Concerts, Sports and Shows: Enjoying Frugal Family Entertainment All Weekend Long

Concerts, Sports and Shows: Enjoying Frugal Family Entertainment All Weekend Long

A vast majority of people enjoy going out on the weekends. It’s our one time of the week where we might not have to work and instead enjoy the activities life has to offer. We’re living for the weekend after all and with that we shouldn’t have to spend copious amounts of money either. If you’re someone who lives for the weekend and are looking to have a good time then there is a way for you to do it so you could live for the weekdays someday too!


Spending Weekend Money Wisely

One of the problems we may face during the weekend is that it is so much easier to go out and spend our hard earned money. There is so much that is going on and we don’t want to have the dreaded fear of missing out on something. The opportunities to spend money go for more than just going out to whatever venue your heading to, be it a concert, sports, or show of some kind.

There is the added expense of buying clothes before going out and then possibly hitting up dinner and other events that might arise. Your opportunities for spending a lot of money keep adding up. That’s why you should take a few select tips to heart when saving and spending.

One of the first things you can do is think about cheap or even free activities for entertainment. There are so many different concerts, events, and movies going on that can add up in the long run. Many people go out both Friday and Saturday. Check out some happy hours that go on during the day on the weekend.

Attending Concerts for Cheap

A great way to find bands you may like, or even discover new ones is to attend a music festival. These prices may seem like a lot upfront and they are. But what you’re able to get from these is experiences you can save for months a time. This way you’ll be able get the most out of two or sometimes three day weekend.

There are some good resources out there can secure you with tickets for cheap. There is a wide range of great shows and sporting events that you can take advantage of near you.

During the summer months is generally when many music festivals become popular. You’ll be able to also find a whole host of free festivals in the city and other places around. Local radio stations or the city itself might sponsor some of these.

Limiting Your Expenses

Sometimes it is wise to just go out one weekend day. Conversely, you can either spend a lot of money on one weekend by spending on a festival or big event, and take the next couple weeks off, or you can end up only utilizing one day like Friday or Saturday as your main day of going out.

Some of us are really into the social scene and going out both days of the week can be a major drain on the bank account. Consider one night just having some friends over or going to a classic house party of sorts with the guys or gals.

Changing up an aspect of just taking a day or two off during the month can really add up over the course of a year. Don’t worry you won’t be missing anything too important or crazy. The world is a place where someone’s partying all year round every minute of the day. Don’t sweat it if you can’t go out, there’s someone partying on a Monday, while you’re sleeping or at work.

Setting a Weekend Budget

The phrase setting a budget turns a lot of people off, but it really shouldn’t. We budget ourselves all the time without even knowing it. Just because we’re putting a name to it and consciously doing it doesn’t make it a bad thing. Budgeting can be an efficient way to control spending and let you go out even more if you do it correctly.

Try to set aside a certain amount of money you’re going to spend the next time you go out. If that money runs out then you can’t go over that amount or do anything else for the weekend unless it’s free. This type of thinking will allow you to have a better way of going out and enjoying yourself while saving in the process.


  1. We love having some fun on the weekends and find it is a great way to reconnect as a family. Setting a budget is definitely smart.

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