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I’m going to be brutally honest here and tell you a not so big secret…. I only watch the Big Game for the ads. Yep! There you have it … I said it. I would bet that I am not the only person with this confession to make, too. Coca-Cola is one company that never lets me down.

This years ad features the story of a small but determined high school football player who earns the confidence of his team when he gets the game-time opportunity of a lifetime.

One of two 60-second Big Game ads from Coca-Cola, “Going All The Way” is an all-American tale of triumph over adversity. The main character, Adrian, struggles to fit in and make his mark until the opposing team fumbles the ball and it lands in his arms. That’s when it’s Adrian’s time to shine. With support from his team and the crowd in the stands, using sheer grit and determination, he breaks through, perseveres and achieves unlikely greatness.

The commercial traces Adrian’s unlikely journey from benchwarmer to star of the game. After scoring a touchdown, then running through the streets of Ashwaubenon, his dreams are realized when he runs the length of Lambeau Field (home of the Green Bay Packers), performs a touchdown dance and attempts his own Lambeau Leap in front of a nearly empty stadium. He celebrates a moment of happiness and accomplishment when a groundskeeper hands him an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

This year it’s more than just about the ad. This year, Coca-Cola is going to donate $50,000 to the BGCA Triple Play program when the ad reaches 10,000 shares. That’s it! Seriously easy stuff… watch it, share it and the BGCA benefits!




BGCA enables young people to achieve great futures and provides them with supportive relationships, enrichment programs and a safe and positive environment to make new friends. The Coca-Cola Company is a founding sponsor of the BGCA Triple Play program, which encourages young people to eat a balanced diet, become more physically active and increase their ability to engage in healthy relationships.

You can help Coca-Cola help the BGCA just by sharing the ad … so what are you waiting for?



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o Coca-Cola mini football

o Coca-Cola pizza cutter

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o 2 – Coca-Cola Contour Bottle T-shirts



This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on February 5, 2014.

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  1. Andrea D. says

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  2. Jenn says

    My favorite tv ad is any of their ones featuring polar bears. So cute.

  3. Lisa Kerr says

    I love the Coca-Cola ads with the cute little Polar Bears!!

  4. Trisha W. says

    I like the Christmas time polar bear ads.

  5. DESIREE H says

    This ad is my favorite. I love how he runs all the way to the professional stadium because he was told to go all the way! 🙂 I love the music, too.

  6. DESIREE H says
  7. tina m says

    the polar bear one

  8. jennifer says

    I loved the polar bear commercials!

  9. Debbie Welchert says

    My all time favorite tv ad was the I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing ad. I can remember every time the commercial would come on we would stop whatever we were doing just to start singing the song.

  10. kelley wood says

    i like the really old ad about “id like to teach the world to sing”

  11. Kathy B says

    What fun to win this!

  12. Evelyn Driver says

    I loved this years Polar Bear Family with the Snowman. The bears are always the cutest ads.

  13. justina justice says

    The polar bears are wonderful… and also the Xmas Santa one.. I am a big coke fan!!!!

  14. Pam Gurganus says

    My favorite Coca-Cola TV is the old commercial of the human singing Christmas tree singing I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing!

  15. Michelle Washburn says

    The polar bear ads are my favorite

  16. Cynthia R says

    i like the coca cola polar bears, their latest where they make a snowman polar bear is adorable.

  17. Danielle F. says

    Like many others I really liked the Coca Cola ads with the polar bears.

  18. Carrie Wilson says

    Favorite ad will always be the Teach The World to Sing ad. Still so wonderful.

  19. Tammy S says

    I love the Christmas ones with the Polar Bears.

  20. Jayme says

    Thank you for this opportunity!! I love following your blog & Facebook

  21. Pam H. says

    Any of the polar bear ads, especially with the cubs. I even have a stuffed Coca-Cola Polar Bear. I love them.

