CSN Stores for Holiday Shopping…

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Me? Yes! I’ve got a nice little bundle of things for the two little ones tucked away for Christmas. I still need to get a few more things, though.

It seems that shopping for Emma has become so much easier than for Ethan. She is blossoming into a “girly girl”… you know… tutus, nail polish, ear rings, hair bows, baby dolls. You get the drift.

Ethan loves his tool set he got for his birthday, but other than that… he loves his blankie. So, I’ve been browsing the CSN site this morning trying to figure out what to get the little guy when it hit me! Ethan has taken over Emma’s “Little Miss Giggles” backpack and he stuffs it full of all his Hot Wheels. Off I went to CSN and I searched for children’s backpacks. Here are some of the ones at the top of my list…

Zoo Pack Dog Angel-Street-Kids-Rocket-Pack-BackpackZoo Pack Penguin

See what I mean about CSN Stores? They have almost anything you need… and stuff you don’t. Like another backpack for Emma….

Zoo Pack Backpack Owl Just in time for your holiday shopping… CSN Stores will be giving away another $40 gift code to one OurKidsMom reader! Stay tuned….

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