortably. Miami being warm all year long (your view of this may depend on where you live), it is the perfect way to spend a day lazying by the pool, while enjoying a few cocktails and some appetizers. In luxury hotels, we often find more ways to relax, as well. We can spend time in the jacuzzi, a sauna or even treat ourself to a massage. In fact, spending an afternoon in a Miami hotel could be similar to spending a day at the spa. 

Rooms are also made available for you during the day. The number of hours that you can stay in will vary from one hotel to another. However, it will always provide you with sufficient time to rest and take a nice shower to refresh yourself before you head back out. In fact, it is the perfect solution for people who have a long stopover in Miami and would rather regain some energy in such a peaceful setting than to stay around at the airport, in a noisy and busy environment. 

The Perfect Spot for Professionals to meet 

If you need to find a place where to meet your Americans colleague, then the service that Dayuse offers can certainly help. You can be provided with a calm location, where you can meet privately, with everything that you may need a simple phone call away (reception desk). Naturally, meeting in a luxury hotel will also provide a good image of you to the person that will join you. Just make it look like you are a regular! 

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