  22. Robin Abrams says

    I love the polar bear ad’s

  23. Lindsay Sorensen says

    I love the ones with the polar bears, too cute not to love them

  24. Lisa K says

    My favorite Coca Cola ad has always been the polar bears. I love all the polar bear commercials. They are so dang cute!

  25. Kasee Johnson says

    I’m a huge fan of the old polar bear ads! I’ve been collecting Coca-Cola memorabilia most of my life, and my favorite piece is a polar bear music box that plays the Always Coca-Cola song.

  26. Holly Thomas says

    Mean Joe Green, it is a classic.

  27. Amanda Roberts says

    I love the Christmas time polar bear ads! So cute and classy 🙂

    (sorry if my comment posts twice. my computer went wonky on me!)

  28. Elena says

    I like the polar bear commercials

  29. jeanette sheets says

    christmas with polar bears my kids love that one so cute !

  30. Margaret Smith says

    I love the Polar Bear commercials

  31. Allison Downes says

    I love the Polar Bear ads.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  32. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I love the Coca Cola Santa.

  33. terry maigi says

    My favorite Coca-cola ads are the ones with the polar bear families!

  34. Susan Smith says

    I liked the Coca Cola ads with the polar bears

  35. ioana c. says

    thank you for the giveaway!!!

  36. Colleen Maurina says

    I like the Coca Cola ads with the polar bears!

  37. Carrie Phelps says

    I have to say I really do love all of the polar bear ads they run.

  38. Amanda Alvarado says

    I love the ones with the Clydesdales!

  39. Gina Ferrell says

    Thanks for the Coca-Cola Giveaway!

  40. Gina Ferrell says

    I like the Polar Bears commercial.

  41. Nataly Carbonell says

    Wonderful giveaway!♥ thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I like the Coca Cola ads with the polar bears. If I remember right didn’t Michael Jackson do a Coke ad to Thriller theme?

  43. Cynthia C says

    I like the old “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” ads.

  44. kim says

    I think it was from the 90’s not sure I loved the Have a Coke and a Smile commercials they were so sweet!

  45. danielle hall says

    i love the ones with the polar bears

  46. gotta love the coke bears, mmmm

  47. lanie says

    Always loved the polar bear ads!

  48. Crystal F says

    I love the polar bear ads that they do around Christmas time. Thank you!!

  49. nickie says

    The polar bear ads are my favorite

  50. erin dear (mummadear) says

    I love the polar bear ads!

  51. Dawn Monroe says

    Id love to win, especially the pizza card. No one commercial comes to mind. I always liked the ones with the song ” Id like to give the world a Coke”

  52. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love the polar bear commercial with the polar bear running to catch the coke!

  53. Brynn says

    I always love the ones on Christmas time with the polar bears!

  54. Elena says
  55. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    My Favorite Coca- Cola Ad Is The I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing Ad!

  56. Tabathia B says

    I can’t wait to see another trailer for the polar bears movie

  57. Julie Wood says

    My favorite Coca Cola is the commercial of the human singing Christmas tree singing I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing!

  58. Janice Cooper says

    The one with the Polar bears 🙂

  59. alena svetelska says

    always love polar bear comercial,always make me smile;-)

  60. april yedinak says

    I like the commercial with the penguins and polar bears having as party.

  61. polly says

    From years ago when people from all over the world held hands and sang Like To Teach The World To Sing

  62. Fawn H says

    I like the Coca Cola Christmas Truck TV Commercial

  63. Betsy Barnes says

    My favorite Coca Cola TV ad of all time was thew “Mean Joe Greene”, loved it 🙂

  64. Steph says

    I like the Polar Bears holiday ads

  65. Natalie says

    I love the commercials with the polar bears!

  66. Tanya Holland says

    I like the polar bear ads and so do my daughters.

  67. tanya holland says

    I learned that public WiFi is not secure

  68. Jose Benavides says

    The Arnold beer one is my favorite..

