Contigo Cortland Water Bottles With Autoseal Technology #ContigoBestinOne

Contigo Cortland Water Bottles With Autoseal Technology
Samples received. All opinions are my own.


With a family of six, we have gone through our fair share of water bottles. When Contigo offered to send us their new Cortland with AUTOSEAL® I was intrigued and said “Yes!”.

We were sent 2 Cortland bottles to try. I immediately loved the size, 24 ounces, because it was great for our 6 and 8 year old, but not too small for the adults in the house.

I also liked the one handed drinking capabilities. With a dog leash or a child’s hand in one hand, it’s hard to coordinate and drink from a bottle that requires two hands.


What is AUTOSEAL®?

It’s just what it says it is! The patented AUTOSEAL® lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks.

The protective spout cover (it’s grey on this bottle) protects the spout from dirt and germs when not in use.


It’s so easy to use… easy, one-handed use with no caps or spouts to fumble with to get a drink.

Simply press the button to sip and release the button to automatically seal… AUTOSEAL®!

The bottle also has a sturdy clip on the handle attaches to bags, backpacks, gear and more for easy transport.

There are so many features that we love about the Cortland:

  •  No plastic odors or taste with FDA-approved, BPA-free Tritan™ materials
  • Button lock prevents accidental pressing of the AUTOSEAL ® button
  • Lid underside flips open completely for easy and complete cleaning
  • Fits most car cup holders
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Available in Smoke, Monaco and Radiant Orchid
  • 24 oz. capacity
  • SRP $11.99


Contigo also sent me a 30 ounce Jackson bottle, some replacement lids for our Shake & Go cups and replacement straws.


The Jackson is great for the person that likes an open lid and likes to gulp their water down (me).

With my new water consumption goals, having a 30 ounce bottle that I can easily drink quickly from has been great.

I will admit, though, that I have forgotten a time or two how “open” the lid is and tried to drink while someone else was driving… and received a splash of water in my face (go ahead… laugh. I did.).


The Shake & Go lids were greatly appreciated. My kids have outgrown their sippy cups, but still like to bring their drinks out of the kitchen with them. The Shake & Go lids seal off unless and until a straw is in them. If the kids happen to tip it over (even with a straw in it) they have time to pick it up before creating a mess that would upset me.

Our cups are holding up fantastically, but because “someone” decided to clean the lids in (near boiling) water that was too hot… the seal warped and it would no long snap back and seal on it’s own. The straws? Fabulous to have for ANY occasion really.

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You can purchase Contigo cups and water bottles on their site.

COUPON CODE: Use code Cortland20 to save 20% off any product order!


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win four Cortland Water Bottles!


This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on March 20, 2015.


  1. Seyma Shabbir says

    They come in 3 color!! I would love Radiant Orchid!

  2. Seyma Shabbir says

    Entered Simply juice giveaway!

  3. Priscilla S. says

    I like that Contigo products are BPA-Free.

  4. Stephanie G says

    Fun colors and BPA-free!

  5. Kristi C says

    I would like to have the AUTOSEAL® Pitcher Set.

  6. I learned there is a Contigo lifetime guarantee!

  7. I need a spill proof water bottle for the gym and while driving around doing errands. My kids could also use them while at school and extra curricular activities.

  8. Jillian Too says

    I love the Grayed Jade color you can choose for your bottle.

  9. sherry blamer says

    I love the AUTOSPOUT Kids’ Striker Water Bottle. I love that when spout is uncovered its still spill proof. As a mom of kid who likes to dump drinks this would be perfect.

  10. shelly peterson says

    I like all the different colors their product is available in.

  11. shelly peterson says

    A spill proof bottle would be great for always being on the go.

  12. Kathy Davis says

    I learned that hey also have kids products.

  13. Cynthia R says

    I learned that right now you can get 20% off of purchase of $35.00, great deal!

  14. D Schmidt says

    Visited and learned their first innovation was our patented AUTOSEAL technology which was designed to automatically seal between sips so you never have to worry about spilling another drop

  15. KJ Skib says

    I like how this bottle is great for on the go. I love the contigo brand. Best for coffee too!

  16. Alona Y says

    I also really like the AUTOSPOUT Kids Striker Water Bottle in the cherry blossom color!

  17. I like the Cleaning Brushes – Set of 3.

  18. I need spill-proof water bottle in your life to prevent accidents.

  19. heather eg kaufman says

    I love Contigo bottles & my entire family has their own. My favorite are the kid’s water bottles.

  20. Michele P says

    I like that they are BPA free and I like the Autoseal pitcher kit, would love that for my house.

  21. Sarah L says

    I like the 20 oz. AUTOSEAL® Fit Stainless Water Bottle.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. Michele P says

    I need a spill proof bottle because I am always spilling stuff on my desk at work, from file folders, to documents to the keyboard lol… so I really need something that will contain the spills so my boss and the IT team won’t be upset with me.

  23. Iliana R says

    I love the autoseal Fit Stainless Water Bottle!

  24. Barbara Montag says

    I like the Autospout Sheffield Stainless Water Bottle.
    thank you

  25. Barbara Montag says

    I need a spill proof water bottle because I’m tired of spills in the wrong places.

  26. Barbara Montag says

    I entered the Flonase Now Over the Counter giveaway.

  27. Barbara Montag says

    I also entered the Simply Juice Drinks $50 Amex GC giveaway.

  28. Andrea Williams says

    I would love to have one of their 20 oz. AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid .

  29. Andrea Williams says

    I need a spill proof bottle because I am always drinking water, tea or coffee around my laptop and have frequent accidents that thankfully have not destroyed my computer yet. I am very klutzy and any help would be appreciated! 🙂

  30. Becca says

    I learned that Contigo makes pitchers. That’s really cool!

