Cloudb Tranquil Turtle and Cosmic UFO

Cloudb Tranquil Turtle and Cosmic UFO

Tranquil Turtle and Cosmic UFO
Bed time can be a struggle for some kids, sometimes falling asleep on their own can be a struggle.

Cloudb has a huge line of helpful sleep aids to take the struggle out of bedtime. Bedtime should be a fun time and not a time you dread in advance.

Cloudb sent me their tranquil turtle and cosmic UFO to try. Both my kids were so excited and couldn’t wait for bedtime to try out the UFO and turtle in the dark. When bedtime came it was record time to get their pajamas on, teeth brushed, and into bed.

Tranquil Turtle
The Tranquil turtle is so soothing and relaxing. With the push of a button you are magically in a underwater show. The turtle shell glows a soft aquamarine color, that sets off the underwater effect with a gentle wave motion.

Tranquil Turtle in the dark
The Tranquil turtle plays 2 soothing sounds, Tranquil Melody and Ocean Waves. Both of these soothing sounds are very soothing and relaxing.

When I lay down with my kids and they play the Tranquil turtle I find myself getting mesmerized by the ocean and wave effects added with the sound of the ocean waves… I drift very fast off into a deep sleep. There is a 23 minute timer that turns everything off to allow a quiet peaceful sleep.

Cosmic UFO
The UFO is a huge hit with my son, he thinks he’s too old for a “sleep turtle” but the UFO he thought was so cool.

Cosmic UFO in the dark
The UFO  plays 2 soothing sounds, symphony 51 and warp drive. The sound can be controlled with the adjustable volume shut-off underneath. I do however wish that there wasn’t a volume control and that it was just a soft sound as at night when the room is quiet the UFO is quite loud, and my son will not leave the volume on low.

UFO lights
The UFO has 3 different light up sequences that can be changed with the push of a button. For night time the UFO projects a soothing multicolored Northern Lights effect that leaves you in awe of all the colors dancing all over the room.  There is a 23 minute sleep timer that turns everything off to allow your child to have a quiet peaceful sleep.

Bedtime should be fun. Now it is!  You can purchase these both at to turn bedtime from being a struggle, to having the kids asking to go to bed.


  1. Maria C says

    Wow! never heard about this until now. These looks cool. I’m 100% sure my nephew & niece would love to have this in their room

  2. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I love the UFO, this is perfect for bedtime for the kids, especially when reading with them before bed.

  3. My oldest is almost 11 and even she feels more secure with a small nightlight in bed at night. Something like this would be fun and comforting without seeming babyish!

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