Cuties & Kids : WIN a College Scholarship & MORE!

Cuties & Kids: WIN a College Scholarship & MORE!


My kids have enjoyed Cuties for quite some time now. They are the perfect size for them and they seem to prefer their sweet taste to a regular orange. I was happy to read this press release and thought the combination of Cuties and the fact you can win money for your kids to attend college was fabulous!


The kid-friendly California citrus that West Coast shoppers have grown to love is bringing a bit of sunshine to the East Coast. Beginning this month, Cuties® California Clementines and Mandarins are available coast-to-coast for the first time ever.
In support of the national launch the brand will introduce a $20 million national television and print advertising campaign that is among the most significant in the fresh fruit, vegetable or salad category.
“We know how much parents love sharing Cuties® Clementines with their kids on the West Coast and we are excited to now offer this popular fruit to families across the country,” said Marc Seguin, senior marketing director for Paramount Farms North America.
In conjunction with the national launch, Cuties® has also introduced a new, interactive website created especially for kids and proud parents to celebrate the cute things kids do. The site ( will showcase parent-uploaded videos and pictures, featuring kids doing what they do best: having fun, acting silly and of course, being oh-so adorably cute. Bragging rights aren’t the only prizes parents can win by uploading images of their kids: Cuties® is giving away a college scholarship worth $150,000 to the star of the cutest kid video.
Cuties® is teaming up with, a not-for-profit organization that lets contributors across the country fund classroom projects posted by public school teachers on the website. For every video uploaded, users will receive a $10 gift card to use towards any classroom project of their choice. Weekly winners will receive a $500 gift card and the winner of the grand prize will receive a $5,000 card. Cuties® is committed to kids and educationand will continue the charity gift card giveaway up to $100,000 in addition to the individual college scholarship prize.
“The site is another way for us to reward parents for something they already love to do – show off their kids,” said Seguin. “What better way to do that than winning a free college education for your little cutie.”
In addition to school contributions, Cuties® will award daily and weekly prizes for the first 18 weeks, leading up to one grand prize winner. Participants will be able to share their videos using their social network platforms, and the winners will be determined by the number of online votes.
•        Daily Prizing: Forty-one video contestants per day will each have a chance to win a Cuties® T-shirt, beanie, lunch box, tumbler or plush toy.
•        Weekly Prizing: One video contestant per week will win a $500 gift card to use to fund a project of their choice in addition to an active game console.
•        Grand Prize: One grand prize winner will be awarded a college scholarship worth $150,000, a $5,000 gift card to use to fund a project of their choice and aseason’s supply of Cuties®.
To submit a video of your kid, or to watch some seriously cute videos, log on to


  1. hope to get my grandchilden a college education for to have abetter chance in their lives.Harrison is 13yrs. old and Rebecca is 10yrs.old.We need to help the next generation in our families.

  2. Happy New Year, This afternoon bought a 3lb bag of “Cuties” @ the grocery store. FOUR generation pf this family love to eat them. Hoping to WIN a college scholarship for my two adorable g/kids Justin 13 yrs & Morgan 6 yrs old. Jane Andrews/Orange County, Ca….

  3. I like to win the prize for scholarship for my son Joseph, he is a very good kid and loves to go to school, he likes to be an engineer someday i hope that he will have a bright future thru He is 11 yrs old and he is on his 6th grade.

  4. Lynn Julian says

    And so does my son and grand daughter.
    Sweet- seedless and a good for you snack. (What could be better!)
    Please enter us in the College Education Contest!
    My granddaughter is a cutie Kid and will be 2 years old in January 2012. Would love for her to have her future College taken care of.
    (May go to College early- her father and aunt were reading at three years old- Auntie was Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science and her father is in GeoScience now)

  5. I am the guardian of 4 kids tomara,tray, deeveontay. and sherbreka and i want either one to really det this scholarship that will make me really proud of them to do something different in their lives. One in elementary , one in middle school , and two in high school.

  6. My cutie is 18 yrs. old and is hoping to have a career as a early elementary teacher, is he able to be apart of the scholarship oppurtunities? Sincerely, Carmela Boyd

  7. ALICE SEMMEL says

    i would like to see my grand children get an education if it is only one that is okay too

  8. Melissa says

    bought cuties for the first time today and we almost finished the whole 3lb. bag. Hopeing my kids could win a scholarship, Manuel is 9 yr. and Christian whom is hearing impaired is 4 yr. They will be the first in our family to attend college.

  9. Renee L. Bornemeier says

    Thank you so very much for the exciting contest…I am a domestic engineer mother to a ten and a half year old
    who is going on thirty!!!:) This is the best job ever…you never know what will happen and its all in the magic
    when your child calls you mom:):)

  10. Ann Nagel says

    My daughter (14years old) doesn’t like alot of fruits. But the Cuties are her favorite all time snack. Even my husband who has not been keen on fruit has grown to love eating your Cuties on a daily basis. I just recently purchased three bags from our local grocery store and plan to purchase more. They are a mainstay in our lunches and whenever the need for a sweet, juicy snack hits us.
    Please enter us into the contest. Thank you for this opportunity to better the youth of America.

