Creating a Spring Herb Garden

Creating a Spring Herb Garden

The first flush of greenery and flowers in the spring is always the best, no matter what plant it is that we see poking out of the ground. This year you can plan out what shows up in your garden first, with a springtime herb garden that welcomes the rest of the garden as soon as summer arrives. Early spring herbs include vines, evergreens, florals and low growing ground covers that might appear to be dainty at first, but as time passes they fill out into a lush garden that the entire neighborhood will envy.

Use these tips to design a springtime herb garden filled with the best plants for the job.

Make Room For All Sizes

Because you want this garden to fill out as fast as possible, make sure that garden debris from last season is cleared out so that plants don’t have to struggle to break through leaves and old flower stems. Most of these plants can get the job done themselves, but the cleaned up garden beds will add to the beauty of a garden that will definitely be standing out this time of year. You may consult Burbank tree and garden professionals to help you.

file0001757877447Plant In Large Numbers

To make the biggest impact in the garden, plant everything in large numbers. Planting en masse with spring bloomers ensures that they are better able to get through late spring weather conditions that can flip flop overnight. From the street, masses of flowers that are all blooming at the same time really are a sight to see when it has been a long winter.

Best Flowering Springtime Herbs

Sweet Violet and Primrose are two traditional flowers that we see every spring, and as herbs they really pack a punch in color and fragrance. The compact leaves and flowers are most fragrant in their original varieties, deep purple for the violets and yellow varieties in primrose. Bluebells have made a name for themselves in songs and literature because they are the flowers that used to grace the fields of farmers after the grip of winter was over. Plant them for their cheery swaths of bright blue flowers.

Green and Gold Springtime Herbs

If you are interested in planting more greenery around the garden for spring try Cowslip, which has been cultivated in gardens for years now– though not as popular. Native to many regions, this herb is low growing and produces bright yellow and green leaves with yellow flowers. Lovage is another green springtime herb that has what are described as colorless flowerheads, but they are really just a continuation of the green color of the plant’s stems. These herbs can be planted to fill in large garden spaces with color.


  1. I would just love to have a colorful flower garden, especially one also filled with edible herbs that I could use while cooking. Unfortunately gardening in general is so difficult here in the Las Vegas desert.

  2. shelly peterson says

    I just love color! I don’t have a big space to plant things where I live now but I do like to get out there and plant some pretty flowers. I love the purple color of the Sweet violets.

  3. Tamra Phelps says

    These would make a beautiful garden (but I have to admit, when I think herb garden, I think first of things like thyme or rosemary, etc.—but I like the color these would bring.) I’m glad Spring has arrived.

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