Creative And Super-Cool Ideas And Tips For Designing Your Kid’s Room

Creative And Super-Cool Ideas And Tips For Designing Your Kid’s Room

Designing your kid’s room can be thrilling yet palling at times with all the heady work. However, it’s worth the diligence once you see your kid prancing around elated and happy with the fun colors and vibrant patterns. Uber cool children like a creative blend of hues, accessories, fun stuff and tones in their room. Innovative and stylish, take a look at some of these inspirational designs for decorating your boy or girl’s room and some great tips to simplify the task.

Fun And Bright Colors

Kids are enthralled around bright fun hues and this theme makes use of some quirky bolds to add a touch of style to the surroundings. Use fairytale blue or toy story red and green for the bunk beds and the walls. Add a few Moroccan rugs, a couple of toy buckets and some throws from Pottery Barn Kids. Use accessories that take up less space like modern and compact bookshelves, computer tables and cool beanbags to uplift the vibe. It’s also an undeniably cool theme for a compact kid’s room design.

Zoo-Trip And Pets Apt for kids who are pet buffs and prefer natural tones! Use wallpapers with colorful zoo-trip patterns like a zebra-print, an ice-age theme, an Angry Birds look or some slick designs by Brunschwig & Fils. Add matching throws like Frette Linens, Pottery Barn Kids bed and bookcase, Spanish rugs and window covers in strong chromaticity. A great idea is to add a few chic wall accessories that complement the peppy theme.

Adoring Pastels

As the name implies, the design uses contrasting pastels to project a zippy yet placid, more toned down ambiance. Great for a girl’s room, this idea has a few elements of townhouse decor and an earthy look. Use natural pastels like floral peach, rose tea and contrasting greens from lime to aqua or breakfast room green to swath the walls. Add Roubin rugs, bean bags in bold hues, bedding with matching linen and a retro computer table. Step up the decor by adding some lovely flowers from Roses Only to the side tables.

Western Classic

This one’s a classic western design that has a touch of summerhouse to it with its radiant tones and zippy accessories. It is also a nice idea if you want to decorate your boy’s room. Select a rocky wallpaper theme like a cow-boy pattern, Ben 10 or Spiderman theme for the walls and complement it with customized window covers, Leontine Linens, your kid’s sports accessories, and lacquer bedside tables.

Bohemian Touch

The Boho look is for Uber stylish children who typically prefer funky and off-the-wall. Use striped or checkered carpets for this design, IKEA bed, matching linen, Dakota Jackson Lounge chair, and

an Ottoman upholstered in heavy fabric. You could also use Turkish yatak rugs instead of carpets and a nice set of chairs-and-centerpiece for the interior. Use earthy tones for the walls like ash gold, beige, and clay for a strong ambiance and add a few cool wall hangings.

Blue, Red & Yellow

The three tones define a voguish and jazzy setting appropriate for a kid’s room or even a baby’s nursery. Add bright red, tangy yellow and royal blue to the walls and matching bunk beds with Sferra bedding. You might want to use some cool continental wallpapers by Ralph Lauren and rugs in bold patterns by Dash & Albert. Use contrasting hues for the ceiling like whites, American cheese or sandy brown to add to the bling. For baby nurseries, throw in a handful of toys, American white oak cradle, and a Claire Norcross Vintage Chair.

Chic & Adventurous

The theme’s an exciting idea for young explorers who like a bit of adventure and thrill. The kid-friendly design takes advantage of playful colors and zesty patterns for the walls, floor tiles, and ceilings. Add a Ducduc bed with contrasting linen hues, felt rugs by Patterson Martin and a futuristic pendant light. Make sure the tones reflect a strong geographical aura and a brazen adventuresome vibe. Great for decorating your boy’s room, perfect the look by putting up some theme-based wall hangings.

Polka Dots Polka Dots is a cute theme for a stylish pink and black girl’s room exuding panache and coolness altogether. Do the walls in polka dot swaths, pink and green stripes or use a pink and black themed wallpaper. Add lamps and Pottery Barn kids bedding, black and white polka accessories and some interesting framed character art.

Useful Tips For Decorating The Kid’s Room

● When placing accessories like toy buckets, lamps, tables, coat racks or closet storage, make sure they are within the kid’s reach.

● Use a rich blend of colors for the walls using chalkboard paint and wainscoting in the room to craft an interesting continuous art center. You could easily use some playful hues to paint creative patterns that would interest the young ones.

● Use paints with glow-effect additives for the ceiling and the walls. This is a fun idea for decorating the room with glowing stars or cityscape around the room’s edges. It is sure to have the kids enthralled especially during the night with glowing tones surrounding them.

● Use a balance of bright colors with removable wallpapers in various patterns and motifs that your kid can also use for decorating.

● Use stylish accessories like wall hangings, window strings for collectibles, and dangling units from ceilings to uplift the room’s vibe.

● Do add a display space in the room that the kids can use for scribbling, doodling, adding collectibles or fun-decorating. It could be a part of the wall with an instant magnetic board fixed to it or a whiteboard, pin-up board or chalkboard for putting up cool stuff.

● Include a diaspora of lights in the room; they are attractive for most kids. Use table lamps, separate reading lights, pendant lights, and stylish ceiling lights to accentuate the interior’s look.

● Always let your kid be a part of the decorating process and hand over a brush or fun-art to help you with the wall painting or the pinups on the display unit. It’s a great way to make them feel part of the space and bond with it

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