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After 23 years of Motherhood I have had my fair share of “moments”. You know the ones… when you’ve reached and exceeded your breaking point to the point that you momentarily snap.

It’s bound to happen. You crave having a second alone even in the bathroom, the baby is crying in the car because she just doesn’t want to be in that car seat another millisecond, the way the baby fights sleep like it’s the enemy while you literally dream at night about naps, the mysterious way your voice is actually silent until you snap, and the fact that your children’s toys seem to mass reproduce behind you as you clean the house.


There are a few ways I’ve handled this momentary mental breakdown (all of which are really in jest with a smidgen of truth mixed in).

  1. Run to the bathroom, lock yourself in while sobbing and pretend you don’t hear them on the other side of the door saying “Mommy?”… or see those little fingers under the door.
  2. Walk outside on the back deck and hold the door closed from outside. The children are protected from your momentary lapse of sanity and you can see that they are safe while you recover from hyperventilating.
  3. Silently but with purpose put their favorite show on the television, plop their little bottoms down in front of it and (if needed) excuse yourself while you spend 5 minutes alone in your car in the garage.
  4. Forget you’re diet and grab the nearest morsel of chocolate and close your eyes and moan while eating it.
  5. Wait for the children to drift off to sleep and pour yourself a glass of wine…. to the rim.


Really, those are mostly in jest… but if you are a mother I’m sure one of those might resonate with you. I would not give back a single minute of Motherhood, but sometimes Mommy just needs a little “time out” of her own. Müller Yogurt has found a way of treating Mom to her own personal “time out” while being delicious enough to taste “bad”.

Müller’s Dessert Inspired flavors include…


Dulce De Leche Delight:

If you love caramel this little treat is for you. Made with creamy lowfat yogurt layered over a rich, creamy caramel sauce and perfectly supplemented by crunchy hazelnuts and waffle crisps you’d swear this wasn’t yogurt.


Strawberry Cheesecake:

If you love cheesecake this one is for you! Cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert and this one hit a home run with me. Every bite of this lowfat yogurt has the rich and subtle tang of cheesecake with a swirl of strawberries and the crunch of graham crumble topping.


Peach Cobbler:

If you love a peach cobbler with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, then this flavor was made for you. This lowfat yogurt has juicy peaches, crunchy pecan cluster topping mixed with layers of creamy yogurt.



Raspberry Brownie Supreme:

You knew there had to be one with chocolate, right? Well, if you love pans of chewy fudgy brownies this flavor is for you. This blend of lowfat yogurt has tart raspberries and chew brownie pieces to stir in (or pop on their own). It’s the perfect way to solve that brownie craving without eating an entire pan.

All of these flavors are hitting grocery shelves nationwide this month. Grab a few for a treat and save the really special ones for your next “Mommy Time Out”.

This fun video below from Girls with Glasses hit a home run… is it time for your next “Time Out”?


  1. Wendy Jabkowski says

    These look good and healthy too!

  2. These yogurts look delicious and would make a perfect “not really naughty” dessert. I’m sure the extra goodies really set take the taste to a new level of yum.

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