Covermade Bedding Down Alternative Comforter Review

Sample received for review. All opinions are my own.


What married couple hasn’t had the conversation first thing in the morning about who was the cover hog that night?

I know Ryan and I have had that conversation many many many times, and usually I’m the guilty one. When I was asked about reviewing a Covermade duvet and comforter, I was very interested.

Taking a look on their web site had me very intrigued and interested.

In the bag
I was sent the Covermade down alternative comforter Duvet Cover and 2 Shams in Mocha brown in a king for our bed. Taking it out of the bag I was excited to get it on my bed and try it out that night.

Covermade Elastic
Putting it on the bed was simple. First you place the comforter on the bed like any other comforter. Then you have an elastic piece at the bottom of the comforter that you can adjust with the velcro for the tightness you would like. The elastic goes around your mattress and sets between the mattress and the box spring holding your comforter in place.

The elastic is so simple and so genius. At night the covers never shift nor is anyone able to steel your covers anymore. Making the bed in the morning is a breeze thanks to the elastic holding your comforter in place. You just have to top of the covers to pull back and your done.

On the bed
Now I was a little scared of how hot the comforter would be. If you know anything about Saskatchewan Canada you know that our summers get HOT. We have no air conditioning in our house and some nights get as warm as 83ºF. The last thing I want is a blanket that is going to make me hotter.

Well, the results are in and I am pleased to say that as thick and warm as it looks, it’s actually very light and fluffy, and soft… oh so soft. Made with down alternative the comforter remains airy and light. The duvet cover is made with 100% Egyptian cotton with a 300 thread count.

** Just a side note, our bedding did come with 2 king sized shams but we do not have king size pillows so the shams are tucked in on this picture.

corner Ties
The Duvet cover has hidden corner holes that gives you access to the comforter and to the corner ties that keep your comforter from shifting while inside the duvet cover. Having buttons holding the duvet cover closed allows for easy removal for machine washing.

Elastic diagram
At first I thought that having that elastic down by your feet would almost pin your feet down and keep your restricted from movement. I can happily say that it doesn’t,  you actually hardly even notice it down there. The elastic is super thin and stretchy allowing you to be able to still toss and turn.

Elastic system
I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping at night with the amazing Covermade bedding. It’s made a dreaded chore in the morning more enjoyable and simpler. I can not longer be accused of cover stealing.

Now if only someone can come up with a bed hogging solution, then I can stop getting in trouble in the mornings.

Covermade bedding makes me feel like I’m sleeping in a bed fit for royalty.

The Covermade bedding comes in an alternative down fill and also a natural down fill. They come in 9 solid colors and come in a twin, full/queen, and king size.

I strongly advise heading over to and find the size and color to best fit your room.


  1. I LOVE the white. Unfortunately, with kids and pets, that will have to wait until maybe we’re retired?!

    • Natalie Monaco says

      Hi Susan! You can get a cover to protect and preserve the comforter. Covers are in 9 different colors…white covers available. Email us and I will have someone set you up with a 15% discount if you’d like to try it out risk free for 30 days.

  2. Katy says

    Wow! What a creative invention!

  3. Karen Glatt says

    This is such a good idea for keeping the blanket on the bed. This is a nice downfilled comforter and it would be nice for me to have so my blankets do not fall off!

  4. shelly peterson says

    I love this idea! I have never used a duvet cover before, but worth checking it out. It looks super soft.

  5. Anne says

    Genius! What a great product. A little above my current budget, unfortunately. I wish they had the duvet cover available without it being in a set with shams, which we don’t use. But I do love that it stays on the mattress. Thanks for your review!

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This covermade elastic system is such a simple idea, but sheer genius. It will make both keeping the cover in place and making the bed so much easier.

  7. I really like thick plush comforters that are not as heavy and warm as they look. I live in Las Vegas so even our winters are quite mild. No need for too much.

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