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Everyone is talking about climate change, “going green” and making sure they protect the planet.  I recently heard some amazing news that will make your daily drinking habits even greener!  Dasani, a part of Coca-Cola, is excited to share how the Dasani Green Bottle Cap Water bottle is in fact environmentally-friendly!


Carrying a bottle of water along for your jog, in the car to pick up kids or simply to have alongside your dinner has become such a common occurrence.  When I was in the classroom, having bottled water was a must.  Talking all day often left me parched, and leaving the classroom to fill my cup at a water fountain wasn’t always an option.  While that isn’t a problem for me now that I am at home full time, I still reach for a bottle of water to quench my thirst after a good workout. 

Dasani has been a standard in bottled water for years.  Whenever I see that bottle in the cooler, I know it’s the brand I can trust.  As someone who is aware of how our daily choices can affect the environment, I really try to be aware of the items I buy on a regular basis and how they will break down.  Being able to recycle is important to so many people, and Dasani has definitely made strides in the last 14 years toward changing how their product packaging will affect our environment.


Coco-Cola has made distinct changes in their Dasani water line packaging.  The Dasani Green Bottle Cap Water is a great choice when you need to quench your thirst.  This plant-based water bottle is composed of up to 30% plant materials.  This is a wonderful eco-friendly sustainable packaging choice from the Coca-Cola company and Dasani.  Not only can you enjoy your favorite brand of bottled water, you can do so without guilt about how it is going to hurt the environment.

The Dasani Green Bottle Cap Water

Dasani is working hard to reduce its carbon imprint and impact on the environment while still giving you the quality brand you expect.  The PlantBottle package is an innovative way to continue giving you the convenience of bottled water in a 100% recyclable bottle that uses up to 30% plant-based materials.  This results in a much lighter weight bottle with far less plastic. In fact, they now use 45% less plastic than their original bottle designed in 2001. What’s not to love about that?

How does this impact you?

Using less plastic results in lower CO2 emissions.  This means that each bottle has less of an impact on the environment.  It will take less time to break down, and if recycled will be easy to reuse for bottles in the future.  This means that you are able to give your children a better future with a cleaner environment. 

Making choices in your purchases, even the small things like bottled water, can truly add up to make a huge difference in the overall health of our environment.  Next time you reach for a bottle of water, choose the Dasani Green Cap Water as a better eco-friendly option.

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