  11. I have to beg the question of why not have the kids write an essay? The submission of a video is more of a parent contest and not one for the kids.

  12. Rosemary Chess says

    My grand-dauhter, Shelby age 5, was shopping with me one day and she practically recited the entire list of benefits and nutrition of Cuties when she saw the Cuties display. She wanted me to buy them so badly and both she and her father have been eating them. She needs all the good foods that she can get because she is going to do “everything except be a pilot” when she grows up.

  13. Evangelina Araujo says

    I’am typing while I eating cuties,my son love the tangerines he eat more than one for sure. Please if my son may have or win the cuties scholarship, will be like a dream come true. Herbert is 14 yrs 9th grade he is very bright boy in his mine his planning for college and University, but unfortunatelly is very expensive, please help me with my son future, God Bless all of you. Evangelina (his mom)

  14. hunter liszewski says

    Hunter loves eating fruit and vegetables. Cuties clememtines are one of his favorite fruits. Hunter is 10 years old and will need a good education for the future.

  15. hope liszewski says

    Hope is 6 years old and is very smart. To help her in future education it would be very useful to win a scholarship.

  16. audrey politte says

    Audrey loves the cuties clementines, that she will eat a 3 lbs. bag of clementines in a day. She super smart and would be very helpful if she could get a scholarship to further her education. Audrey is 7 years old and would be a great asset to society when she grows up with an education.

  17. joseph politte says

    Joseph is 4 years old and will need a good education when he grows up. It would be very helpful if he would win a scholarship to further his education when he gets into the job market.

  18. Noni Myers says

    Great effort to promote healthy snacking, but I’m wondering how you could make this video effort to win college “scholarship” available to families who do not have video resources?

  19. william polta says

    I am an old grandpa who really likes cuties (I call them Tangerines or oranges-Sorry). I woulsd sure like to see my 18 year old senior Granddaughter get help for college. What can I do please.
    And thank you

  20. Cheryl True says

    My great nephew is a Cutie to the core. He is 15 months old and is a love bug. I want this for him as it takes education to get anywhere in our world. I know with his parents guidance he will become a loving educated human being. His name is Gunnar (named after his great grandfather).

  21. S. Whitley says

    We had Cuties for the first time this week….we are HOOKED! My 10yr old ate 5lbs in 2 days:-) We live on the east coast so keep sending them our way. We would love a college education, we have Danielle (10) and 5 grandchildren!!
    Suzie Whitley

  22. Just a little note, we only eat Cuties and have for year’s in our home!! My son is a senior now and getting ready in the fall to attend a California State college. When I purchased the bag of Cuties, I noticed a sticker talking about a scholarship program. With all the education program funds being cut in California, I thought this might be a great way to get help with his education. He has a GPA of 4.0, played football all through high school and is signed up with Habitat for Humanity to give back to the community! I hope you will consider him, thank you.

  23. With three grandsons all playing basketball and with all the games right at dinner time, Cuties are great to take as a snack. Just take a plastic bag for the skin and your in. What a way to get you C. Help with college would be great.

  24. My daughter Rebekah is the smartest Cutie i know! She is a hard worker and a lovely girl, she is one of four children in our family. Rebekah would love the opportunity to go to college and not have the heavy financial burden that all college students and their families are enduring.

    Please enter her in your college contest, thanks Cuties!

    The Hilers

  25. Kathy Walton says

    I just bought my 3rd bag of cuties for the winter and was reading about the college scholarships on the package. I thought, Hey, I’m going to sign up on the web site and see what happens. (hehehe… I never win anything). I am an oncology nurse and I love to make peoples days, so please help me make my day and brighten it up. If not, I always have my “Cuties”!!! I have two boys, and I am helping them w college. My oldest is a junior @ O.N.U. studying to be a social studies teacher and a baseball coach. My youngest will start in the fall of 2012 @ Heidelberg Univ. He plans on teaching special ed. and also coach baseball. Your scholarship would certainly come in a time of need. Thank you for considering us! We will continue to eat cuties, they keep our immunities strong!!!

  26. CC says

    We love cuties!!!!!!

  27. Excellent healthy snack..not just for kids, but for parents and grandparents too..

  28. Kathy Walton says

    I was wondering if you recieved my scholarship application for my son, Mark. I just wanted to add a little more information about Mark’s character. I am so proud of Mark, he is a great kid!!! Last night Mark played basketball for his high school team. He woke up early around 7am to a cold snowy morning to help an elderly man who was evicted from his home. He told me the house was condemned and I almost cried when I heard about the home conditions. Most people would have never climbed out of bed after a late night, let alone stay after seeing the horrible conditions. Mark is my hero!!! We need more people in this world like Mark!!! Please consider Mark for your scholarship, I know you will not be disappointed, he never disappoints me! Thank you! Mark’s Mom

  29. Nancy Frystak says

    Heads up everyone Cutties aren’t just for young ones, our family whom are 19 to 56 in ages grab and eat them on the run, in our lunches and what a great snack. Easy to peel and the skins go down the sink disposial easy and have a fresh smell. With having two in college we could alway use the financial help.

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