  69. paige chandler says

    I like I’d Lille to teach the World to song commercial best

  70. Nannypanpan says

    I like the ad with the polar bears

  71. Carol says

    I like the Teach The World to Sing ad

  72. Deb C says

    I like the Polar Bear Coke commercials and of course, the classic, I’d like to teach the world to sing one.

  73. christina m givens says

    I really love the Original Polar Bear ad from years ago.

  74. Mary Diehl says

    I love the Coke ads with the Polar Bears. I actually collected Coke Cola items for awhile and still have a few items here

  75. Caroline Wampler says

    I love the old school polar bear ones, and of course the new game day one with the little kid is adorable!

  76. Daniel M says

    liked the polar bear ads

  77. Samantha says

    I love the one with the polar bears making a snow bear!

  78. Linda G. says

    My favorite is Coke Classic

  79. Todd Lovessweeps says

    The Coca-Cola Bears

  80. Jeannie says

    Thanks for the opportunity

  81. Tabathia B says
  82. Russell Moore says

    I like the Mean Joe Green ad.

  83. Mya Murphy says

    In the 70’s.. I’d like to teach the world to sing..

  84. Thanks for the opportunity! My oldest son loves Coca Cola stuff and collects it. #Hopeful

  85. Rebecca Moore says

    I’ve always loved the Coca Cola Polar Bears..

  86. Sarah Hall says

    I still love the one from years ago when the little boy gave the ball player his coke and the player gave the little boy his jersey. It was so sweet.

  87. Amanda Sakovitz says

    ive always loved the polar bears ice skating commercials

  88. Jae Park says

    Neat prizes, Thanks very much for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  89. Paula Tavernie says

    My favorite is with the Polar Bears during Christmas!!

  90. s riches says

    I like the America the Beautiful ad.

  91. laurie says

    its been years ago but I liked it when they had a bunch of kids sings I like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

  92. Roxann says

    I love their Christmas commercials. I don’t have a specific favorite.

  93. Kelly Ann T. says

    Diet Coke, in fact I’m drinking one right now.

  94. shawn says

    the polar bear commercial is my favorite

  95. sky evans says

    I like the polar bears

  96. Kayla says

    I love this one! It has a great message!

  97. I love the polar bears!

  98. Jackie Koller says

    Polar bears by far

  99. Candie L says

    I like the Mean Green ad. Thank you

  100. Thomas Murphy says

    I like the polar bear commercials.

  101. Jessica Rose says

    Awesome prize pack

  102. Julie Hawkins says

    The Christmas polar bear ads

  103. Tanya White says

    I liked this tv ad the best.

  104. Sally Guenterberg says

    honestly I watch very little tv. we do not have it on while the 7 year old is up so I might get in an hour later on. I have not seen any ads recently

  105. Sally Guenterberg says

    didn’t know that some countries block certain websites

  106. Lauren-Olivia Wood says

    I love the Classic Polar Bear Commercials!

  107. Happi Shopr says

    I love the polar bear commercials.

  108. Melinda Stephens says

    My husband loves coke. He would love this prize package.

  109. ellen casper says

    Love the Polar Bear Christmas commercials

  110. Lorena Keech says

    The chorus of singers from all over the globe

  111. cheryl s says

    I like the polar bear holiday ads for Coke

  112. Vikki Billings says

    My all time favorite is the old 70’s commercial where they are all singing across the world. More recently I love the polar bear ads.

  113. allison says

    The polar bears sliding around were always my favorite!

  114. amry still says

    thanks for the great giveaway

  115. Buddy Garrett says

    The Mean Joe Green ad was my favorite.

  116. Buddy Garrett says

    I didn’t know some countries block certain websites.

  117. Angela Newsome says

    The Polar Bears!!!

  118. amy deeter says

    the polar bear one

  119. Natalie U says

    Love the one from the seventies where they used to sing I’d like to teach the world to sing
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  120. Barbara Long says

    My favorite Coca Cola ad was the one with the polar bears sledding although I really like all of the Coca Cola polar bear commercials that I’ve seen over the years.

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