  31. Becca says

    I need a spill proof water bottle because my dog always knocks everything over. He spills everything he can LOL

  32. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I love that they are spill proof and BPA free.

  33. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I am on the go all the time so to have something that will not spill makes me happy!

  34. Brynn says

    I would LOVE to have the 20 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Sheffield Stainless Water Bottle so I can use it when drinking my essential oils

  35. Tina W says

    I love the Tea Infuser they have, it would be great to make fresh brewed tea on the go.

  36. Catie says

    I like the 72 oz.AUTOSEAL® Pitcher Set!

  37. Dee Lafrenz says

    Like the Easy, one-handed use with no caps or spouts to remove. I am a klutz, especially when I am driving, I need an easy to open bottle, and one that fits mug holders. Love that this one does! Thank you for offering this!

  38. Dee Lafrenz says

    As I said I am a klutz, I need a spill proof container, and I have Asthma, and need to keep my throat clear, which means drinking a sip or two while I am driving. I really need this!

  39. Rebecca Parsons says

    Crazy that it seals between sips, pretty neat feature.

  40. Rebecca Parsons says

    I think it would be great for in the car, avoid any spills in my clean car!

  41. Cheryl B. says

    Radiant Orchid is by far my favorite color. I love the autoseal top.

  42. Vanessa Richard says

    i would love to have the 16 oz. SNAPSEAL™ Byron Double-Wall Insulated Travel Mug we have been looking for a thermos type cup for my fiancee and i think this might be it

  43. Dawn Monroe says

    I like the autoseal West Loop Stainless Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid in black.

  44. Cynthia R says

    I need a spill proof water bottle because the water bottle I have now has spilled in the car and at the gym and I’m sick of it.

  45. Keara B. says

    Spill-proof is great for me… I tend to spill everything! I’d also really like to try their Purity Glass Water Bottles.

  46. Angela Saver says

    I’d love the 16 oz. SNAPSEAL™ Byron Double-Wall Insulated Travel Mug! I also learned that if I spend $35 I can get 20% off currently!

  47. Angela Saver says

    I need a spill proof bottle in my life so that I can take drinks into the family room & not worry about spilling them!

  48. Birdiebee says

    I like that this water bottle features AUTOSEAL® technology which means that it knows when to close.

  49. Lauren says

    I like that the underside of the lid flips open completely for easy cleaning.

  50. Amy Orvin says

    I’d like to have the 20 oz. Purity Glass Water Bottle.

  51. Michelle H. says

    I like the 24 oz. AUTOSPOUT® Addison Water Bottle.

  52. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the West Loop travel mugs!

  53. Amanda Alvarado says

    I carry my water bottles in a bag so I need something that’s not going to leak all over everything else in the bag!

  54. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love to try the 72 oz. AUTOSEAL® Pitcher Set. I think the kids would love to infuse water.

  55. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love to have these because I just quit drinking soda all the time and buy bottled waters all the time. I need these so I do not have to buy them anymore.

  56. Patricia M says

    That the lids are autoseal.

  57. Patricia M says

    I need a spill proof bottle in my life because I am always on the go.

  58. angela smith says

    i like that its made with BPA-free Tritan™ materials.i really like the radiant orchid color

  59. Leela says

    I entered the iCoffee giveaway.

  60. Leela says

    AUTOSEAL Pitcher Set.

  61. Leela says

    I have kids that spill everything.

  62. Danielle says

    I have several Contigo bottles! I like how you can cover the spout when you aren’t drinking out of it to keep it clean.

  63. Michelle H. says

    I need a spill-proof bottle because I have young kids around the house that are always knocking over my drinks.

  64. Terra Heck says

    I like the 16 oz. SNAPSEAL™ Byron Double-Wall Insulated Travel Mug. Thanks.

  65. laurie murley says

    I would love to have the 20 oz. AUTOSEAL® Fit Stainless Water Bottle

  66. laurie murley says

    I need a spill proof bottle because I’m the first one to spill my drink I either knock them over or something

  67. Lisa L says

    I like that it’s 100% spill-proof!

  68. Aaron says

    I learned that the water bottle “knows when to close”! Scary =/

  69. Francine Anchondo says

    I like AUTOSPOUT Kids’ Striker Water Bottle

  70. Julie Cutshaw says

    I also like the auto seal pitcher set from Contigo. And it holds 72 ounces so that’s alot and I could see the great benefits from using this item. Especially when you go to hotels, rental cabins or camping. Thanks for letting us learn about the company and products. My husband just finished chemo for colon cancer, so I try to only take in the best in purified water.

  71. Julie Cutshaw says

    My husbands car doesn’t have a drink console and his travel to work is about an hr away. He’s drinking more water now after chemo treatments, so as we both go about, this neat product from Contigo would make life less hectic. And just safer water to drink and carry. Thanks

  72. I would like to get a AUTOSPOUT® Sheffield Stainless Water Bottle

  73. I need one because on the road a cup just doesn’t do the job.

  74. Leela says

    I entered the eitech giveaway.

  75. Sarah L says

    I take water bottles with me in the car and don’t like them spilling.
    Thanks for the contest.

  76. I like that you just press the button to drink and release it to automatically seal and that is 100% spill-proof.

  77. I need a spill proof bottle so I don’t get water on my keyboard any more. LOL

  78. Lauren says

    I like the auto seal technology.

  79. Janelle K. says

    I need spill proof because I have three little kids. Enough said!
    I like the autoseal pitcher set.

  80. Margot C says

    I want an AUTOSEAL® West Loop Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid.

  81. Robin Abrams says

    I love the purple 24 oz. AUTOSEAL® Cortland Water Bottle

  82. love the lifetime guarantee for sure. thankyou, ken

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