Dangers Missouri Moms Should Discuss with Their Kids

Missouri moms don’t always have an easy job. As a mother living in Missouri, you probably want to make sure you raise your kids safely, and that means watching out for dangers that threaten them. You may know about some of them but not others.

In this article, we’ll cover some dangers Missouri moms must watch out for that may threaten their kids. Talk to your children about these threats, and watch out for them as well.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Missouri averages about 100 fatal commercial vehicle crashes yearly. You’ve probably seen these big 18-wheelers out on the highway. These enormous vehicles are much larger and heavier than the average car.

If you have kids who just started driving recently, tell them to avoid these huge commercial trucks if they see them. If you feel comfortable letting your teen drive on the highway, instruct them to keep a safe distance from an 18-wheeler going in the same direction.

They can let the truck pass them, or if that’s not possible, they can at least stay a few feet back from it if it’s in their same lane. Giving these trucks a wide berth makes a collision less likely. Your teen never knows if a truck’s driver is at the end of a long shift and is dealing with fatigue that could cause them to nod off at the wheel.


Like many other states, opioids remain a problem in Missouri. Some doctor’s offices and clinics function as “pill mills.” These facilities will give people prescriptions for dubious medical reasons. Those pills flood the streets, where anyone with money can buy them.

You should tell your kids about the damage these pills can do. Opioids are highly addictive, and if your child or teen tries them once and likes them, they might start buying them regularly.

Some of these pills are very strong, and they can cause serious damage, especially if your teen tries to drive after ingesting them or combines them with alcohol. Make sure they realize they can seriously mess up their lives if they start on this road. They might find themselves stealing money from you or even committing robberies to support a habit.


If you have younger kids, you should talk to them about traffic if you live in a busy neighborhood in Missouri. Some areas see lots of traffic on most days, and maybe you have a front yard with no fence around it.

Tell your kids to keep out of the street or put up a fence around the yard to prevent them from crossing the road or chasing a wayward ball during playtime with friends or neighbors. You can also watch them during their outdoor playtime if you feel they’re too young for you to trust them on their own yet.

Online Predators

Some Missouri moms might not realize what tech skills their kids learn. Your children might learn very early how to talk to people in chatrooms and how to set up and access social media accounts.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with using social media. Sometimes, your kids might make new friends online, or they may chat with their pals from school. However, you should also realize that sometimes, predators lurk online and try to groom young victims there.

You can monitor your child’s screen time, and you can make sure they don’t use social media until you feel they’re old enough to handle the responsibilities that go along with it. You should also talk to them about child predators when you let them use social media platforms for the first time.


Cyberbullying is another issue that some moms in Missouri talk about regarding their kids. Maybe you’re letting your child use social media now, but kids from their school are harassing them or calling them names online.

A child’s brain isn’t fully developed, so they may become depressed or irrational quickly if someone online won’t leave them alone. They may start having suicidal ideations or even attempt suicide if the bullying gets bad enough. Other times, they develop an eating disorder or start cutting themselves.

Learn about this behavior and watch for it. Also, talk to your kids regularly about what they’re doing online. The internet is a valuable tool for school, but sometimes, communication with other kids or even other adults can turn dangerous.

Missouri moms should breathe easier if they watch for these dangers and discuss them with their kids.


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